Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday: new year's eve.

Most of the day was consumed cooking and getting things ready for dinner.

After the fact cheese plate.

And we played Uno.

And with that, this garbage fire of a year is over. I do not have great hopes for next year.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday: everybody woke up late, and I didn't take many pictures.

The new event started today, so that means a new loading screen.

I've noticed the starter rate increasing, but I'm not that interested in buying things.

Also a fire alarm went off today. This is the second time this has happened while I've visited. So one or both of those rates is really high.
No food pictures today, as a lot of the time was spent prepping things for tomorrow. I think it'll work out, if for no other reason than recalling that that meatball recipe is really good.

While I'm thinking about it, Julie has an end of year blog post today.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday: Half Moon Bay

This has nothing to do with anything, I just like how Mon-El is losing to the pool table. Also that Knuckles thing.
 Anyway, the plan was to wake up by ten, and then get ready to go.
That didn't happen at all.
 We did eventually get going.
I had a cider that was pretty good.

Also way more food, including some good nachos.

 Then we wandered around town.

All the bakeries have half Moon stuff.
 Then we went to see the actual bay.
It was windy.

California beaches aren't the same as in Hawaii.

The cliffs are the obvious difference.

But it still makes a good sunset.
 Then shopping for new year's eve, followed by some Pokemon.
Spawns are crazy.

And yes, I did put my perfect pidgeot in the gym.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wednesday: I am a big fan of small dishes.

I think the main reason is that I can then way like a dozen different things without dying halfway through.

So dim sum for breakfast. Or lunch. Meal names are flexible. This place is within walking distance, so we probably should go more often.

A different shot. The Chinese broccoli wasn't awful like regular broccoli. I would probably suggest a different veggie. Also, I think next time we'll have fewer BBQ things. They're just to sweet and cloying.  I am now looking at this picture and feeling sad dim sum isn't always available.

I am always surprised how high spawn rates are here.

Sushi also counts as a small dish. Many different things with tiny plates.

Or a very large bridge.  I need to be better at identifying other fish. I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that most of the pale fish is pretty good, with just different degrees of fat and sea.

The sashimi choice. I think the garlic sauce is new.
And Debbie Reynolds died, because I guess things weren't already awful.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday: 2016 continues to suck.

Today I woke up to check Twitter and saw that Carrie Fisher had died. Fuck this year.


It looked like my trainer was sitting on the Voltorb.
 We then went to the park to walk and play more Pokemon go.  Since it's cold here now, I tried out the stretchy exercise pants that Julie had suggested on my last visit.  They work well, and are pretty comfortable and stay toasty when it's cold out. So try another "Julie was right" thing.
I liked the sunset
 Then I forgot to take pictures of dinner at India Palace.  I also tried to hatch an egg to see if I could get a new one.
It was a damn Caterpie.
And now we're watching the cartoon in Japanese because it hasn't been dubbed yet. Litten is "Nyanbi". Cat sound + fire.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Monday: "I give-ted it to the gods."

Sure.  That works.
Today's plan was to walk around Lake Merritt.

A lot pkg-config Pokemon was played.
 About halfway around, the lack of a serious breakfast or lunch began to take its toll.  We found a Mediterranean place nearby, and then went to the Mexican place next door because it looked better.
They had wonderful super hot salsa.

And delicious enchiladas.  I hate sour cream, and I didn't even care, they were so good.
 Los Cantaros Restaurant & Taqueria.  Thank you for stalking me Google, so I can just zoom in on the map and you know which thing to label.
There are also a lot of Rhyhorn for being near the lake.
 We then played Betrayal at House on the Hill.
I ended up being the traitor.
 I was a werewolf.
I killed Kyle, but Julie had super unfair advantage items, so I didn't win.
 And we went to Target, because of course.
I liked this Tsum-cake design.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sunday: Christmas day.

Started with cinnamon buns.
 We then did the standard stuff, and moved on to holiday anger with board games.
I've come to the conclusion that Machi Koro is a bad game because it doesn't cleanly end once a winner takes over.
 I may have rage quit because of this fact.
Lunch was tasty simple sandwiches.
 Then a lot of energy making a proper holiday dinner, so I forgot to take pictures.
Except for when I put the scissors back in the drawer for the fifth time.
 After dinner was drawful time.
"Biggest yam in the world." I read it as yarn.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Saturday: Christmas Eve

Today involved lots of shipping and cooking and me not taking pictures of the food. Also me not being able to turn off centering.

But presents are out.
 It's all very magical.
But not necessarily all good magic.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday: Arrival and a two movie day

Art at SFO.

Which makes it a pokestop.

For me to enjoy my breakfast pastrami at.

Don't be mean, BART.

Google now automatically supplies directions to Target when I visit Julie.

And this helpful notice.
 Then attempts at sleep, and the first movie, Loving. Not bad, and fills in more of the story thanr the picture book.

Then lunch to get an OK patty melt.

And pineapple sherbet.

Movie two was the new Star Wars.
 My quick thoughts are that this was good too, although they kind of introduce a lot of back story and lore details quickly. It's not as bad as the one last year requiring homework to sort out why some scenes exist. Also: Peter Cushing is dead. Recast Tarkin. The CGI one was not believable.  And my initial thoughts from the quick reviews were correct. TPK.

Then more Pokemon.

I like Venomoth.