Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I has a car!

It goes vroom vroom vroom!

Also: it is night-time here, so bbcam doesn't work so well.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First day of work

I mean seriously, who uses .csh scripts?
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love L.A.

"I see you have 'I love L.A.' merchandise."

"Yes, of course, in many styles."

"Do you have any 'Los Angeles is the ass-end of hyper-pretentious douchebaggery' merchandise?"


"I mean, you must, right? It has to be the more prevalent attitude, right?"

"Why would you say that?"

"Well, the traffic is bad, even ignoring the dumb design attitude of 'just add another freeway.' There's also the airport, which scientifically designed to frustrate and annoy. But, I think the most obvious reason is the hyper-pretentious douchebaggery that is evident in 70% of the people and 90% of their actions. So again, do you have any-"

"No we don't, now get the fuck out."

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

My last night here with you

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Despite movers arriving in four hours, I can't get to sleep. I'm no where near packed as much as I wanted to be. My apartment is a mess of boxes and unpacked crap. Hopefully the movers will be ok with this fact.

It seems weird thinking that this is the last time I'll be in this apartment. I moved in eight years ago, and I've gotten used to it, even if I've spent too much of that time hiding things in dark corners. I'm going to miss East Lansing. I've lived here 12 years, longer than anywhere else before. I think it'll be where I retire, if I have the option.

Time to try this sleeping thing again. Wake up in two hours, get clean, pack some, watch the movers do their thing, cancel accounts, return keys, drive six hours to my parents' house. I hereby curse the 22nd of May as the Worst Day to Ever Occur.

Moving day

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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hawaii is much more humid than I thought it would be, based on my periodic scanning of the weather over the past couple of weeks. It's been like 50%, and suddenly jumps up to 90% when I show up. Screw you, moisture!

I've looked around, and I think I know where I'm going tomorrow, and it's not too far off. That makes sense, as they probably wouldn't put me on the other side of the island or something.

Ok, it's time to think about going to bed, because it feels like it's almost 3, and I have to get up early for the meeting tomorrow.


The upper right shows the broken ceiling tile that is dripping water onto the floor (lower left). I don't know where the water is coming from, since this is Los Angeles, the land that rain forgot. Maybe it's coming from the A/C system?

In any case, it probably should be fixed, or have sign or something.
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Lunch :(

4* To Go

* Bars

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I hate Tritter. He's the dumbest character ever to appear on House. That includes Administrator Black Tritter, who I don't even like enough to look up his real name. It also includes the guy who pretended he wanted to have sex with a cow, but really killed Tara, prompting Willow to freak out and turn all evil.

Wait, that might have been a different show.

In any case, the whole concept of an arbitrarily powerful foil for House is dumb. It would be as if periodically Sherlock Holmes has to fight the entire Prussian army to solve a murder. And not just once, either. I'm talking that the entire Prussian army has moved in next door, and Mrs. Hudson brings them tea when they try to stop Holmes. Would you read that story? Of course not, because you just want to see Holmes solve the crime in a witty and unexpected way.

Same thing with House. You don't tune in each episode to watch House do his taxes or buy new shoes. You want to see him be an ass to people while he solves murders medical issues. Watching him fight The Man is none of that.

On a side note, a House-like show about a chartered accountant fighting The Man might be good, but only if it involved sailing on the wide accountant-sea.

A suggestion I mentioned on twitter was that someone should recut and reshoot all the episodes to remove Tritter from the show. To explain House's problems getting his vicodin, replace the drug charges with a worldwide shortage of the pills. Sure, that's stupidly unrealistic, but it's not like House is always medically accurate.

In any case, I'd never have to see Tritter's dumb face showing up, looking smug, and trying to stop people from getting better. If they wanted to do that, they could have made a new show: Tritter. It could be about an asshole cop who solves problems using logic and deduction.

Oh wait, that'd just be Sherlock Holmes again.

A good antagonist is equally smart and capable as the protagonist. However, you can't have a Moriarty for House. It just won't work. There's a guy going around inventing diseases and giving them to people? That's more of a crime issue than a medical. It's been pretty well established that no one else on the show is as smart as House. Therefore, the only way to get an antagonist for House is to turn him against himself.

This is why I like the hallucinations from this season. They know all the things that House knows, but seem intent to crush him. Also: kill Chase. I'm looking forward to next season.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Look at this bunny

You are now dead from teh cute.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My conversation with a squirrel

As I tweeted, his accent was a bit hard to understand. I tried to find what he was talking about, but I couldn't see anything wrong in the area. I left him a few peanuts, and hoped he would calm down enough to go eat them.

(Sorry about the quality, but my Blackberry isn't exactly a broadcast quality video camera. The wiggly squirrel looking guy in the middle is the squirrel, and the bark sounds are coming from him. The train? Not the squirrel, just for the record.)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I've finally nailed down the movers, so I now have a very good idea about when I'm moving: pack up on the 22nd of May, and arrive in Honolulu on the 24th, start work on the 25th.

Except I can't, because the 25th is Memorial Day. Stupid inconvenient holidays not being when I want them.

In addition to that, I'm now super likely to be visiting Honolulu for a PANSTARRS meeting on the 18th. Which means I fly out, meet, fly back, pack a bit, move, fly back to Hawaii. Certainly not the most efficient thing I could do, but better than a lot of the alternatives. This extra visit should give me a chance to look at a few apartments, and hopefully sort out where I'll be living for the next few years.

One interesting thing I discovered is that the movers really want to pack everything, as it's going to go on a boat. They seem to think that their packing is better for that. Whatever, I don't think you can mess up boxing up books. In any case, this frees up some of my time, as I don't need to bother doing all the packing. I'm going to get some cleaning and sorting done, but that shouldn't take too long.

This leaves just one thing I need to decide: which restaurants are good enough and important enough for me to put them on my farewell tour to East Lansing. Zingerman's is already there, because it's delicious. Peanut Barrel wins on the same points. I'm not sure what else to put on, since I've been going to Omi and Pizza House fairly regularly recently.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Finally here in Michigan!

I took this picture while driving, so it's no where near as good as it would be if I wasn't trying not to crash. I'll see what things look like on Monday.