Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday: Cold.

It's super cold out, so I went to get something warm for lunch.
This was too much curry.
I did pick up a slice of WF pizza too.  In any case, I got home earlier than usual, and discovered that there was nothing on TV.  Except for a Harry Potter movie marathon.  So I've now seen part of the second to last movie, and I have no clue why they dragged this into two movies (yes, I do.  Money, but still).  There's this hour plus segment of Harry, Hermione, and Ron camping in the woods and doing nothing and I was able to watch an episode of Bob's Burgers without missing anything from the plot.  I'm also annoyed at how much of a jerk everyone is.  Ron storms off to go camp by himself or something, and when he returns, Harry is all "why did you even come back?"  Dude, he just pulled your stupid ass out of frozen pond.  Maybe start with "thanks for helping me not die"?

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday: To be fair, I should have gotten out of bed earlier.

Because then I probably wouldn't have been so hungry on my drive to get lunch.  Getting lunch someplace closer would have been a good idea, too.
It was good, though.
Then I went to Target, where I spent far too long looking at the hand soaps.  I eventually went with "just get the Target one, who cares?"  Then a slog through traffic to get to the park.
The gym was super easy to take down.  Slowking, Gyarados, Gyarados.
 There weren't many people at the park, because it was rainy today.
It's maybe not totally clear from this picture.
It didn't really rain much, but it did sprinkle a bit when I was battling the gym.
I don't know what I was going to put here.
 I had originally only planned to do one lap, due to the rain.  It's good that I did the second though.
Because I was able to get my egg to hatch.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday: Corporations should be broken up to ensure real competition, and if that is not feasible, the corporation should be nationalized to ensure it benefits society.

I'm not just saying this because today I discovered that all three major airlines coincidentally made changes last year that make multi-city fares insanely expensive, but how is that not textbook collusion that is solely designed to extract excess profit without providing any better service?  I mean, the likely logic is "multi-city fares are usually paid for by business travelers," but that's just saying "we believe our monopoly/oligarchic pricing arrangements mean that we will extract an additional rent from businesses."  This is bullshit.

This trash Eevee has a perfect Attack IV.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday: I have like four copies of a bunch of files, because I have a bad archival strategy when computers die.

I really need to get a big NAS, and dump all the files onto that, and then launch a large scale md5sum calculation procedure.  I'll probably still not clean things up, but making a plan is the first step to ignoring that plan.

My CC Lemon was festive today.

My best guess was "good luck charm"?  Turns out, yes, with the theme specifically "examination support", for people taking school exams.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wednesday: Apparently nine years ago, Julie and I had a food-off.

In the afternoon, she sent this photo of chili cheese fries from National Coney Island.
 Which looks good, and I guess prompted me to make a giant steak.
With blue cheese, it seems.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday: Those both can't be true, Google.

Traffic can't be light and "faster than usual" if it's going to take "4 mins more than usual".

  • This episode was ok, because they actually did stuff.  It wasn't boring crap like the rest of the season.  In any case, they should switch to monster-of-the-week.  This giant storylines are dumb, because it's perpetual "Shield is strong" followed by "Ohs noes! Shield is weak!".
  • "Boo!"
  • A set of good pictures, although one does contain a bug.
  • Fax machine story.
  • I'm glad I'm remembering to watch Brooklyn 99 more.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday: This salad was way too big.

Like way way too big.
I ate it until I was tired of chewing.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday: Maybe it's just eating too much?

Because I again had a lunch not sit super well.  And whereas yesterday I could potentially blame "spicy pepperoni", today
Fish and chips is the least spicy thing you can eat.
 I don't know.
Also, this made me go "yeah, fuck that". 
I actually prefer finding opposing team gyms, because taking down a gym is so much simpler than building one up.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday: Logistically, doing it in the other order would have been easier.

But by the time I was ready to go, I was super hungry, so I went to get lunch first.  The Piikoi ramp is closed for traffic studies, so I had to use the Ward one.  This has the exact same problem as the Piikoi ramp: you have to cross two lanes of traffic if you're not getting off on Punahou.  There's a longer distance to do so, but it doesn't really solve the fundamental problem.  Also, fuck Ben Cayetano for being a piece of shit who wants to shut down the rail project.

I felt like build a pizza today.
I've been thinking that it was the spicy chicken that didn't sit well with me.  I got the sausage instead, and it still didn't sit well.  I don't know.

In any case, after getting lunch, I went to the park:

Which is full of Houndour now.
 And then spent forever building up space in the gym.
Seriously, did they change gym battles to completely cheat now?  Like every time I used Jolteon's charge attack, I was hit by the opponents charge attack immediately after.  No time to dodge, no warning.  Just boom.  Dead.
There weren't many people at the park today, but there was a wedding (on the Diamond Head side, which doesn't have a lot of space between the path and the water), a wedding photo shoot (she's in her dress, and he's wearing shorts?), and a giant Frozen bounce house.

This was the most exciting thing I found.  Unlike other people.

I didn't do the big science march today.  Just didn't feel like it.

I did watch an excellent Samurai Jack episode, and then be baffled by Attack on Titan.  This is what everyone has been talking about for so long?  "Big gross zombies kill people in gratuitously bloody fashion"?  Why?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday: I accomplished a lot of things I wanted to this week.

Not everything, because I need more computers.
I accidentally ordered the katsu don, not the katsu bento.
It was still good, but the bento comes with spicy ahi poke, and that's a good side.

I was too slow to catch the fireworks.  Since it's rainy, the sky was flashing with the reflections.

  • A long thing about taxes on capital gains, and why it's bullshit that they're so low.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, Republicans and living pile of shit Jeb Hensarling think it's inappropriate that the government prevents poor people from being ripped off by bad loans.
  • Sentiment analysis with convolutional neural networks.
  • It really is a good building.
  • Best dogs.
  • I should really track down this whole thing.
  • You know that thing, where you see something on the internet, and you think, "wow, somebody photoshopped something that would be really funny," and then you discover that it's real, and they really are making a movie titled "The Hitman's Bodyguard" starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday: "You're not over 60, right?"

I mean, thanks for ruining my day, Checkout Lady.

A pretty good ham sandwich.

  • Teach a man to fish.
  • Thor.
  • I'm not a fan of slaw or kimchi, but that sausage sounds good.
  • Squirrel.
  • That's just fucking awful.
  • So I started with, "why the fuck does Nick Spencer even write comics," and then I clicked on his wikipedia article, and it's totally going to be removed, but, just in case, here's what some brilliant person added:
    • "In 2016 Nick Spencer, perhaps seeking personal kinship with Richard Spencer, decided to start turning iconic anti-fascist characters of the WW2 era into Undercover Nazis. When this was met with backlash, Spencer bravely decided to helm his course and not only retcon the Jewish heritage of a prominent Marvel family, but make their Holocaust survivor patriarch another Undercover Nazi, presumably under the reasoning that the sheer death toll of Jewish people achieved by the Nazis was inspirational in its grandiose, world-altering magnitude, because there's not many other flimsy, grasping reasons one could conceive to remotely consider this to be a good idea. Some fans speculate that soon characters like the new Muslim Ms Marvel or PoC Spiderman Miles Morales will join Captain America's Hitler Youth, because that's the only possible way Spencer could push the edge of his tenure with Marvel (inexplicably indulgent of his increasingly fascist writers' antics) any further short of resurrecting Jesus Christ into the Marvel multiverse and revealing The Messiah was Hitler himself all along."
  • Everyone wants to give dogs hugs.
  • I'd forgotten this.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday: Computers.

They weight like a gazillion pounds, and have like two hundred butts of storage space.
It was easier to just go and take pictures myself than to wait for other people to get the information.

I watched a crazy Japanese murder drama that I spent like twenty minutes trying to find the title of.  "Murder Mystery of the Hot Spring Young Landlady: Murder at the Sweets Fair!! Suspicion of Double Murder by Popular Patissier!?" seems to be the best I can do with the wikipedia page for the series.  I'm also pretty sure that this sentence "Mika Nakagawa is a young woman in the hotel in Hokkaido Sapporo's Okuzashiki / Jozankei Onsen. Shintaro's husband is a criminal of a local police officer, and both worked fine while receiving the squirrels of a large woman, Masako Okada every day" isn't translated correctly by google.  Mika's husband is Shintaro, who is a police officer (not a criminal), and I saw exactly zero squirrels change hands during the show.  Copying the quick summary from a chat with Julie:

It's a Japanese murder drama, and usually those are like "here's the murder happening in the first five minutes, so you know who did it the whole time."  I don't know why, that's just the regular format.  But this one starts off with a business guy talking about how he hired a famous patissier to design a fancy new cake for his sweet shop.  Then we see that guy bribing a government official to let him buy public land so he can build a new factory.  Because he's diversified, I guess.  But someone takes photos, and tells him he needs to pay $500,000 to keep it quiet.  He has to send his son to do the payoff, but he never returns, and they find him all stabbed and crammed in the trunk.

The cops start investigating, and he tells them that he was being extorted or else his sweet shop would get burned down. That just happens to be what happened to the chef's assistant's family, and her dad killed himself when customers became scared of the fires. They're pretty sure the chef killed the son, but after he fights with the business guy (and cancels the cake contract), he gets stabbed and thrown off a bridge. They go through like the entire business guy's family as suspects, and finally decide that it's probably the assistant who killed him.

Old cop illegally searches her car, and finds a knife, and everybody's like "you're totally going to jail," and she's "I didn't do it, but I did make all the cakes, because that chef was crap." But the wife of one of the officer's (who I guess is actually the main character of this show, but that's based off google translation stuff), figures out that it was actually the Old Cop who killed him, because his daughter has leukemia, and the son of the business guy was a donor match, but when he was killed, they couldn't do the transplant, so he killed the chef because his daughter is going to die.  I thought the quick "sick daughter" bit was just some backstory to make the Old Cop a more detailed character, but that was the secret key.

Julie: "That is so convoluted."

They had to fill two hours, I guess.

  • I had the original story in my list of "to link", but this Deadspin article covers all the important points I was going to say.  A $400 "juicer".  JFC.
  • Racism.  Society isn't a zero sum game, unlike what these people think.
  • Dog.
  • I remember a slide that was plastic, but had exposed metal bolt heads (the flat kind), and that just gave the electricity a place to concentrate.
  • The fact that it took more than one settlement to get rid of this piece of shit, and I don't even need a second part of this sentence.
  • Clefairy.
  • Aku.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday: I think the answer is to not do it in SQL.

Otherwise it's going to be a mess of sub queries.
A random Mega Gengar.

  • This should be how the new Star Wars movie is.
  • Rilakkuma.
  • I have not heard of Bass Reeves before now.
  • California.
  • Doggos.
  • I don't know.  Bringing back a guy you killed three seasons ago?  Meh.  Killing the guy you introduced just this season?  Meh.  Giving Shaky Mutant her shaky powers again?  [Exaggerated eye roll]  Finally.  And I assume she knows how to get back to the real world, so hopefully next week she'll go wake everyone up and end this mess of a storyline.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday: It's hard to do things when the database is offline.

I did get the script that will run on it tomorrow written though.  It would have been nice to be able to check some query speeds, but I guess that has to wait.

Cherry blossoms from twelve years ago today.

  • I saw a tweet, and then looked up the term in that tweet, and then read what has to be the absolute stupidest story explaining it that I have ever read.  Instead of linking to that, here's a link to Charlie Stross instead.  Keep in mind that Stross writes fiction, and that the people on the other side of this argument include billionaires who like to sue journalistic websites out of existence.
  • I'm pretty sure if you showed this story to anyone who went to grad school, the response would be, "Yeah.  JFC, how is this a surprise?"
  • Bunny.
  • Ikea.
  • That makes sense.
  • Why you go to Denny's, I guess.
  • I wish we had an Evil Chancellor as part of our government.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday: Easter

My original plan for the day involved going to the park for a walk.  Unfortunately, everyone else in town decided that today would be a good day to go to the park as well.  There was no parking, and because they don't monitor it very much, there was also barely any place to drive because of all the people parked outside of the marked spaces.

So I jumped to the second part of the plan:
They have a new Asian dressing for the salad that is much nicer than the pineapple vinaigrette.  It's smoother, even with the ginger.
I realized yesterday that pretty much everyplace was likely to be open today, because there are always tourists, and because there are lots of people here that don't go to church.  That seems to have been the case.  The pork chop was a bit dry, but still tasted good.

Saturday, April 15, 2017


It's still the best movie.
This wasn't quite as good as I was hoping.
I was going to buy some groceries, but I didn't feel well after eating dinner, so I just skipped it.  I'll just wing something tomorrow.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday: I didn't really mean to drive all over the island.

It just kind of happened.  Since it's a long weekend, I decided it might be good to go get Kua 'Aina.  Also, reminder for future me: it is that exit.  So I detoured through Ko Olina to turn around, which I guess is having a big golf tournament today.

It's inconvenient when Twitter doesn't show the image, so I have to kind of guess where to put the stickers.
I then went to Target, and discovered that I didn't really need much from Target.  Traffic was really bad, and while waiting at the light, I saw a bunch of tow trucks go by, followed by a truck with a horribly smashed up car, followed by a bunch of miscellaneous garbage trucks.  Then just a few minutes ago, I saw that same car on the news.  Yikes.

On the drive home, I accidentally on purpose took the H-3 because it's really a great drive.
This one did show me the image.
Today's "people at the scenic overlook" were lady putting on make up, guy parked on the side of the on ramp like that's normal (which, given the number of times I've seen people there, I guess is), and a big delivery truck.

This one turned out well.
Then because I knew it was going to be backed up on the H-1, I decided to take the Pali home, because then I would skip most of H-1.  Except H-1 was so backed up that the Pali ramp was backed up, and due to the way the ramp is situated, I couldn't actually get into the lane to wait to inch onto H-1.  So additional change of plans, and let's do a Pokewalk.

And like the first thing after I arrived, I saw a Grimer on the nearby list.  I switched orbit directions so I could catch it, even though it claimed it had fled.  A fucking Grimer.  This is literally the second one I've ever seen.
 It was surprisingly empty today.  I guess maybe some people still have work?

The gym had a spot for me, so I popped in Cloyster.  I did one round of training, but didn't make that big of a difference.  I also switched back to my old hat, because I see lots of people wearing the Magikarp hat in gyms.
 An empty sentence to split these images apart.
It was a bit rainy today.
Then I picked up some pastries for dinner, and played Drawful with Team Julie.
Cuddle monster.

A toast to Dracula.

Punching a fish.

Hands off parenting.
And then I spent forever catching up on the RSS stuff for yesterday and today.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thursday: Today has been surprisingly terrible for tomorrow starting a three day weekend.

Things that were terrible:

  1. I had to be in charge of things at work today.  I hate that.
  2. Half the computers at work kept dropping offline because of a network problem.  That got fixed.
  3. One of the work database servers has failing disks, so we had to switch to the backup.
  4. I spent a large chunk of the day trying to figure out how to extract data from a poorly documented archive.
  5. My email suddenly stopped working correctly just before I was leaving work.  I can't seem to receive email from a different domain, and I can't send any emails I've written.  It is great that this happened right before a three day weekend.
  6. My database server at home crashed, so I had to recover from backups.  This happened just as I was almost finished reading rss items, so I guess I'm spending tomorrow catching up on things.
  7. This is after that entire computer crashed last night.
No, poorly documented archive, I don't think I am today.
I did get confirmation that my transfer did go through yesterday:
So that's good.
And I did my car registration.  I've only spent a lot of money this week, between that, the loan thing, and the tires I had to buy to get my safety inspection passed on Tuesday that I apparently didn't talk about on Tuesday.

But tomorrow is a three day weekend.

I have the book, so I guess it's fine.

At least it looks like my email is recovering.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wednesday: Grilled Cheese Day

So I wanted to do that for lunch.  The salad place conveniently had tomato soup as their soup today, so I inconveniently went up stairs, checked the salad place's soup, went downstairs to order the grilled cheese, back upstairs to buy the soup, then downstairs to wait to pick up the sandwich.

The soup was good, but the grilled cheese had separated, so it was a bit extra greasy.

I also was able to get Wobbuffet on this journey, too.
This evening the airport was extra loud.  I assume it was military training things.  Even still, it was like two minutes of constant engine noise.

  • This is the answer to "what the fuck is going on in North Carolina".  They've gerrymandered the state so badly, they've effectively removed themselves from consequences.
  • Another reason why we could transition to an all renewable energy grid without that much trouble.
  • Lazy cat fighter.
  • We Bare Bears.
  • The story behind the Professor Jiggly image (which doesn't load, but did for me in my rss reader).
  • The Solar System.
  • I saw this thing about this game, but it's not available for android.  The previous one is, and I'm pretty sure there's a math way to find solutions, but I haven't quite worked it out yet.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday: I don't have a picture.

I do have a topology problem that worked out nicely today.  I needed to create an adjacency map for something.  I was annoyed that I would have to type out (potentially) eight adjacent nodes into the map manually.  However, I realized that for each node, you only need to write out all unvisited nodes connected to that node.  Then, with the skeleton map done, you can iterate over each node's list of nodes to create the full map.  What this meant is that my skeleton map on average only needed to list the one new node (because on average each node was connected to only two other nodes).

  • I didn't even wait for the episode to finish before reading this review.  I don't understand why this show keeps getting high review scores.  "Let's take our gang of barely tolerable main characters, and then make them evil asshole versions of themselves."
  • Yes.  All of this.
  • I couldn't find any versions of this story that were not editorials or from unreliable sources.  So, here's the Snopes version basically saying the same thing.
  • Oh, yeah, duh.  Japan has been keeping records pretty much forever.  So obviously you can see the effect of climate change on the cherry blossoms.
  • This has an autoplay video but is about a squirrel who gets squirrel sized ice cream cones.
  • I should probably get this, just so I can check out the two pages of squirrel names Squirrel Girl points out.
  • Snorlax cats.
  • Intruder.
  • I mean, come on, Joker.  Get with the program.

Monday, April 10, 2017


I saw that I was back at Day 1, so I checked, and I've apparently been hording evolution items.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday: Basically just a repeat of yesterday.

It was a good plan yesterday, though, so it makes sense.
They had hot dogs today.  I just now realized I put a cat nose on a hot dog.
The movie is even better the second time, because I know all the spoilers, so I could pay more attention to the art.

And then I was going to get something else, but the sushi place is right there, and there were open spaces, and I figured I might as well just make today a copy of yesterday.

And there was a free space, so I could just throw Rhydon in.
I finished my taxes when I got home.  I was going to get $18 back from the state, but then at the end of the form, they have questions like "do you want $2 to go to the School Repair and Maintenance Fund" and "do you want $2 to go to the Public Libraries Fund" and "do you want $5 to go to the Domestic and Sexual Violence/Child Abuse and Neglect Funds" so now I'm getting $9 back.

And because I wanted to throw this box out for the snack I ate on Friday:
No, I did not buy this specifically because of the squirrels.

Chef Squirrel suggests having them with ice cream.

Because the recommendation is to microwave them to make them hot.
I just ate them raw, without any additional cooking.