Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday: I was invited to a wedding today.

I felt like pork today, so I went to Kono's.
I don't remember getting chips last time.  Whatever, they were good.  I didn't get cookies at Leonard's, because they didn't have the sprinkle sugar cookies.  Also I didn't want to wait in the giant line.  Plus I have cookies at home already.  And a brownie.  I have a lot of snacky stuff, and didn't really need more cookies, is I guess the point.

Then to the park to do the standard Pokewalk.  This was where I was invited to a wedding, because I was wearing a shirt that was the same colors as the wedding theme.  I did not take them up on it, because going to a wedding where I didn't know anyone would be weird.

And then this asshole sniped my spot in the gym.  Or one of the other like four Snorlax people did.  Jerks.

So I had to train the gym up even more.

And I caught a Miltank.

Gratuitous panorama.

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