Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wednesday: So I guess it wasn't a stroke.

I guess we aren't that lucky.  We can hope, though.

My CC Lemon had a Lycanroc on it.

My sandwich also had way too many sprouts.


These are the same numbers, google.  You are telling me I'm basically at home.  Why do you think I'm someplace else that needs detailed identical weather reports?
This evening I watched the weekly two-hour Japanese murder drama.  The main character ("Woman having face of Dr. public prosecutor, Yoko Asahina 16 & public prosecutor" is the best worst translation I can find) is both the main prosecutor and a medical doctor.  Pretty much everybody dies, and everyone is also a murderer, and the end twist is that the one lawyer (who murdered one of the bad guys) is the long lost brother of the lady who had all the death happen to everybody around her.  But the weird thing was that since the prosecutor is also a doctor, she has to use medicine to solve things.  She forces the old lady to get an MRI so she can disprove her confession.  "See?  Brain tumor.  You're nerves are all broken, so you can't lift the murder rock.  It's also messing with your taste, and that's why you stopped making food for foster kids."  Later, she uses doctor powers to tell the LWHATDHTEAH that she's pregnant, making the fact that her husband was the first one killed even worse.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday: Covfefe.

My talk went ok.
And everything worked with the projector on the first try.  That never happens.
 Are there new Twitter stickers now?  Brain explosion seems new.

Day ten.
And then, just before going home, I checked Twitter, and was immediately confused by the main trending topic:
I don't want to see his stupid face.
The fact that it hasn't been deleted is most worrying.  No one has access?  No one cares about this?  Have they all been fired, or do they not care because they think doing something about it will cause them to be fired?  I have many mean thoughts I will refrain from sharing.

I wish Peg from "Peg + Cat" used more dynamic range, and didn't say everything in some form of shout.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Monday: Memorial Day.

Unfortunately I spent a large chunk of the day finishing the talk for tomorrow.  I finished outline stuff last night, but still had to convert that into words, and make sure all the plots fit on the page.  It probably didn't help that I watched the second half of the Hobbit trilogy while doing it.  I kept getting distracted.  Also: that shouldn't have been made into three movies.  Movie three is like a forever of fights, and since it's mostly CGI fake stuff, it's awkward.

I also don't like Bumblebee Christmas-Tree's dragon voice. 🐉

Since I had to finish this talk, I did the responsible thing and drove to Kailua to get chicken for lunch.
Then I went to WF to get a slice of pizza to save for dinner, and what is wrong with people who think they can just start conversations?

Me, in my head, like a polite person: "Why are there like 99 types of tea, but only one lemonade?  Is it so hard to make big bottles of lemonade?  And I bet the reason there are so many teas is that no one actually likes tea, so they try to dress it up with mint, or mango, or some other damn thing."
This guy: "Mumble mumble mumble..."
Me: "What?"
This guy: "Have you had this fig jam before?"
Me: "What?  No?  What?"
This guy: "I've heard it's good.  I'm just going to leave it here." *puts fig jam onto refrigerated shelf of tea/lemonade case.*
Me: "Whatever?"
Me, imh, lapp: "Do they not just have a thing of regular cookies?  I want like 'chocolate chip' or 'peanut butter'."
This guy: "Cookies, huh?"
Me, grabbing M&M cookies: *rolls eyes, walks away*

Day...nine?  I didn't catch anything today, but this was easy to do.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday: I should really finish that talk.

But I have all of tomorrow, too, and that makes being lazy more attractive.  I mean, I watched a bunch of youtube today.  I went to lunch, and when the one guy running the place was like, "I'll take your order as soon as I can," I just sat down and studied the menu.  "Sorry about that, the manager just stepped out."  "Not a problem," I replied.  "This is pretty much the only thing I had planned for today."  "..."  Yeah, I get that there isn't a great response to that.  Anyway:

Kono's for lunch.
I started driving, and tried to get a feel for the kind of animal I wanted to eat:

Kono's seems to get better each time I go.  They added chips last time, and this time added salsa that would have been good, but cilantro.  The burrito was extra saucy as well.

Day eight.
Then this.  Something I forgot because I got lost detailing the story was that after watching things this morning, I tried to go back to sleep for a bit.  This mostly worked, but all my dreams had weird titles and progress bars like youtube, and the dreams themselves were trying to fill in the story.  It didn't quite get to nightmare territory, but it was pretty close.

Also, I need to put money on my Clipper card.

  • I feel like watching youtube videos of games is just an extension of this.  It's sometimes more interesting to watch someone who knows what they're doing play it, instead of having to wander around and sort it out.
  • This seems like it answers the sandwich problem completely.  Based on this metric, all sandwiches from this alignment grid qualify, because they make eating food easier.
  • Bear.
  • Oh good, the T-Rex sorted it out.  The third image didn't load when I was reading things on my phone this morning, so I was glad to see it.


I woke up at like seven this morning.

On a Sunday.

That's part of a three day weekend.

This wasn't something I was particularly happy about, doubly so when I realized that turning over and trying to go back to sleep wasn't going to happen.  So I woke up popplio, and decided to spend the morning slogging through some of my youtube backlog.  By time, the largest unfinished watch was this Let's Play of NieR: Automata.  I'd only finished up through part 10, and the unwatched parts total a bit over six hours.  Due to the wonders of double speed, I was able to complete most of that this morning, saving the final two parts to watch just now.

I don't think I've seen a better game in a long time.

The basic story is that there are like four+ other games that happened already, and those are in the past of this game, so unless you played those games, you're starting at a disadvantage.  Helloween is very good at his LPs, though, so he's spliced in a bunch of important details from those games to try and give a more complete story.

The long version (still with a bunch of omissions) is that there are two groups of robots, pretty robots (who are good guys) and ugly robots (who are bad guys).  The pretty robots live in space, and are organized, but there are also Earth pretty robots, and they're on the same side, but they're "The Resistance" and aren't as well organized(???).  Anyway, Pretty Girl Robot is good at beating up things, and Pretty Boy Robot is her hacking backup.  They beat up lots of ugly robots, and in the first ending, kill the fake pretty robots the ugly robot made.  Then you can play through as Pretty Boy Robot, and cover the story from his perspective.

This is where I stopped watching, mostly because I had too many other things to watch, and it's hard to devote large chunks of time unless you wake up four hours earlier than expected.  It's also probably wasn't that great of a plan to binge so much of the story.

Because once you finish the play through as Pretty Boy Robot, the game continues, and I'm still a bit fuzzy on this bit, because I was up early.  In any case, at the end of the second play through (and I assume the first, but it's been awhile), Pretty Girl Robot has to kill Pretty Boy Robot, because he's become infected with a virus designed by the ugly robots.  It's sad, but he's mutating, so she strangles him.

But they're robots, so there's a back up copy of Pretty Boy Robot, so they just stick him in a new body, and everything can continue as it's all super happy.  Until the ugly robot virus infects everybody at the pretty robot space station, and all their friends and support and stuff are killed, and they crash land on Earth.  Pretty Girl Robot makes sure Pretty Boy Robot is safe, but she gets infected with the virus, and slowly falls apart (inside), and meets up with a previous model of Pretty Girl Robot who doesn't really wear real clothes, just underwear.  Pretty Girl Robot (regular) asks Pretty Girl Robot (underwear) to kill her to stop the infection, and Pretty Boy Robot sees this, and he's gets pissed because he loves Pretty Girl Robot.  He kind of goes a bit crazy, and this isn't even the most depressing part, because he then has to fight infected pretty robots, including his contact from the pretty robot space station, and that's kind of messed up.  Also Kind Ugly Robot, who thinks fighting sucks, and everyone should just not be jerks has his town of similarly kind ugly robots gets attacked by bad ugly robots, and that leads to all of his friends getting killed, including the children kind robots, who all commit suicide.

Holy crap, that's messed up.

And they go into some more of the back story, and we learn that the humans didn't all move to the moon, they "moved" to "the moon", which meant that my guess from like episode that "all the humans are dead, aren't they?" was true.  Also the pretty robot organization was just something invented by the (maybe ugly?) robot versions of the personalities of humans so they could test out fighting stuff to see how best to defeat the ugly robots, but maybe they're allied with the ugly robots, and I kind of lost a bit of the track here, but it's pretty clear things are all fucked up, and it's not going to end well for anyone.  Like Devola and Popola, who got to see all the humans die, get blamed for all the humans dying, and then end up dead themselves trying to help Pretty Boy Robot.

He fights the ugly robot/human personality thing, and Pretty Girl Robot (underwear) helps him defeat it.  But he's still a bit crazy and unhappy that Pretty Girl Robot (underwear) killed Pretty Girl Robot (regular), so they fight, and you can choose who to be in the fight (since both are playable characters), and that means you choose who wins.  If Pretty Girl Robot (underwear) wins, she has Pretty Boy Robot saved, and then dies in the convenient bad guy tower collapse.  If Pretty Boy Robot wins, then he dies, with the option to put his memories into the robot (are there even sides at this point?) rocket ship that's being launched into space (¯\_(ツ)_/¯).  Oh, also, one reason Pretty Girl Robot wanted to die is because she's a special execution robot, and she's tired of having to kill Pretty Boy Robot so much.

That's pretty messed up, too.

Then you can fight the credits (really), and if you lose, you can keep trying, and eventually get help from other people who have beaten the game.  However, if you get their credit-fighting-ship blown up, that deletes their saved game.  Yikes.  If you win, you get an ending where the assistant robots (who I've ignored up until now because we already have too many classes of robots to worry about) salvage the memories of all three important pretty robots, and then rebuild bodies for them from robot spare parts.  I have no clue if there are more endings, but I am really looking forward to more parts of this story.

Saturday, May 27, 2017


The park is all donked up, because they're doing the Memorial Day lantern floating on Monday, so they have lots of tents and trailers.

And a stage.
 This also meant that the path was restricted in a few places, and parking was a bit challenging.
Today's also an extra high spring tide, apparently.  The water was definitely higher than usual.
 Then I got to the gym.  As far as I can tell, some team of jerks decided that they'd all dump Gyarados into the stupid thing, so I spent like forever stabbing them.
This is after like battle four.
 Joke's on them.  I started this fight with 91 revives.
So yeah.  I'm putting my goofiest friend in here.  Fuck you and your stupid angry snek.
 I guess it did take like twenty minutes.  It's not like I had any big plans for the day.
Cloyster is still running the pineapple farm.  Day seven.
 And then on lap two:
I'm just saying it would have been nice to have some help.
 Then off to get lunch.  Dinner.  Whatever.
And I guess this is the difference in gym activity.  One lasts seven+ days, one lasts less than an hour.
 I wasn't sure what I wanted to eat, so I kind of just drove.  It ended up being build-a-pizza.
They have a new thick crust.  It's better than the thin crust, partially because they cook it longer, so it's crispier.
 I've also decided that I really like putting animal stickers so they look like they're peeking in from off frame.
The fire alarm went off next door again.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday: Day six.

I mean, I shouldn't complain, but this stopped feeling ok yesterday.
 At some point this evening, my brain decided that I wanted carne asada fries for dinner.  The wing place by work makes them, so I decided to stop in and get some for take out.
They're not terrible, but they're also not great.
I remember now why I don't go there anymore.  They don't salt the fries, which might be fine if they had something saucy, too.  There's guac, but it's full of big chunks of white onion.  I got the pico on the side, but it's full of cilantro, so that's out.  Why do they not have some kind of proper salsa?  It'd also be nice if they beef wasn't so dry.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday: Cloyster just lives there now.

Five days in a row.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday: My Cloyster is a wonder.

I wasn't expecting him to last so long.
Not that I'm complaining.
I've also decided that I like R, and need to know more about it.
It has nothing to do with how easy it was to make this.

Or this.  Nothing at all to do with how quick it is to turn a giant data file into useful answers.
"But snek," Julie said.
With this wonderful gif.
The thing is, I don't like snek, and although R has some odd syntax (specifically the <- a="" and="" are="" assignment="" automatically.="" back="" boxplot.png="" can="" closer="" dev.copy="""" emicolons="" far="" good.="" have="" i="" into="" is="" it="" like.="" macro="" nbsp="" operator="" p="" plot="" png="" revert="" save="" stick="" that="" the="" things="" to="" what="" window="" work="" x="">
Before I start the links, the first one has a background painting, and I wanted to know what it was.  So I opened the gimp:
And titled the quickly made cut out "will_this_work.jpg".
The answer is yes, google images is perfectly happy telling me that this is Perugino's Resurrection.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tuesday: Work from home day.

Because they're refinishing floors at work, and today is the day that my office is completely cut off due to that work.  Which is fine, I can do most things without problem at home.  Doing things that require visualizations is a bit hard, but I can put of most of that until tomorrow.  Today was mostly spent trying to figure out why I filled up a disk yesterday.  The answer?  This code generates a set of files that are only cleaned up if something else succeeds.  Even if that does happen, only 2/3 of the files are cleaned up.  Since the generation and use are decoupled so much, I just added a fixed cleanup phase at the end of the loop.

Then coded a thing, and ran some data organization stuff.  And read some papers, neither of which were sufficiently interesting.  I also spent way longer than expected this evening reading up on R.

I also woke up super early, and so completed reading American Gods at roughly the same time I did the first time, although that time I was approaching that time from the other direction.  My conclusion is that I should read it more often than once every 13+ years.  I'd forgotten a lot of the details, and my sparse plot structure missed out on a lot of points.  I suspect finishing it at 5AM last time complicated that.  I also started reading Anansi Boys, which surprised me by having a photograph and Christmas card from 2005-2006.  I need to stop hiding things in books.

And since it was a work from home day:
It was a drive to get lunch day.
I only ate half the sandwich, and saved the second half for dinner.  With a side of mac&cheese.  Soup+salad+sandwich was more filling than I had planned.

And it's clear no one young and cool goes to Dole Plantation.  Cloyster is still sitting there.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday: What are you doing, Cloyster?

Apparently the answer is, "continuing to sit in that gym."
I had thought about checking it earlier, but completely forgot about it until going through to cull the day's catches.

Tomorrow I get to work from home, because they're refinishing floors, and that's going to block my office all day long.

  • A good speech.
  • Yes.
  • Dog, no.
  • The "dramatic child" tag pretty much sums up this Rowlet gif set.
  • A good shirt.
  • Supergirl.
  • It was a good finale.  Technically Lena didn't murder-stab Mon-El's mom, but she did kind of science-stab her, so that's good.  Mon-El has to go away, which is good, because he's been kind of a distraction the whole season.  Superman returns, but is kind of useless, so who cares.  Cat knew all along, which we all assumed, but it's good to have her clearly state it.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday: Change of plans.

My original plan fell apart because there was no parking.  So I hate drove to the far side of the island.
Because I decided I wanted a burger.
I probably should have planned this weekend better, because Kua Aina is right next to Target, but since I went to Target yesterday, I had nothing to get at Target.
And they didn't give me a carrot with my burger.
Other people got carrots.

Since I was already mostly kind of there, I went to get a Dole Whip.
There is no pineapple sticker, so I had to improvise.
In retrospect, getting the Dole Whip was part of the "get Five Guys" plan, as they're actually in the same direction.  But whatever.  It worked.
And I caught this crappy Ivysaur.  My phone decided that this is how AR works.  The train in the background was super busy.
 Then the gym.
Cloyster is still there.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday: I had to go to Target, because I needed to get new windshield wipers.

The old ones weren't any good.  They also didn't have the "here's the size you need for your car" book thing.  I kind of assume they got rid of it when everybody's phones could tell them the same thing.

Then to the park, which was super busy again today.
I think I saw three wedding photo shoots.  I will never understand the "groom gets to wear shorts, bride still has to wear her dress" style.  At least one of the groups had a designated dress holder, so it didn't drag on the ground.
The park now seems to be a Sneazel nest.
I did not have one before.
 So let me tell you about the gym.
 I walked over, sat down, and wondered what the douchebag behind me was doing.  It turns out he was being a jerk and adding a Tyranitar to it.  So after I punched the Blissey in the face, I had to punch his stupid tiny head dinosaur in the face.  Then, he kept training it up, despite the fact that that just means I have to punch his tiny head dinosaur one more time.

Then, on the second lap:
He hadn't moved.  Sitting on the ground in his stupid white suit, with his stupid douchebag hat, fighting to keep this ugly jerk in the gym.

I guess I only caught three.
 Anyway, then it was time for lunch.
I went with the kalbi today.
 The eggs looked weird, but these were far better than most scrambled eggs I've had.  Being able to dip it in kalbi sauce didn't hurt.

And I got my Fidget Cube!  It's only been like eight months since I saw and ordered it.  I was planning on picking it up when I was in San Francisco, but Colby shipped it.  I've been playing with it all evening.
Then Samurai Jack ended, and it was sad, but it ended the only way it really could have ever ended. 🐞

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday: Are all people who use multiple initials instead of names insufferable idiots?

I mean, CCH Pounder is the only counter example I can come up with.  This came up because I saw a link to a "Card Captor Sakura is bad, and here's why" page.  Except it wasn't just one page, it was three parts of a planned ten part series about why CCS is bad.  Page one was "I hate the team who made it."  Like, maybe this comic and cartoon that was made for kids isn't for you, guy who thinks three initials makes him look smart.  Also fun to click through and see that 99% of his comments are on that shitty fascist fake news site.

So, that said, time to do a Pokemon Go fashion break.
My phone buzzed with a notification telling me that it's Adventure Week or something.
 I knew that that meant there was a new hat.
Yikes.  That sits super high, and doesn't seem like it'd be comfortable with the pony tail.

See, with my regular hat, it can pop through without problems.


Except I'm not going to pay ¤800 for it.

 I also did a quick search through the tops.
Ok, but that's super expensive too.

I kind of like this Level 30 sweater, but I'm not level 30.

So no style changes today.