Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday: Fine. Whatever. I don't care anyway.

So I guess twitter has stickers now?  Let's see what happens:
That's right, nothing, because twitter doesn't have stickers for the android app, only for the stupid apple one.  Because that's a great way to launch features.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday: A good plan.

A very good plan.
I'm also mostly packed already.  Since I found my long lost hoodie hiding on a shelf in my office, I'm going with the "no coat" route.  Also: it's summer, and I'm pretty sure it's summer even in San Francisco.  It also helped that I shipped a bunch of stuff ahead of me, so I don't need to use up luggage space on not-clothes/not-technology items.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday: Well. Ok, then.

I didn't take any pictures today.  When I ran the history2blog script to pull from that, I saw ramen.  "How often do I eat ramen?  Have I eaten sufficient ramen to cover every day of the year with ramen?"

No.  I have not, by quite a lot.  Based on blog posts that contain "ramen," and either a picture or enough obvious text for me to know that I've had ramen, I've had ramen 92 times since the middle of 2011.  All but (I think) four have been at Tenkaippin, and I have only had ramen twice on one day, September 7th, in both 2013 and 2014.  I had ramen 17 times in 2015, which is the most.  I am behind schedule to hit that rate in 2016, with only 6 visits this year so far.  I have a plot:

There's roughly a constant ramen rate since about mid 2014.
I could probably do the same thing with sushi, so maybe that'll be something for tomorrow.  This also reminds me of that plan I had a while ago to write a bot to parse my blog to determine the food I should get next, based on the rates and time since I last had it.  That probably involves writing or learning about an already written text parsing program.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday: Just what I wanted the week I'm travelling.

Either the ramen yesterday didn't agree with me, or between weird eating hours yesterday and today, I felt most of the afternoon feeling really nauseous and generically "sick."  So much so that I ditched out of work after our weekly meeting because the idea of sitting at a desk wasn't what I wanted to do.  Based on this tag, it looks like this is the first time I've had to take sick time in like 18 months.  Also that I tend to attempt to fix all bad feelings with ramen.  That makes me really hope yesterday's ramen wasn't the source of the problems.

Picture at the end, because I had to spend fifteen minutes making it in response to one link.

  • I'll have to take a look at this when I get back.
  • I'll also have to take a look at this when I get back.  Also: do reconnaissance while in California to see how the prices differ.
  • Interesting storify on Boris Johnson.
  • It looks like there's another Tinkerbell movie for me to watch.
  • "If that's on 4th street in Oakland, I would have thought I would have seen that, as that'd be near the Alameda tunnels."  Look on google maps.  Search around.  Realize the building is on 14th street, pushing it further downtown.  Search fruitlessly for the Peggy Carter gif that I want to use.  Give up, make it myself.
Learn to count.
I have a small version, but I liked the big one better, and since it's only three times the file size, why not.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday: There are like three things I could be doing instead of saying I'm bored.

I'll probably get them done this evening anyway, so it's not that big of a deal.

Spicy umakara ramen today since I have two weekends that I won't be having ramen.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

I knew it wasn't the best plan.

After the news earlier this month that they're going away, I wanted to get one before they stopped making them.

Can you see the problem?
The problem was that I was over in Aina Haina, and was full after eating lunch.  So I bought it, drove it the ten minutes home, and stuck it in the freezer for four hours.  This gave it the perfect opportunity to slightly melt, and then to freeze super hard.  It eventually thawed enough to eat.  I seem to recall they had more m&ms before.

Saturday: This episode of the Hulk is being kind of glib about child abuse.

I'm pretty sure that "having the Hulk throw a guy around who beats his son" is a terrible way to do therapy.  "He'll be home in less than a month.  We'll be fine."  Yeah.  Sure.  Let's all imagine that this isn't going to be a problem in the future.

Anyway, lunch:
I thought about going to Ala Moana to do some shopping, then thought about getting curry, then thought about getting ramen, then thought about getting a burger, then just gave up and decided I wanted soup.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday: Cats, I guess.

I realized today that when this bag is folded it kind of looks like a kitty face.

It's not, though, it's actually a butterfly made of fruit.

I also tried CC Sports today, from the maker of CC Lemon.
I'm not sure what it's supposed to be, as "minerals/vitamin C" x "delicate coal bitterness" doesn't make any sense to me.  It's basically a lighter flavored CC Lemon.

With mint, I guess?

And then I saw this cat as I was leaving work.  You don't live here, cat!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday: The stupidest fucking thing I've seen in a long time.

I've been going with the standard assumption that no country is that stupid, and then the United Kingdom decided no one can tell them they're not idiots, and voted themselves out of the EU.  Let's go to the image shamelessly stolen from twitter:

I mean, if Bill Kristol says you're doing something right, stop and reassess.  Even if he says something like, "Cookies are yummy."  Put the cookie down and back away slowly.
This is a new brand of stupid that I didn't think could actually exist.  Especially given that if they actually go through with this stupid thing (they have to pass legislation to do so, and I would hope the immediate cratering of the currency would make someone be a grown up), that means that Scotland is breaking off.  That's not even really a question at this point.  The interesting thing that I didn't think about is Northern Ireland looking to be part of Ireland.  If that happens, then they become the United Kingdom of England and Wales.  Good job.

Here are the pictures I was going to use before this shit storm happened:

Did you know Izze comes in cans?

I ate one of the bananas I bought to eat at snacktime in the office, but I wasn't super happy about it.
 Then everything went stupid, so on the way home, I got a slice of cake.
It's triple layer princess cake, because red velvet cake is disgusting.

My princess cake was white/orange/pink, and the orange had some sort of orange flavor.  There was coconut on the outside, and it was delicious.

  • Congratulations, David Cameron!  You're now the worst politician to ever fuck up a country!
    • And I'm just now seeing that the fucker is resigning.  That's a start, fuck face.
      • No link yet, because it's just twitter news flashes.
  • The pound is only down 8.5% right now, up from the low of nearly 12%.  Why is this important?
    • Here's the UK balance of trade.  It's negative, meaning they import more than they export.  With the pound down ~10%, that means it's immediately 10% more expensive to import things.
    • It also drives up other currencies, as assuming currency holdings are constant, the pound dropping means you want to buy other currencies that hold their value better.  So dollars, most likely.  But also yen, which means the yen gets stronger.  That makes Japan's export based economy harder to recover.
      • So not only do they fuck their own economy, they fuck the world economy.
  • And although we still have a bunch of corrupt racists fucking over the legislative branch, we do have the best president ever.
  • Best style.
  • Animals.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday: It's kind of crappy, but at least it looks uniform and continuous.

Particularly in the effectively arbitrary old age cuts.  Why were they fine during the 80s, then slightly worse in the 90s, and then really bad in the 2000s?  No clue, but that's the data I have from the census, so that's what I'm using.  
This is kind of interesting too.  I initially started just plotting the population with age=0, with the intent to visualize generations.  The baby boom is really obvious in the purple curve.  I then added samples at different ages, lagged to use a consistent time base.  This thought this would give a probe of immigration, but that doesn't seem to be the case, as there aren't any major gaps in the first three samples in the 1850-1900 range.  I think the sag in the age=60 is just life expectancy issues.  That's also clearly apparent in the beyond 2000 area as well.  The projection yielding the 2014-2060 isn't predicting that to improve too much it seems.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday: Zero.

That's the number of days since I told the sky to go fuck itself, right to its stupid ugly face.

I have no photo for today.  I started to work on that "famous people dying" problem (calculating, not preventing), but discovered that the census data is basically in "fuck it, just choose a format, and a location, and we'll call it good."  It's not good, census people, because now I have like 94 different csv files in four different formats, and I have to write something to scan them and compile as close to a uniform data set as possible.  I think I'm just going to keep total and male/female splits, and ignore all the race data.  It's just too inconsistent, and that simplifies the calculation.  I also am going to have to interpolate data for 2010-2014, as that data just doesn't exist, I guess.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday: Fuck it, I feel like lasagna.

So that's what I got for dinner.
That's not the big story of the day, though.  Nine months ago, I talked about this brand of Japanese juice/pop that has a bear mascot.
"Enjoy my pop!"
But the thing that struck me today is the kanji underneath the bear.  "小岩井"  Koiwai.  How do I know this/who cares?
It's not just that it's on the front.
Putting together my big comic post earlier in the month led me to rereading Yotsuba, which isn't really a comic that kids would enjoy, but it's a comic about a five year old.  Yotsuba Koiwai, spelled exactly the same way.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday: Blogiversary!

According to my calendar, today marks the five year anniversary of when I started doing daily blogs.  I don't have a second sentence to add to this, since I've been staring at this for five minutes.

Anyway, today's plan was "go to Target."

And, since the TV keeps talking about bbq, I got chicken.
I get the feeling that they weren't expecting a 3pm chicken rush.  There were like eight groups there, and it took close to ten minutes for them to get the chicken out.  It wasn't quite as roasted as it usually is, so there was more fat and less rendered deliciousness than usual.

They have old photos.
 Then I went to Target, and decided that I didn't have enough chicken.
So I drove the long way home to get ice cream.
 The Target plan was to see if I could find a hoodie to wear on my trip to SFO, so I wouldn't need to bring my coat.  Since it's summer.  However, it turns out that the Kailua Target has no hoodies, as they've repurposed that space for "douche clothes."  Need a stupid fucking hat?  There are two shelves.  Need a stupid ugly shirt?  Seven racks.  Hoodie?  Nope.  Those don't exist.
I did get a cube of kleenex, so that's something, I guess.

  • Radio dog.
  • Library.
  • The crazy thing is that I could possibly go to this.  That day is already going to be weird, so I probably won't.
  • Cool dad.
  • Wonder Woman's origin.
  • Julie sent me this.  I looked over their menu, and can't remember getting anything.  I do remember their brunch, which I seem to remember ending earlier than 3.  I also don't see their stuffed french toast, which was the main thing to get.  It had cheese and ham crammed inside the french toast, making it super delicious.  I also seem to remember that they had very good mac&cheese.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday: Museum day!

This is not the museum, this is the museum school.
 Part of the plan was to get lunch at the cafe.  They recommend reservations, but I've never had trouble being seated.
The metal straw is new, though.  I do always get the ginger lemonade, though.
 I thought about getting the meatloaf sandwich, but the pasta special sounded good.
Penne with a bunch of three different mushrooms, with thyme and goat cheese.  I added the focaccia, which could have used some olive oil or something.  It was grilled, and had good grilled flavor.
It was a lot of lunch, but I wasn't sure if I wanted dessert.
Panorama of the cafe.
It turns out I did.  Coffee gelato.
 Then I looked at art.  The temporary exhibitions didn't allow photos.

The modern gallery did.
 Because I didn't take a lot of photos, this looks a lot closer to lunch than it was.  It was about an hour and a half later.
They don't sell Wailua soda anymore, they make it with syrups.
 Asian galleries:
Monkey with lion mask.
 Hey, guys.
 Wait, is that?
 Apparently this is Korean:
 Still fighting, you two?
 That's in the Western galleries, as is this:
Still my favorite art joke, ever.
I don't think I've posted this before, but it's kind of depressing how terrible some people are.

Bust of Persephone.  Because people are awful and can't follow signs, they've stained the marble with the oils on their fingers.  Grow the fuck up.
"Yeah, how about no more from you, ok, Mommy?"
"Wait, is that Stitch?"

Yes.  That is definitely Stitch.

Tar and feather Stitch, I guess.
That pretty much was all the art, but I decided to get some pastries from St. Germain's, since it's reasonably close, and dinner pastries sounded good.

No curry pan today, but I got a ham/cheese croissant, and a sausage roll.
 They were tasty, but I'm hungry again.  I have an apple turnover still.  And two blueberry doughnuts.


Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday: Disappointment.

What do you think this means?  If you're like me, you're thinking maybe Hello Kitty themed sushi rolls, maybe things have little bows on them?  Nope.  It means the tea is Kitty themed, and the soy sauce packet is Kitty themed.  Lame.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday: Pew pew!

I realized today that if you fold down the walls of Squirrel's house, and fold up the ramp, it kind of looks like a Star Wars ship.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday: Fuck this soap.

I've forgotten to get new hand soap twice this week.  I got the best option I could today.
Reasons this soap sucks.

  1. See how it points to the side?  That's the only place the plunger works.  Off to one side, like some asymmetric jerk.
  2. See how it's not filled at the top?  That's because all the soap drains out of the nozzle.
  3. The plunger is also super sticky.  Combined with #2, this means you pound the stupid thing to get anything out, and it responds by launching soap across the sink, no where near your hand.
  4. This is not what pears smell like.  If you have pears that smell like this, someone is trying to poison you.
The smell also doesn't go away.  Stupid soap.

All the links are fun today.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday: I have a lot of crappy links for today.

So I've put the cool thing for the day at the end, so you can either skip all the links, or know that there's something cool on the other side.

First up, strawberry banana bread.  It was tasty.


  • Cool links.
    • I thought that I'd heard of this before, but I can't find the book that I thought it was in.  It's probably buried in my pile of books.  In any case, the application I saw of it was rather cool, if I understood it correctly.
    • This looks interesting.  I'll have to stop by when it opens for real.
    • I wonder what this will be about.
  • Crap links.
    • I am glad that I don't have to call my congress people and ask them why they are such bad people.
    • I'm also glad that we've finally reached the tipping point where people can't just be discriminatory fuckers without getting called out.  This is a good step.
    • This is fucking stupid, and if facebook makes everything a video, then no one is going to watch them.  As is my understanding of how things are now:  no one watches facebook videos, and facebook counts all the autoplays as full views.
    • Festering fascist boil Peter Thiel is again trying to use his money to stop free speech.  This is why we shouldn't allow billionaires.
    • This is basically the definition of monopoly power.  If you don't have to worry about going out of business, you have improper pricing power, and should be nationalized or broken up. 

The fact that I deleted what I thought was the most depressing link really sucks.  Anyway, double last week, I was looking at Lego squirrels on amazon.  So yesterday, all of my amazon orders finally were delivered.

With my Lego squirrel.
 Yes, whatever, "5-12," Lego is being silly here.


It comes with a very nice squirrel, who has a blue bow.

And a dish full of acorns.

Finished squirrel house.

I had a lot of extra bits, so I added some more flowers and made two extra acorns.

"Wait, is that your work notebook?"  Yes, when I ordered this, I planned to add it to my "things on the window sill."

With my Iron Squirrel and Wooden Owl.