Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday: Like, it became an obsession.

Kalbi.  As the day came to a close, I decided I wanted kalbi.  Looking over pictures of KBBQ on my blog didn't help, as that just made me want kalbi even more.  That eventually led to me deciding to just go get some at the fast food Korean place by work that I never go to.

The kalbi.
I should go there more often than never.  This wasn't a cheap plate, coming in at like $17, but that's with four veggies (I doubled up on the potatoes, because I like those potatoes, even if they aren't as good as the Gogi Time ones).  All the veggies are cold, which I guess isn't a big deal.  I should have gotten mandoo, which are just gyoza with a pseudonym.

In any case, the kalbi is thin, and that means it gets cold fast, and it means that the fat doesn't cooperate as much as it would on a thicker slice.  Still, the meat has good flavor, is tender away from the fatty bits, and they put a nice char on it.  The rice soaks up all the delicious kalbi flavor, and this totally covered what I wanted it to.

Now I have to decide if this means I don't get USBBQ this weekend, and if this means I don't try a hot pot place as well.

In unrelated notes, I was reading my new Squirrel Girl trade, and I saw this, and thought, "well, that's probably the greatest panel in this comic, wow Nancy is great":
Nancy doesn't like it when you touch her friends with your grabby hands.
But then, later, the same issue came up with not only the greatest panel in this comic, but probably one of the greatest panels in a comic ever:
It's not this one, but it's good to get the lead in.
 It's this one:
Don't mess with Doreen.
In final news, I discovered that if I let my name classification code use recent names from the SSA, then it actually correctly classes a bunch of names I had to add exceptions for.  It turns out that after about 2008 or so, there's an influx of names that aren't in previous years.  I'd had a thought that recent names would be useful when I wrote the first version, but never sat down to actually look at the details.

  • This is here specifically for the Clow Reed one.
    • (It's the one about problems and solutions).
  • I heard a song by this artist/group on the way home from work, so it's in a tab right now, so it's a link.
    • How does Soundcloud work?  Can you download things?  Is there a way to buy albums?  I really like this "S-Trig" one.
  • Today is Sailor Moon's birthday.
  • I watched this video like four times last week, because "let's watch the glitter cat video!" kept being requested.
  • I'm tempted to print out some of these.
  • Deadpool/Spider-Man.
  • I would have liked to see a bit of code, but the main point is that this blog post quantifies what I thought: France is full of old people.
  • For the two that I watch enough to care about, this is pretty much exactly my thoughts.
  • That's kind of a cool image classification method.
  • A) It's stupid that this happens at all.  B) "He said he disliked her ideas so he behaved the way he did to make her go away."  Yeah.  Sure.  That's a totally normal way to deal with people.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thursday: I would have been productive today.

But everything conspired to not work.  I was able to get one thing running, and tomorrow I'll probably spend a large chunk of the day aborting and restarting shit that should have run today, but things decided not to work.  I'm also increasingly concerned that my database ingest is taking far longer than it should be, and I'm not sure how to fix it.  One thought is to pull out the select statement stuff, and do that in one pass, and just insert directly.

And although I still need to do a time breakdown, this shows that my classification thing is reasonably consistent.  This shows the time average over existing entries.  Something like 98% have classification deviations are less than ~5%.  There is some evidence of class switching, but I haven't sorted out how I want to break that out.
I have caught up on RSS, but I have a massive backlog.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday: My tummy still hurts.

And to be fair, although the rest of the being sick stuff sucks, it's the tummy pain that I hate the most.  Having it all clear up would be great, but just no tummy pain would be nice.

I was able to get some work done today, mostly because I have a lot of tasks that need to be launched and checked while it processes.  Also some light talk edits.  I really should sit down and prove that the thing I don't think is important is not important, but that's hard to do when distracted by defective digestion.

I also hope things are better tomorrow because I have a doctor appointment tomorrow.  Not one that'd be helpful with tummy issues, but still.

Soup is good for sad tummies.
I need to sort through RSS stuff, but I have enough other stuff for links today.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday: A Bad Post.

Partially because I spent today catching up on work stuff, and then spent most of the evening catching up on internet stuff.  I'm still not caught up on either thing, though.  So no pictures from today, and no links.

Plus, my stomach hurts, and I don't know why.  I suspect it's an issue with me eating weird yesterday due to travel.  I'm also super sleepy, so hopefully those two things will sort each other out.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday: Travel.

I had a late flight, so I was able to cram in a bunch of Saga.
I did not finish.
I could have though, but I didn't see that my flight was delayed until I'd already reached the BART station.
Where I discovered you can get a medal for feeding your friends in the gym.
 A delay means I could get a sandwich.

And I had an ok seat.
I wanted to do laundry when I got home, but I'm slowly beginning to think I should just go to bed and do that tomorrow.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday: My last full day here was super busy.

After waking up later than I've been waking up this trip, but still earlier than is usual for a Sunday, we went to the coffee place to do some coding and brainstorming on stuff for SciPy.  I think this is my first actual mention of it, even though I've spent a lot of this trip working on code for it.  "Are you going to the conference?" No, almost certainly not.  I don't think I could swing a second conference through work.  "Also, don't you hate Snek?"  Yes, I am still not a fan of Snek.  Snek has lots of problems that apparently most users find appealing.  I do not understand this.  Also, my professed dislike of Snek makes it unlikely that I can get my boss to pay money.

Still, Snek is just a tool, so it's not like things can't be done with it.  I would appreciate more helpful documentation, but whatever.  I'll just curse at the pathological implementation of unicode.

Then I got some essential groceries for the dinner party that showed up on the schedule for today.
So pretty much a standard "make a whole bunch of food" kind of event.

Unrelated, but I have no idea what is going on in this ad.  Is the lady explaining how this rack of computers is helpful in returning products?  Is the guy returning the tablet, and she's showing him the new machine overlords?  I am just confused.
 And there was a bit of drawful.
A man on roller skates riding a bike.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday: I totally didn't forget about this post.

Delicious Monte Cristo for brunch was delicious.

Niantic needs to fix their shit.  After the mess that is this raid, my game stopped accepting inputs, forcing me to reset.  This meant that I wasn't able to even try to attempt to catch this Lapras, making the entire raid pointless.  Since the update, my game has stopped accepting input about a dozen times.  Super great QA on basic functionality.

I'm still surprised I ate all of this meatball sub.  Sticker dinosaur is equally surprised.
Then Target, for only the second time this trip:
This crib is not messing around.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday: I had wanted to run the other sql inserts today, but I guess not.

I think the first set should be done by now. The second is reasonable parallelized, so once I confirm they work, it should be just a matter of launching them. I don't think I have to worry about failures, but we'll see.

I also was able to finish up the stuff I wanted for Julie's project today. Mostly this was formatting stuff, but I added the stats calculation that is the main goal. We'll discuss it tomorrow, and see if something needs to be added. Other than solving the "first name, last name, affiliation/last name, first name, affiliation" problem.

I had a happy retirement today.
 I'm still not sure about the gym rework.

 Or the raids, which aren't super hard.
 Dinner was sushi.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday: SF MoMA

I woke up this morning to this:
Wait, what?
 It turns out that if you jump too much on the surface of the home pond, where you think everything is super safe, you can get eaten by a Pidgeotto.  I have the lockscreen disabled on my tablet, and the random jostling of the tablet by my pillow was enough to do the jumps necessary to get my Magikarp eaten.
I guess I get an event from it.
 But anyway, SF MoMA:
Spiegel, Blutrot.
 A puzzle:
This photo of a Pollack didn't register as "proper art".

But this one, a photo of the interior of a building did.
 So I don't know what my point is.  I don't think I have a good split point on what counts.
I want to do a simulation of this one.  I'm not sure if it's the same way this was generated, but it looks like the curvature of the component lines decreases in the "light space", which makes sense.  A low curvature line would leave the region quickly, but the high curvature line largely stays put.

 Then lunch.
It was pretty eclectic.  It was all pretty good, but the picked veggies weren't my favorite.

Pokemon updated the gyms, today.

I need to look up the information here.
 And the next two.
I like when these large abstract pieces retain the color vibrancy.  There are too many where it all turns into a mush of brown.  

Snack time.




Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday: not museum day

So maybe tomorrow.

My Magikarp evolved.

 I really this book. "Petacular" isn't a word.
 Then drinks.
Googling the name of my drink just results in porn. So. That's s thing.

And there was good live music

Then kbbq, but I didn't take photos because I was cooking.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday: No, nesting all the tags does not make the tags parallel.

That at least is the only solution I can come up with as to why this one thing that I care to extract is held in a series of identical nested tags.  This means item 1 is within one set of tags, and item N is within N sets of tags.  This is contrary to the sane solution where each item is within a single pair of tags, and those tags are arranged in a series.  Also: great that there are two different ways to define entries in the total list, so everything needs to test both.
I woke up far earlier than I needed to, and spent a large chunk of that time with Magikarp. 
Because that's better getting on a good sleep schedule, I guess.
I had to return the wifi hotspot I used in Europe today.  Conveniently, this just meant putting it all in the enclosed FedEx envelope, and having them take it.
I no longer care about these passwords.

A medal.
 Lunch at the new Indian fusion place:

Where tikka masala comes in burrito form.
Firey chicken is the best analogy.
It's good, and this concept should be everywhere.  The spice is a bit much, as it became super strong towards the end of the burrito.  I would have liked something to change it up a bit, as it also gets a bit heavy.

A new level.