Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday: My back hurts.

Today I learned that Drawful has some prompts that randomly insert other player names.
I've come to the conclusion that Legends of Tomorrow is a ridiculous show that only works because everyone seems to be having fun.  Tonight's episode had team good guys opening up a secret magic thingy in a cafe, where it promptly shot laser instruction things up at the ceiling.  Then Professor Guy from TGG told his daughter that she only exists because they did time travelling and told his past self stuff that caused her to now exist, and how he's going to try and be cool about it, he's kind of freaked out, and then she freaked out, and maybe that's the kind of conversation you plan for a bit.  Team Bad Guys were doing silly bad guy stuff and then trapped a zombie death Flash in a bank vault after not-moving around him, because I guess he's blind and only can detect people when they move?  I don't know the details, but that's probably not a great plan.

Everyone on Agents of Shield fucked up everything they did, because they are just awful at everything.  They did discover that May was a Robot Girlfriend, so I guess that's something.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday: There are too many meetings and things on Mondays.

Venus is out with the moon again.
Which tells me that I should have saved that link about Aino Minako for today.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday: Apparently I had a plan for today, I just completely forgot it.

Whoops.  Well, alternate plan that I came up with this morning instead, then:
  1. Get gas.  Flip off boarded up gas station you had planned to go to, drive around the block to line up to go to alternate gas station.
  2. Drive really far away to get some ok pizza.

Garlic, spinach, pepperoni.  From Bob's.  It's not bad, and they have good crusts that are crispy on the bottom, but then squishy inside.  It's like Boston's was, back when Boston's wasn't run by idiots.  Technically there's a Boston's in Kailua, but they only have street parking, and I hate that.  
  1. Go bowling, because I haven't been in a while, and I thought it would be a good thing to do.  I did not do particularly well.
    1. 6,2=8;5,4=17;6,2=25;5,1=31;3,0=34;7,2=43;9,0=52;8,0=60;x=78;8,0=88
    2. 5,0=5;7,/=15;0,7=22;2,0=24;6,1=31;x=50;5,4=59,5,4=68;3,5=76;7,/,3=89
There are also no good stickers for this.

  1.  Go to Target, and then realize I only need like two things, so it becomes the fastest trip to Target ever.  Also that there's no Pokestop there anymore.
  2. Use modern technology to play video games over the internet and chat.

I was a fancy bird.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday: At least the sunset was nice.

I'm not sure what my plan for the day was going to be, but I woke up and sat in bed reading twitter way longer than I really wanted.  I'll have to do something productive tomorrow.
I did decide to get ramen.
And there were no people at the ramen place today.  Zero.  People eventually showed up, but it's usually pretty active.  At least it was easy to park.

Since I had planned to go to the park again today, I had to drive through Waikiki.  At least Ala Wai is pretty easy to drive down.
It was pretty clear at the park today, although there were more people than last week.

And I hatched a Cleffa!

The gym was already blue, and I didn't want to bother training it, so no gym today.
I also did not catch these four Ekans.

And again, nice sunset.
 Then some grocery shopping.
I guess they just sell this at Safeway now.  Huh.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday: Ugh.

Because I always lose this information.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday: "the story of how this all came about is a bit ridiculous."

Last night, I was sitting on my couch, watching Rooster Teeth Animated Adventure shorts, and within like five minutes, I saw this episode:

followed by this episode:

The important detail being that they both take place at Jersey Mike's.  "Was that the place we used to go to in grad school?"  I don't know, because we always just called the place we went "Big Sandwich."  So I typed it into Google, and Google shot back with "Hey, they're closing soon."

"Wait, there's one here in Hawaii?"

"Yes.  Way out in Hawaii Kai.  Closes at nine.  Want to go get a sandwich?" Mental Personification of Google suggested, knowing as well as I did that I hadn't had dinner yet, and was pretty hungry at 8:12pm.

"How long does it take to get there?"

"Twenty-Five minutes.  You have PLENTY of time to do this," MPoG helpfully responded.

And I nearly did, which would have made this story even crazier than it already is.  Instead, I continued watching the sloth documentary I was watching and had something disappointing instead.

But, I decided that it would be worth heading there after work today.  It's annoying dealing with traffic, but I was able to get out there, and as I'm pulling into the parking lot, I notice that they have a small folding sign set up by the curb pointing out that Jersey Mike's is right there.  "That's odd."  I then park, and notice that the store has a huge line, despite being like 7pm.  "That's odd."  As I was up, I see there there's a bunch of workers outside the store, handing things out to people.  "That's odd."

I get inside, order my food, and the guy who's making my sandwich mentions, "yeah, it's pretty busy here.  We just opened yesterday."

So if I had gone with the crazy plan, I would have accidentally gone there on their very first day open.

It's pretty good, but it's also kind of expensive.  $14 for a regular combo.
The sandwich guy was also a bit wild with the vinegar and oil.

And then I got home to find that my Amazon package was shipped from Vanuatu.

Which was unexpected.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday: Of course, the one day this week I don't wake up at like 7:30.

Eight years ago, Julie sent me a picture of Texas cheese.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday: They didn't have sandwiches.

But they have ham and cheese pan now.  And cheese on the hot dog buns.

  • This is basically exactly my thoughts on yesterday's Supergirl episode.
  • I'm also not super happy with this change to Jen.  I'm fine with the name change, but making her so unlike her regular self is just wrong.
  • Here are my thoughts on Agents of Shield for this week.
    • If I had Shaky Mutant on my team, step one would be to send her to the woods with a bunch of watermelons, and not bring her back until she could individually shake the watermelons until they explode.  Then, when you need to, you know you can vibrate your opponents' heads apart.
    • Once they found out about Robot Girlfriend, why didn't they come up with a way to detect secret Robot Other People?  I mean, other than shooting and revealing the metal underneath.  You know, maybe something taking advantage of the fact that most people aren't partially metal.
    • I almost want Hydra to come back, because then there'd be actual fights against bad guys.
    • At least Patton Oswalt is coming back next week.
  • Dogs are good.
  • Cows are weak against turtles.
  • I missed this news story, right?
  • Magneto would punch Nazis.  Obviously.
  • Yeah.  This seems more like Sailor Moon's style.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday: Upon further counting, it turns out I have two weeks to clean.

Still.  Lots of cleaning to do.

And I should do a full write up of how I did this, but:
Number of pieces per dollar for Lego sets.

Where I've scraped the entire active lego.com catalog, dumped it into a database, classified the series each set belongs to into a few broad categories (Generic is like "City" or "Pirates", Lego Brand is "Nexo Knights" or "Mindstorms", and Licenced is "Star Wars" or "Disney".  Other is the "Minifigures" series, which I didn't want to deal with), and then fit mean pieces per dollar for each category, with a plot of the mean and scatter at each price point.  The entire database is only 405 entries long, so it's a bit tricky to cut things into too many dimensions.  Based on this, you get almost one fewer piece per dollar with a licensed set.  The "Lego Brand" thing is a bit skewed, because that's not entirely just sets with regular Lego pieces.  In any case, I needed a picture for today.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday: Agh. Only one week left to clean things. Agh!

Which of course means I spent the day super productively by not getting out of bed until late.  Because it was cold, and I didn't want to not be warm.  "Seventy-five degrees is not cold."  Cold enough.  And windy too.  The harshest of tropical winter weather.
I did another Pokewalk around Magic Island again.  It's probably something I should try to keep up.  I should also find other places that have good walking areas.  
There were fewer people this week, probably because it isn't a three day weekend.
Poliwag and I, just sitting here looking out at the ocean.

I saw this guy when I went to look at the gym.
 Graveler is kind of a pain in the ass to fight.  In any case, a level three gym isn't really a big obstacle.
I threw Kingler in again.

Pikachu showed up for the wedding photos happening in the background.

By the time I had made another loop around the park, someone else had added a Lapras.
 I wasn't sure what I wanted for dinner.  They're still doing work on H-1, so I didn't want to brave attempting to get curry today.  It's also been super windy, so I had the idea to see what it was like at the Pali Lookout.  I still don't know, because it was closed.  I suspect that means that it was even more super windy up there.

Burrito, obviously was the final answer.

Also, I totally would have done that anyway, even if I hadn't turned the wrong way out of the park and found myself travelling away from the pancake place, which was the other option I was considering.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday: It's a thing you do.

So since any number of things didn't happen to prevent the disaster yesterday, we had to have a march.  Conveniently the Women's March was having one in town, and in a stunning "how have I never noticed this before," the capital is a block from the car people, and two blocks away from my dentist.  This solves the question "but where do I park if I want to do something downtown?"  The dentist.  Park at the dentist, it's $3 all day Saturday.  Anyway, up super early, head downtown, get ready to walk a bit.

I got there a bit early.  People were still in the "making signs" stage of things.
I didn't have a sign, and didn't know what I'd put on one if I did.  I did the best I could think of, and changed my phone wallpaper.
Sure, it requires a bit of knowledge, but I'm also not likely to be showing many people my phone.
 Montage of things I saw, with people blurred out, because when fighting fascists, it's best to keep people safe.
This was a good sign.

A good dog.

Iolani Barracks.

Some signs during the march.

More signs.

Iolani Palace.  This was the old method of blurring people before I switched to the large area method.

Fancy angle Aliiolani Hale.

I took three pictures of this, and they're all blurry.

The news was there.

A good sign.

Do we have a liberty bell?


Wait, do we have two liberty bells?
There was a big crowd.  I think the news claimed 8,000.

And it was super rainy, too, so I'm sure that kept the numbers down.

Another good dog.

Michelle Obama doesn't get blurred.
 And by then they were ready to get started, after having a comedian warm up the crowd while everyone finished and got back to the capitol.  She had a few good jokes, none of which I seem to have remembered.  Partially because moments later, this happened:
Is that Della Au Belatti?

She's only my state representative!  I've voted for her like, four times now?  I really need to do more research, because she's the co-chair of the Oahu branch.  Guess somebody has to sit down and write a thank you letter to their elected official.
I think I missed one of these signs.  
 And who is that all tiny on the left?
It's Kirk Caldwell, the mayor!
 I've voted for him twice, and even though there are many things I think he could do better, he's still doing a decent job.
Pig is the obscured word.
There were speeches, including one from the minority leader in the Hawaiian House, Beth Fukumoto.

I will now amend all previous and future statements suggesting that all Republicans are garbage to exclude Beth Fukumoto, a good and decent person.

See, I think there's one more.
 More speeches.  The Hawaiian Planned Parenthood director, the Local 5 Union leader, a number of other people who I don't remember because it was occasionally raining really hard.
She was like five, and was dressed like Supergirl.
 It was about at this point where I heard a sound to one side (since I'd had my hood up due to the rain), and turned around to see that the planter I was leaning on had three ladies standing on the rim to watch.  They had signs that the rain hadn't treated well, but one labeled them as Wicked Wahines.  I asked to make sure I wasn't in their way or anything, and they were super cool, and we even exchanged high fives when they left.

Rainbow flag Lady Liberty.

Rainbow flag rainbow umbrella.
 I did see two people that I knew, but I'm not sure they saw me.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I agree, but we still need enough states to pass the stupid thing.  Basically all the blue states (Hawaii included) have already done so.


I hope she's in public even more.

A good sign.
 It was about this time that they took a break and had a folk singer take the stage.  I also decided it was time to take a break and see about getting lunch.

Most of the crowd had left by this point anyway.
 It was convenient that I left when I did, as I saw this sign, and had to ask her if I could take a picture.
Because this is literally me.  Me in sign format.  Thank you for making this sign!

I will never understand the design of the Capitol
 Then I walked back to my car, thinking that after a cold windy day, a big plate of delicious curry would be the best solution.
And I saw a Random Panda on the street.  Was the Panda at the march?  I didn't see one.  Is it just "Panda day downtown"?  Maybe?  Chinese New Year celebrations kicked off in Chinatown today.  Maybe that?  Just someone being awesome, dressing up in Panda kigurumi?  Sure.  Way to be awesome, Random Panda.
 And this is where the day took a turn.  What I didn't know (because why would I look it up) is that there was a water main break on Ainakoa Avenue.  "I don't know where that is."  I didn't either until I looked, but it's basically the last cross road on Kalanianaole Highway before it turns into H-1 heading to town.  I didn't realize how big of a problem it actually was until seeing the pictures on the news.

Mapping that picture back, it looks like the sinkhole that opened up due to the water main break is further up H-1 than I had thought, so I guess their solution of "shutting the highway down" was the right thing, as I had originally assumed that it was further down where they could have just looped traffic back westbound.

In any case, shutting down H-1 fucks up everything everywhere.  Getting curry at Kahala mall wasn't going to happen, and after being stuck forever, I eventually made it to my backup of ramen.  Except the parking lot at ramen was completely full.  At 3 on a Saturday.  I saw so many people getting into their car (and having the space stolen by another car) with stupid Starbucks that I decided to do anything else.
I still wanted soup.
The La Tour parking lot was also super full.  WTF?  And yes, it would have been far simpler to go here directly from the march, which is what the group at the next table had done (they were talking about it).

This just to get the Twitter sticker.
 Dang it.
This dog was supposed to be way up with the rest of the march.  A fluffy good dog.