Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday: Pretty much did nothing today. Did nothing like a pro.

I did get a burger and cheesy tots.  It was ok, but Teddy's isn't as good as it was in the past.  The big thing is that it looked like they hadn't cleaned the floor in a long time.  Ick.  I also don't know if this panorama icon in the middle is going to stay after I post.  I didn't put it there, so I guess blogger fucks with your images now?  Thanks, blogger, that's just what I was looking for.  "Can you fuck with my image randomly?  That'd be cool."

Friday, April 29, 2016

The British Museum

It's only been like five and a half years since I took these pictures.  That's probably not the best way to do things.  The weird thing is, I have a post from the day before I went to the museum, and one from the day after, but not that day.  

I walked from my hotel, which meant that I ended up going in "the back door" on Montague Place
You'll note the fairly small entrance.

These are good birbs.



The worst Indiana Jones.  Fake crystal skull, since all crystal skulls are made.

Bronze plaques from Benin.  You'll note this is not in Benin.

"We were invited?"  This is one of the displays that had a clearly labeled, "we kind of did mean empire-y things in the past.  But yay all this stuff is now in one place?"

The Americas didn't have that much.  I guess the empire stuff didn't work as well there.

Mayan, I think.

There's a mirror so you can see the coil of the snake.



More animals.

I'm pretty sure that's Hotei on the right.


Reflective glass sucks.

I love dragon jars.

These are tiny carved scenes.


Railings depicting Siddhartha.

I'm doubting Durer ever saw a rhinoceros. 




Mummy.  The mummy room was jammed with people, more so than it looks here.

It was hard to read all the information.

So I did this "snap a picture" thing a lot.


Unfortunately, a lot of them are at odd angles, with inconsistent focus.

I like that they have stuff in the stairways.


This isn't the real Rosetta stone, but it was swamped with people when I was passing by.

The actual Rosetta stone.

Easter island moai.

St. Paul's Cathedral.

The Gherkin.

The Royal Mail place across the street from my hotel.