Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday: Because nothing can just fucking work anymore.

I guess I should just be happy I'm not this guy.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Well. That was unexpected.

I mean, you go to watch a video entitled, "How to make Pikachu Burgers":

and within the first ten seconds, you no longer care about the pikachu burgers, because the background music is a remix of the closing theme to Serial Experiments Lain:


The end results of this is that:

  1. I'll need to get everything the remix guy (Manny Marx) has made to listen to for vacation.  This is the kind of relaxed synth-dominated hip hop I really enjoy.
  2. I regret that finding Nakaido Reichi albums from English language retailers is basically impossible.
  3. Serial Experiments Lain is still one of the greatest shows ever produced, and I should watch it again.  Huh.  I have a vacation coming up, and it's 4 DVDs.  That should fit nicely so I can watch it on the plane.

Wednesday: And then today everything basically exploded

I simply can't keep track of three different large scale processing operations at the same time as I'm fixing bugs and developing infinite failsafes because things just randomly break.

Seriously.  Job X was cancelled after two hours, with the completion fraction suggesting it needed four to finish.  Rerunning Job X last night took 1:15, consistently for four different tests.  Why the difference?  No clue.

Basically it's perpetually this.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday: I successfully did some things today, so I consider that a good thing.

Including fixing the perl in yesterday's game post, so it should now be correct.

And now I want doughnuts.

"Hey, I could probably automate that in perl, and make it a game."

cat kitten sword robot space pink white bumblebee bee helmet

Code under the cut.  Rules for the game:  player one chooses an image, and the other players need to come up with descriptive words for what's on it.  Then, you run the command on the best set of words (maybe you don't want to use all of them because you end up with legos.  Maybe you get points if you only use like 1 word, but if you use 9 or more, but get legos, you lose points).  If the image itself, or the character, or an obviously "these images are related somehow" match happens, then the seekers get the point.  If not, then the player who chose the original image gets a point.  So under these rules, the Bee and Puppycat image gets a point, and I lose two points because I didn't find B&PC, and I ended up with legos when I used 10 words.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday: It's clear to me that this thing is just far too complicated for me to keep in entirely in my head.

Woo for developing something crazy confusing.  I'm pretty sure this is why robot rebellions happen.  Somebody has to design the whole thing, but they forget to check that $kill_all_humans is set to 'false'.  I mean, there are just too many variables to remember.

I don't seem to have an image for "robot rebellion."  Have "owl rebellion" instead.

  • I was going to say "how crappy of a pop-culture writer do you have to be to screw things up like this?", but I then went to see how hard it actually is to identify this as Bee and Puppycat stuff, assuming you don't know that it is.  It's hard.  I could find no permutation of the set of words [cat kitten sword robot space pink white bumblebee bee helmet] that returned a B&PC result on google images.  Part of the problem is that this fucker has been nailing down merchandising for forty fucking years.  I also suspect that all B&PC stuff uses "puppycat" universally, which is not something someone who knows nothing about it is going to search for.  Still, ask around and see if someone else knows who they are.
  • I like this comic.  It presents every day situations that everyone deals with, but does it in a soothing calming manner without all the flash and drama that a lot of other comics pile on.  Just a simple package, and the results of opening it.
  • Bill Shuster is a dickbag, and this isn't going to do anything.  No one goes, "man, if only flights were cheaper, I'd fly everywhere!"  People decide they're taking a trip, and then want to buy the cheapest one that fits their criteria.  That's the final price.  The main problem is that everything else splits out the sales tax, so there's this idea that it's something unusual.  No.  You can't buy product X at price Y-T.  That's not an option.  Therefore, you pay Y, which is the only price you should be concerned with.  No other prices should be apparent.  I don't buy things by going to the store, finding the wholesale price printed on the shelf, and then take it to the counter where they add the workers fee, the building fee, the electricity fee, the finance fees, the overhead fees, and then the sales tax.
  • This is something that I only vaguely remember the details behind.  Gas company Y was doing well, the government froze the company for reasons, Y largely falls apart due to the freeze, and the parts are sold to company R, which is kind of owned by the government.  Plus they threw a bunch of people into jail, blah blah blah.  Now there's a $51.5e9 judgement that company Y probably didn't deserve to be looted by the government.  So, yay! Justice!  Delayed and probably unenforable Justice!  The most depressing of all Justices!
  • Today I learned that shopping carts in the UK and Australia have locks on them, and you have to put a coin in the slot to unlock the cart from the rest of the carts, and then when you're done, relocking the cart to its friends allows you to get your cart back.  I suspect it's less a theft deterrent (because if I could get a shopping cart for a pound, I'd be thinking up things I want to move around at home), and more a way to eliminate the cart-guy going out to salvage used carts and bringing them back to the store.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday: Today was a burger day

And crap.  I was going to do laundry today.  I guess instead of doing two or three loads, I'll do one and hope I don't forget to put it in the dryer.

  • Did you know that something called "Belvita Breakfast Biscuits" exists?  I didn't until I heard a commercial for them this afternoon and immediately looked over because I was sure they'd said "Velveeta Breakfast Biscuits," and I wanted to see what horror that was.
  • But this is also why I love filler episodes.
  • Cat attack.
  • Old Man Miyazaki is a downer.
  • I would be so happy if this would happen.  Just make the serious show, and then tack on a five minute short at the end that's a comedy thing.  A lot of the TTG episodes stretch the joke, so it would help.

I dare you to see the teaser image, and not click on this video.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday: I don't know what the title is going to be. Let's just choose a random picture from the download pile.

Sure.  That works.

I mean, Season of the Mists.  Morpheus just goes to Hell.  He doesn't have to plot a course past Apokalips to get there.  He just goes.  Why?  Because you don't need a fucking map to get there.  And when was the dreaming separated from nightmares?  It was always just an aspect of the local region.  Of course, the monitors observe everything.  Like when they lived on a satellite and watched Earth.  Or when they didn't know about Darkseid and the Fourth World.  And, you have this "new 52," where there are only 52 universes (excluding all this other shit you're now rolling into the concept).  Why, after jerking off on the number 52 for nearly a decade now, did you start numbering from zero, so you don't actually have a universe 52?  Why are some unnumbered?  Is there some secret conspiracy that we're not supposed to know that there's a universe 14, and even if we figured that out, we'd ruin things if we know where in the puke pile in the center of your map it was located?  And you put Destiny outside the Source Wall.  Which is dumb for many reasons, the least of which is that something like this (sure, this is Fantastic Four from Marvel, but still) is the obvious allegory that the SW always seemed to represent.

This is the problem with Grant Morrison.  He's a fucking idiot.  However, he thinks that by putting lots of cryptic bullshit in his stories, he can fool people into thinking he's smart.  Apparently he's fooled enough, but just stapling more cryptic bullshit on top of old cryptic bullshit isn't telling a story.  Do you know where this shows up?  Final Crisis.  That's not a story.  It's a parody of a story.  Seven Soldiers of Victory.  Not a story.  Not even seven stories.  It's a shitty attempt to retell the Arthur legend using minor characters.  I mean, slogging through...fuck.  Bulleteer and Zatanna were the only moderately interesting things, and I can't even remember the details of Zatanna's story.  I think she loses her powers or something?  Something totally original like that.  He put Frankenstein on Mars and it was boring.  Frankenstein on Mars should be one of those "is this awesome [y/y]" kind of stories.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday: I think I might get a tablet this weekend.

Partially because I remembered this week that you can play scummvm games on android.  I have the Monkey Island series, but I've never sat down to play 2 or 3.  Four I played on PS2, and 1 I last played in undergrad.  Being able to play them on the plane while travelling seems like a good plan.  I think this will cause the PSP to be left behind.

This is also the answer to the question of "why would I want a device that lives between computer and phone?"  "Because you're going to be on a plane for 99 hours, and you'll be able to watch videos and play pointy-clicky games without needing to get a full computer out or kill your eyes looking at the tiny phone screen."  I'll have to sort out which DVR things and which youtube things I want to put on it.

I drew this today while discovering that the fast file system makes the code run far slower than running it on the slow file system.  I don't even fucking know anymore.

Also: Dear local sushi place that I don't get sushi at because you stopped serving unagi and give fucking ika instead of hamachi.  Fucking ika.  Ick.  Anyway, I know I visit fairly often, so maybe I'm a good customer or something, but this is way too much food.  I can't eat a pound of teriyaki chicken and a quarter pound of spicy poke.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday: Someone was talking about foxes on youtube last night.

It's the same one from this post from 2011.  Also: holy crap, this image is almost eight years old.

  • Cat snake.
  • Wombat.
  • Skeleton hell.
  • Tiny bunny.
  • Michael J. New is a fucking idiot.  Here's the relevant bit, "The question of how to handle pregnant students is a problem that many private Christian schools have grappled with in the past. Punishing such students might make them more likely to choose abortion; accommodating them might undermine norms against premarital sex and create a culture where abortions happen more often."  Get that?  A leads to more abortions.  Not-A also leads to more abortions.  The implied logic here is that the only way to stop abortions is make them entirely illegal, and then you can punish all you want, with nothing to stop you.  That must be his conclusion, since accommodating would still lead to "undermined norms," and that's obviously something he's opposed to.
    • Want a second point?  "I would hate to see pregnancy resource centers lose out on donations because the government is taking on a more active role in caring for mothers."  If I'm not mistaken, PRCs tend to be religious/pro-life institutions.  So if the government helped people out more, they might not go to private pro-life groups.  What a jerk.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday: Limitations and Improvements: Challenge!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday: So this is how today worked

I mean, WTF, The Weather?

  • That's unfortunate.
  • Missile defense systems are generally useless.
  • Batgirl.
  • I really like gifs like this.
  • No.  Having different lengths but identical widths only works if you sort the bills by denomination, and then align against a right angle edge.  Otherwise, the possible arrangements make it likely that small bills get lost.  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday: That was the lamest "tropical storm" ever.

Basically it just rained kind of hard last night.  There was thunder and lightning, which is cool, because we usually don't get that here.  But still, in the end, it was just a regular amount of rain for me.

I tried to take some super long (8s, the max my camera can do) shots to see if I could capture some lightning, but it didn't work.  Still, I liked how these two came out:
This one shows the light pollution is concentrated at ala moana (left), ward center (center), and downtown (right).

I like the cars in this one.

Then today, I took a bunch of shots to show the clouds coming over the mountains:
This is about a minute of action.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday: Clearly, I need to go to the museum more than I do.

Because when I was looking through to get the links to my previous visits, I found this one, and then this one (which unfortunately has the exact Cain and Abel joke I was going to make in this post).  That works out to me only really going once every 15 months or so.  That's far less frequently than I thought.  Anyway:

Since this is the first time ever that I've been on a Saturday, I made a reservation to get lunch at the cafe.

I had a tiny plant, and the lady at the next table had her ipad.
 I didn't have any plan going in, as it's mostly a sandwich and salad thing.
Then again, so was the British Museum.
I went with the pasta special:
Mahi-mahi, kalamata olives, capers, roasted peppers, in a roasted tomato sauce.
 So.  Salt.  It wasn't bad, but it also wasn't really what I was hoping for.  The peppers were too harsh, so I pushed them all to one side and pretended they didn't exist.  The tomato chunks were roasted just enough to make them sweet, but the capers and olives overwhelmed them in big combined bites.  I think I should have gone with a sandwich instead.

And of course I got a dessert:
"Chocolate Walnut Torte" sounded suspiciously like what a brownie would call itself if it was trying to hide.
Again, not bad, but not quite what I had hoped for.  I wanted more chocolate fudgy flavor.  But, that's kind of universally true.

Anyway, art time.  I had planned to go to see the Art Deco exhibit, but I didn't take any pictures in that room, as I wasn't sure what the photography policy is.  Then I noticed that some things have "no camera" signs, but by then I'd already moved past the things I would have taken pictures of.

Now, I'm not saying that this native Hawaiian mask looks like Cthulhu, but...

I've changed my mind.  This is the new greatest tiger in the history of the world.

Jars that look like bunnies.

"No way!"

"You know what?  Your cross sucks!  There, I said it!  Your cross is crap, and it's got nothing on my sweet ass book!"

"Let us adore the Jesus we've dumped on the ground."
 And then, looking closer:
"Damn it, sky surfer angel! Stop scaring my livestock!"

This jar looks like a kitty.
By this point it was three hours later, I'd seen everything, and so I went to the shop.

And, obviously bought the catalogue for the show.

Plus this other book about Hawaiian ephemera.

And two postcards.  I see this guy every time I visit, so I figured I'd get a card of him.  The other one is a carving from the art deco exhibit.

Link time.

  • I saw a youtube video last night from the ISS, and saw that they use Thinkpads too.  This led me to remember that I need to find one of the new thinkpads in a store, and see if the new trackpad is usable or not.  I'm concerned I'm going to miss having real actual buttons to click.
  • Totoro.
  • Bear.
  • Josephine Baker, to add more art deco.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday: Today was new notebook day at work.

  • Fourteen hours and 32 mozzarella sticks.
  • I'm sure that you can guess what the sign says.
  • Bears are weak vs. gravity.
  • Candy Kong (the rest of the tumblr is likely to be nsfw).
  • Jacques Pepin has better shows, too.
  • I realized today while looking at the weather that the government probably puts the weather satellite images online.  They do.  Here.  This means that with some minor coding, I could put together a thing that I've wanted to see since I was a kid: a year-long satellite movie.  The idea I had when I was a kid is that they should make it for Christmas, and just show it on TV.  Since these are geostationary satellites, the tranformation function between satellite images and whatever landmass projection is something that needs to be defined only once.  With that done, it's trivial to automate the image downloads and stitching, and then after whatever period of time, fed into ffmpeg or something to construct the movie.

Go fuck yourself, Elsevier.

Dear Dr. undefined,

It is our pleasure to inform you that your publication has been cited in a journal published by Elsevier.

Through this unique service we hope we can offer you valuable information, and make you aware of publications in your research area.

Best regards,

The CiteAlert team

Ok. New goal in life.

Move to Japan and get a job as: chubby white dude being Sir Topham Hatt for the Thomas the Tank Engine train show.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday: Crap

My router died sometime this morning, so I had to directly plug my main computer into the cable modem.  Plus, my cable modem reset itself and grabbed a different IP address, making me unable to connect to things at home from work until I remembered that the gmail "activity" thingy is generally the best way to figure out my IP address.  Since it monitors the activity launched by the chrome mail notification plugin, it records where my stuff at home is connecting from.

This seemed appropriate.

  • So I guess the beach has wifi now?
  • Schools.
  • Kitty Pryde continues being awesome.
  • You're just being a jerk, dog.
  • Really?  I would not have expected this.  I was never able to actually finish the game because the character walked so stupid slow I kept getting killed by the ghosts.
  • It'll be interesting to see if this turns out to be true.
  • And there's a storm coming this weekend.  I think this means I should try to go to the museum on Saturday.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday: Did I post this bear already?

"I really should have paid extra to get the deluxe pool."

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday: Holy shit, link number one!

This is about a squirrel, but we don't have time for that now.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday: I came up with two good post titles on the drive home, and have subsequently forgotten both.

In any case, I discovered today that I'll be getting my own private office at work in the near future.  I am unreasonably excited about this for some reason.  And, to steal from an earlier chat:  I thought "I should get a big pokemon picture to put up, but I don't know where you would go to get something like that."

Then, duh.

Etsy.  That's where you get stupid shit that companies wouldn't ever make, so you get somebody to make one for you as their work-at-home thing.

This also led to me thinking about all the things I could get for my own office.  A tiny fridge.  A microwave.  Basically those two things.  A giant Snorlax sticker.  The essentials.

"I FUCKING NEED THAT TO FLY, YOU JERK!" (Here's the story.)

  • I liked the demographic charts.
  • Cats are dumb.
  • Cats are dumb.
  • I saw this in the RSS stuff, laughed, forgot about it, scrolled through my open tabs, laughed, forgot about it, flipped through pinned tabs to do the linkstorm, and laughed again.  Just wait until you get to the end.
  • I should figure out if I care to vote in the primaries this year, so I looked up the LWV position statement thing.  Fun game for everyone: scroll down, looking only at the pictures, and see if you can find the person who said, "first goal is to destroy [...] the 'War on drugs'".  Also, nice job All The Republicans for jumping on the "permanent waiver to the Jones Act" as an important position point.  Confused?  I was too.  The Jones Act established the merchant marines, and mandates that all good shipped between US ports be shipped on US flagged ships.  So a waiver would theoretically lower costs in Hawaii by allowing foreign shipping concerns to ship things from the mainland.  By magic, I guess.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday: I woke up this morning and decided I really wanted onion rings.

So then I went to get some onion rings.

  • Back in the 1500s, you could just make up shit and get famous.
  • Yeah.  Rotoscoping.
  • I discovered today that I have digital versions of a bunch of my channels.  Plus a couple of extra crap channels that are digital only.
  • First, Japan Times is kind of the super conservative Japanese paper, so they're kind of biased on lots of things.  Still, I can't see how this lawsuit is going to do anything other than cause trouble.  I don't think it can really go forward, given the treaty that references the joint communique which explicitly renounces reparation.  I'm not saying it's really completely fair, but at this point, it's been 30+ years, so it seems a bit late to decide to change the rules.
    • While researching to make sure I remembered things correctly, I also looked up South Korea.
    • And Taiwan.
  • Brad DeLong.
  • Snorlax.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday: Hey, why not?

I decided today that I had to go to Ala Moana.  I don't ever like going there, but I need a new work notebook, and I like to use the art sketchbooks that B&N sells.  Since the Kahala B&N is gone, this leaves pretty much only one option left.

This also meant that it would only make sense to have lunch at Ala Moana as well.  Since I like Italian, and there aren't many places that do that in Hawaii, I decided to go back to Romano's Macaroni Grill.

"Go back to"?

Yeah.  I have been to an RMG twice before.  Once was the same day I saw The Incredibles in the theater, placing that trip to late 2004.  The second time was at the AM location, something like four years ago.  I have not been back because that visit was kind of a disaster, as they served me chicken parm that had the skinniest crap bits of chicken that had then been so far overcooked that they were inedible.  I sent it back, suggested they learn how to cook, and left.

Anyway, I figure four years is enough time for them to fix things.
I forgot that they do the "crayons and paper" thing.  I drew the soccer game they had playing.
Anyway, food.
Fried calamari that I only got because it was "happy hour," and they were like half off.  Bread that they served "go fuck yourself sliced."
The calamari was calamari.  They stuck in fried banana peppers, which I think is what you do if you're a dick.  The spicy sauce was good, though.  In case you're wondering, "GFYS" is when they don't slice the bread at all, and then douse it in oil, so you're getting oil all over your hand, no matter what you do.  It was big on sage, though, and I like sage.  I took the bread leftover home.

I went with the "just give me all of your things, so I can taste the things all at once, and do it in one visit."  Chicken canneloni, chicken parm on undersauced spaghetti, lasagna.
The cannelloni is weird.  I can't figure out the flavor.  It's a combination of white wine and some herb, where the herb has a note that's nearly cilantro, but not quite so bad.  I almost want to blame some bad basil, but that doesn't seem quite right.  It wasn't bad, but not something I'd get again.  Mushrooms?  I guess this was chicken and mushroom cannelloni?  I brought this leftover home too.

The chicken parm was done well.  Crispy outside, juicy inside, I shouldn't have to complement them on one of the easiest dishes in existence, but they did fuck it up last time, so.  So.  But yeah, that spaghetti is just a mound of nothing-but-pasta.  This thing has a slab of lasagna, you could probably get by with a third of the spaghetti, and then the sauce wouldn't be tasked with an impossible mission.  This got left, although I ate the chicken there.  It's hard to reheat fried chicken and have it come out very well.

Lasagna.  I had two bites.  This will likely be tomorrow's dinner, because that brick of pasta, meat, and cheese is basically a meal by itself.

So was it worth it?  Meh.  I wanted Italian, this wasn't a disaster, it passes on that point.  Would I have preferred something like a Fazoli's or a Noodles instead?  Yes.  I just want some tasty pasta, made for me quickly, with a minimum of hassle.  However, those are both "fast-casual" style restaurants (Fazoli's apparently has a more fast-casual-y version they're testing), so we can't have them in Hawaii.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday: This is shitty graffiti

  1. You painted on asphalt in black paint.
  2. You painted over the white parking line, despite that being a perfect thing to incorporate.
  3. You painted something that hasn't been topical for like 70 years.
Link time.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday: The point where you realize that even in the future, some things may be impossible to get.

So I have this book:
This one.
It's full of ukioy-e pictures of "humorous things."  I got it for the bats dressed in people clothes, and that samurai ear of corn.  It's one of the few thing souvenirs in Tokyo, and I got it at the museum that had the exhibit with the original prints.

I saw today that that museum is having a new exhibit this year, this time one ghosts and "horror" things.  I'd really like to see it, but I simply don't have the time this year to fly off to Japan.  I can see that they have a similar exhibit book for this new show, priced at a reasonable ¥2500.  However, since this is a limited print run for a museum exhibit, it's basically only available there at the show, as it's not really a book that has a distribution deal.  This means that it's going to be very difficult to get a copy.

Maybe J-List could get it.

  • Do you want to know how I know that "" is full of shit?  "[...] raise the minimum wage to $10.10, would increase private sector costs by $15 billion in 2017.  These costs would be passed on to consumers as higher prices."  Do you want to know what the US consumption is?  $11.5 trillion dollars in 2013.  So raising the minimum wage may force people to take on 0.1% more consumption than they would have expected.  I'm sure that will kill the economy, and cause everyone to starve and die.
  • But not the president.  Because he calls his fucking order in ahead of time so he doesn't have to wait in line.  Also: because he's the president.
  • I like the new costume.
  • This movie is going to be awful.  Doomsday is something you build up to once you've established a Superman universe that isn't shit.  I saw a half hour of that last movie.  I wanted Superman to be killed, just so it would end.
  • This was an excellent episode.
  • A bar of soap.
  • The Man Who Fell to Earth.
  • Ducks.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday: So today the A/C went off at work.

Even though the warning email said that it would totally stay online while they were working on it.
Apparently in the future, everything has to be white, even if that's stupid.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday: And now I want pizza rolls

  • Yay! We're number four!
    • Although I took a trip to Target this evening, and it looks like the H-1 rehab stuff has had a nice impact on traffic.  The density seemed a bit lighter than usual, possibly due to the holiday.  Still, the new lane seems to be working well.
    • This also led me to looking into the rail project.  It looks like luggage will be allowed, so it's not as dumb as it was when they were sticking with the bus rules against that.  Still, not having a stop in Waikiki is stupid.  They could easily run it along the Ala Wai, and put a few stops in to cover all the tourists.  It'd also be nice if they added spur routes running mauka.
  • Dracula.
  • Animals.
  • There's a Jollibee at Ala Moana.  I should get some chicken.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday: All weekends should be three days long

It was sushi day today.

I'm guessing this is what Aquaman's birthdays are like.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday: Laundry day

Did the 70s have rooms that were just shag-carpeted football fields?  I don't think I've ever been in a room in someone's house that could fit this monster of a couch in a reasonable fashion.