Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thursday: Ugh, Thursday.

As I was getting ready to leave work this evening, I noticed something:
The door isn't straight.
I've been in this office for almost exactly two years, and I just now noticed this fact.

And the moon and Jupiter looked cool this evening.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday: Ugh, Wednesday.

I decided I didn't care about my current Magikarp, since I hadn't leveled up enough to make a difference in the league.  So I just sent it in, not fully powered up.
Only to get a 25% bonus from Pikachu.

But the next battle Litten's 5% didn't help.
And that's how I learned after all these months that Magikarp only dies whatevers if you're at max level.  I thought I could just be done with this one but I guess not.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday: Ugh, Tuesday.

I was able to look at some data, plotted here at an almost-orthogonal slice, with arbitrary scaling, and an obvious cosmic ray pixel.
It works pretty much how I was expecting it would, so that's good.  It's a bit sparse on metadata, but I think that's kind of a general problem that a lot of people don't get yet.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday: I wish I knew what I did to my ankle.

Somehow "sitting in a lunch seminar" was too much, and now it's all broken.  I probably just sat on it wrong, and pulled something.

Sightings?  Is it so empty by work that it's switched back to sightings there?
Julie sent me some data for something, so I can confirm that I do have a good idea of what it covers.

In my head, these were all angled the other way, but yeah, this is basically the picture I had.  Cool.  And it's reasonably linear, so it's not like needing to fit a ninth order polynomial or something.

  • Republicans are horrible, and I can't even begin to sort out the logic of "we have to cut funds to bring down the debt for future generations" while simultaneously adding 700 billion dollars in military spending and probably the same in the "tax cuts" they want.  I'm pretty sure future generations want "parents to not die" and "not having crippling personal debt" and "the belief that the government is sane and works to help them."  Plus, we can borrow in our own currency at rates less than inflation.  We can borrow infinity dollars, and no one can stop us.
  • I saw this tweet today, and was hit with a revelation that not everything is terrible.  You can go to Zingermann's, you can go to order your sandwich, and if it isn't on the menu because they've retired it, they will still make it if they can.  I could go, say, "I know it's not on the menu, but I really want a #67, 'Jon and Amy's Double Dip'.  I have the old menu, if that helps," and get the best sandwich ever invented.
  • My opinion of Whedon has pretty much plummeted over the past year, mostly due to the allegations against him.  Things like this don't help, though.  Batgirl doesn't have to have "damage" to go be a superhero.  Her dad is the police commissioner.  She's lived the life watching him try to hold together the city, despite corruption in the cops, and with all the crap that happens.  She's lived a life watching a normal man step up and decide he isn't going to let things get worse.  Sure, Bruce is clearly damaged, but he has a mission, and that is the best therapy for him.  Barbara doesn't need that.  She has icons in her life that show that good prevails.  Plus, I'm pretty sure when Dick showed up, she was just, "oh, yeah, no, I'm not going to be left behind by some damn kid.  Fuck that."  And she's friends with Kara, and I refuse to believe any story in which Kara isn't an absolute delight.  Bruce would clearly let himself be pounded to a pulp before asking Clark for help.  Barbara isn't stupid, so I can see her being more than happy to Team-Up all over Penguin's face.
  • I reblogged this on tumblr, but it showed up here, and thought it was a good version of Harley and Ivy, their dynamic with Joker, and the rest of those jerks.  I could totally see this, and getting to the end and seeing "Paul Dini Writer" made a lot of sense.  Why don't they have him write the DC movie stuff?

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday: Pancakes.

I watched a video about pancakes last night, I woke up to a picture of pancakes being made, so I almost had to go get pancakes.
With pancakes' best friend: kalbi.
Conveniently, the pancake place is a gym, and there was space, so I put Rhydon in.
Happy Rhydon.
 Checking now it looks like it was there for about three hours.

I also caught this guy today.
I also need to remember not to go to Target on the weekends.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday: It doesn't count as being lazy if you take a walk.

I woke up at 8 this morning, decided that was nonsense, and then woke up again at 12:30.  Whoops.  A major issue was that I didn't know what I wanted for lunch.  I eventually decided that it would be worth going to Teddy's again.

They remodeled everything to look more "wood."  It's probably a good thing, because this decor looks better than the multi color stuff they had before.
However, like every table is wobbly.

The cheese tots were good, because duh.  The burger wasn't.  One problem they have is the potato bun isn't great.  They also didn't really cook my burger as much as I would have liked, and didn't have any tasty crust.
Then it was walk time.  The new bluetooth headphones work, although it did have occasional skips.  I think this corresponded with Pokemon Go doing things, but it worked fine for $15 + 22 days.

And after that, I decided I was kind of hungry, and that I wanted exactly this much sushi.

  • I really thought this case, where the cop had his own gun, said he was going to kill the victim, and probably planted a gun would have resulted in a conviction.
  • Amber Tamblyn is right.
  • I miss Flapjack.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday: My headphones finally arrived.

It took 22 days from the time of my first order until the second order arrived.  Ugh.  Also discovered that it doesn't matter what kind of shipping you use if the destination has lazy package handling.  At least it wasn't something perishable.

Something worked correctly today, and I had an inch to use up on the page.
  • An interesting analysis of the iPhone in terms of 1950s technology.
  • It's like they assume they can automate everything, and have no consequences.
  • DCAU timeline.
  • If I ever to switch to music, I'm definitely going to change my name to Trickstrak Empester.