Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thursday: Ugh, Thursday.

As I was getting ready to leave work this evening, I noticed something:
The door isn't straight.
I've been in this office for almost exactly two years, and I just now noticed this fact.

And the moon and Jupiter looked cool this evening.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday: Ugh, Wednesday.

I decided I didn't care about my current Magikarp, since I hadn't leveled up enough to make a difference in the league.  So I just sent it in, not fully powered up.
Only to get a 25% bonus from Pikachu.

But the next battle Litten's 5% didn't help.
And that's how I learned after all these months that Magikarp only dies whatevers if you're at max level.  I thought I could just be done with this one but I guess not.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday: Ugh, Tuesday.

I was able to look at some data, plotted here at an almost-orthogonal slice, with arbitrary scaling, and an obvious cosmic ray pixel.
It works pretty much how I was expecting it would, so that's good.  It's a bit sparse on metadata, but I think that's kind of a general problem that a lot of people don't get yet.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday: I wish I knew what I did to my ankle.

Somehow "sitting in a lunch seminar" was too much, and now it's all broken.  I probably just sat on it wrong, and pulled something.

Sightings?  Is it so empty by work that it's switched back to sightings there?
Julie sent me some data for something, so I can confirm that I do have a good idea of what it covers.

In my head, these were all angled the other way, but yeah, this is basically the picture I had.  Cool.  And it's reasonably linear, so it's not like needing to fit a ninth order polynomial or something.

  • Republicans are horrible, and I can't even begin to sort out the logic of "we have to cut funds to bring down the debt for future generations" while simultaneously adding 700 billion dollars in military spending and probably the same in the "tax cuts" they want.  I'm pretty sure future generations want "parents to not die" and "not having crippling personal debt" and "the belief that the government is sane and works to help them."  Plus, we can borrow in our own currency at rates less than inflation.  We can borrow infinity dollars, and no one can stop us.
  • I saw this tweet today, and was hit with a revelation that not everything is terrible.  You can go to Zingermann's, you can go to order your sandwich, and if it isn't on the menu because they've retired it, they will still make it if they can.  I could go, say, "I know it's not on the menu, but I really want a #67, 'Jon and Amy's Double Dip'.  I have the old menu, if that helps," and get the best sandwich ever invented.
  • My opinion of Whedon has pretty much plummeted over the past year, mostly due to the allegations against him.  Things like this don't help, though.  Batgirl doesn't have to have "damage" to go be a superhero.  Her dad is the police commissioner.  She's lived the life watching him try to hold together the city, despite corruption in the cops, and with all the crap that happens.  She's lived a life watching a normal man step up and decide he isn't going to let things get worse.  Sure, Bruce is clearly damaged, but he has a mission, and that is the best therapy for him.  Barbara doesn't need that.  She has icons in her life that show that good prevails.  Plus, I'm pretty sure when Dick showed up, she was just, "oh, yeah, no, I'm not going to be left behind by some damn kid.  Fuck that."  And she's friends with Kara, and I refuse to believe any story in which Kara isn't an absolute delight.  Bruce would clearly let himself be pounded to a pulp before asking Clark for help.  Barbara isn't stupid, so I can see her being more than happy to Team-Up all over Penguin's face.
  • I reblogged this on tumblr, but it showed up here, and thought it was a good version of Harley and Ivy, their dynamic with Joker, and the rest of those jerks.  I could totally see this, and getting to the end and seeing "Paul Dini Writer" made a lot of sense.  Why don't they have him write the DC movie stuff?

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday: Pancakes.

I watched a video about pancakes last night, I woke up to a picture of pancakes being made, so I almost had to go get pancakes.
With pancakes' best friend: kalbi.
Conveniently, the pancake place is a gym, and there was space, so I put Rhydon in.
Happy Rhydon.
 Checking now it looks like it was there for about three hours.

I also caught this guy today.
I also need to remember not to go to Target on the weekends.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday: It doesn't count as being lazy if you take a walk.

I woke up at 8 this morning, decided that was nonsense, and then woke up again at 12:30.  Whoops.  A major issue was that I didn't know what I wanted for lunch.  I eventually decided that it would be worth going to Teddy's again.

They remodeled everything to look more "wood."  It's probably a good thing, because this decor looks better than the multi color stuff they had before.
However, like every table is wobbly.

The cheese tots were good, because duh.  The burger wasn't.  One problem they have is the potato bun isn't great.  They also didn't really cook my burger as much as I would have liked, and didn't have any tasty crust.
Then it was walk time.  The new bluetooth headphones work, although it did have occasional skips.  I think this corresponded with Pokemon Go doing things, but it worked fine for $15 + 22 days.

And after that, I decided I was kind of hungry, and that I wanted exactly this much sushi.

  • I really thought this case, where the cop had his own gun, said he was going to kill the victim, and probably planted a gun would have resulted in a conviction.
  • Amber Tamblyn is right.
  • I miss Flapjack.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday: My headphones finally arrived.

It took 22 days from the time of my first order until the second order arrived.  Ugh.  Also discovered that it doesn't matter what kind of shipping you use if the destination has lazy package handling.  At least it wasn't something perishable.

Something worked correctly today, and I had an inch to use up on the page.
  • An interesting analysis of the iPhone in terms of 1950s technology.
  • It's like they assume they can automate everything, and have no consequences.
  • DCAU timeline.
  • If I ever to switch to music, I'm definitely going to change my name to Trickstrak Empester.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thursday: I've seen like three episodes of Splash and Bubbles, and now I've seen one twice.

This always seems to happen.  I watch a small number of episodes of something, and then the next time I see it, it's one of that small number.

Eleven years ago, I was at Grand Tetons National Park.

  • Cassini ends its mission tomorrow.  I remember when it launched, and one of the people I knew in the dorm was worried about the plutonium, until I mentioned that they've launched lots of RTGs into space.
  • "Hieronymus Bob".

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wednesday: Day of Second Impact Anniversary!

It should really be a holiday.  Also, I should rip all my DVDs because I couldn't find a pre-made gif, nor could I find the scene I wanted on youtube.
So I have to make due with this screenshot of the destruction of Antarctica.

And a montage of the scene I wanted.

  • Yeah, it was obviously a cash grab.  Even though everyone hates them, and the gate agents are already overloaded before flights, this is another way they can fool people into giving them more money.
  • This is a sad story, but it at least seems to have a good ending.  This should be the ideal for prison outcomes.
  • It says something that this article was too long for me to bother reading.  It's something that I feel I should, just due to the number of memes I skip on tumblr.
  • Jen continues to be the best.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tuesday: So I guess everybody was out today?

I was a bit surprised by that.

Why is my phone keyboard the "Bavarian (Austria)" one?  What?

I caught this photo just before he nyoomed away.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday: Wait, it's only Monday? :(

It was rainy today.
It hasn't been rainy in a while.
They also fixed the AC in my office today.  It is now unpleasantly chilly, which is basically where I like it to be.  Getting warm is easy, especially here.  Getting cool is not.

Today's also September 11th, and I spent some time looking through my blog to see if I'd done a "this is where I was" thing.  It turns out I like to fly on this day (a lot) because it tends to be cheaper and less busy, but all I could find was this story about yesterday.

It was my first year of grad school, and I had a class that morning, I think at 9am.  When I arrived at my office, the first plane had already hit, and I mentioned that buildings had been hit by planes before, including the Empire State Building.  In any case, class wasn't cancelled, and so we sat through a super fun radiative transfer class while down the hall people watched the news on TV.

By the time class was over, it was pretty clear what was happening, and that work wasn't going to happen, so everybody went home to watch the news there.  I remember driving home, and driving past the mall and Best Buy, with pretty much every business closed.  Someone had parked a big rental truck in the mall parking lot, but had made sure to open the rear door all the way so no one thought it was a bomb.

My thought at the time, which was shared by the professor teaching the radiative transfer class, was that a real existential threat would have the industrial capability to wage a proper war.  Using terrorism and indirect methods shows that they have to go for flashy things that aren't as effective as say "a division of tanks" or "actual bombers".  It's unfortunate that so many people are too stupid to realize this fact, which is why it can be used as a tool against gun control among other things.

  • Brought to mind because Krugman has basically the same though.
  • Interesting gender bias tool, and I need to find more things to try it on.  Putting yesterday's Secret Wars thing through it suggests I need to stop breaking things into "Team Good Guys/Team Bad Guys".  For that story, it should probably be "Team Jen and Monica Plus Their Bossy Friends/Team Doom is Insufferable."  
  • The housing crash was apparently driven by speculation.  Thanks, rich people who aren't rich enough to feel fulfilled.
  • Food timeline.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sunday: Today's plan was to throw out things.

I didn't do that, but I still have time to find some stuff to get rid of.  It's "decluttering," I guess.

I did drive far away to get a sandwich.
It's a big sandwich, and even with my plan of "eat half for dinner," it's still too much.  I ended up eating a quarter for dinner, and I'm still super full.

And, since my tablet decided to finally upload the last set of screen caps, I guess I'm finishing Secret Wars tonight.

Wait, did I not capture the lead in panel?  Ugh.  Anyway, Doom has all the Beyonder's power, and Team Good Guys is deciding if they should go fight him, even though he's super powerful.  "He could even destroy us with a bolt out of the blue!" I think Captain America says.  It's down to freaking Colossus to make the final decision, because they want to be unanimous.
He's being a mopey jerk.
But decides to fight.

 Then, the next panel, cropped down from the full page panel:
I'll admit it.  I laughed.  This is setting up something, and having the guts to follow through.
Team Bad Guys (except Doom) fucked off with a chunk of the planet that used to be near Denver.
The Enchantress summoned a water elemental to tell her stuff.  Sure, why not.

Doom is planning to invade Hell to free his mom.  He made a map of Hell, using his new powers, I guess.  Sure, why not.
 The Beyonder has been bouncing his mind around between characters, and ended up in Klaw, who I was going to be all "who nobody cares about," but then I looked him up, and his name is Ulysses Klaw, and I thought "isn't that the guy Gollum played in the Age of Ultron movie?" and yes, that's apparently the same character, and also he's the son of a Nazi war criminal.  So a bit "yikes" on how they play him off as comic relief due to the fact he was trapped in Galactus's ship.  And now I'm realizing that I think they just ignored the fact that Galactus should still be around somewhere while this is all happening.

Anyway, he/Beyonder is taunting Doom about how Zsaji could revive Colossus because love/he's made of steel, and he could revive Reed Richards because love/he's stretchy, and Reed could revive everyone else because he's smart/alien healing tech they learned about.
Doom's like, "that's super unlikely, I don't think that would happen," and Klaw-yonder responds with, "or what if it's super likely, because you don't know how to control super cosmic power, and just hearing the story makes it true," and Doom's "fuck, I didn't even think about that, and now that's all I can think of," and then Thor's hammer smashes through the room, so just make up your own story at this point, I guess.  Doom revives Ultron, and Klaw gets a bit of cosmic power to make monsters and that can't possibly backfire.
"And hey, thanks everybody for being polite and not bringing up the fact that my husband created Ultron!"
 Captain America breaks in, and Doom kills him again.  Repeatedly.
But he also unkills him a bunch, and I can't imagine the therapy Steve is going to need after this.
 The Beyonder uses the bit of power to take the rest of it, and teleports away, taking Doom and Klaw, and I tried to find out what happened to Doom after this, and couldn't find anything.  My guess is "pretended to be dead for a bit until they brought him back quietly, without mentioning SW at all."
So maybe that unlikely thing did happen, because bringing people back from the dead caught up to Zsaji.  Team Good Guys kind of colonized their way into killing her.  Whoops.

"I'm sure this isn't going to be a problem.  Ever.  Nope.  All good here!"

Yes.  It would be terrible to be stranded on a crappy cobbled together planet outside of our galaxy, in the place where a different galaxy used to be, but isn't anymore, because the Beyonder ate that to make the planet in the first place, and I guess the point is that it's super remote.

"I'm like 99% sure I didn't just kill the X-Men.  Avengers!  You're up!"  But where's Jen?

She's going to go be part of the Fantastic Four for a bit, because Ben Grimm is going to stay on the planet that Kurt just talked about how much it would suck to stay on.
And that changes history in my head from "they just asked Jen to join the FF because she's cool," to "Ben asked Jen to join the FF because he's an idiot."

  • I don't know that youtube has much leeway here.  He lost them a bunch of money the first time around, and is kind of largely responsible for the ad-pocalypse.  They should just cut their losses.  "We've terminated this channel, and will not allow our partners to do things like this in the future."
  • I'm glad she's going back to school.
  • Sasha the Christmas Tiger.
  • Mr. Mime.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Saturday: Today felt like the kind of day to sit in bed and watch stuff on youtube.

So that's kind of what I did.  And then I got lunch.

I said on Twitter that I felt like soup.  That was a lie.  I actually felt like mac & cheese.
And La Tour Cafe is really the only place that does a decent m&c.  It's not in this picture because I got it to go at the end, so I could eat it just now for a late dinner.

There was also a nearby raid.
Which are still dumb, but when it's something you can kill by yourself, it's fine.
Rhydon didn't even get to half health.

I was able to catch it on my second throw with the critical catch, where it just shakes once and is done.  I was too slow on the screen cap.
Then I healed Rhydon, stuck it in the nearby gym, came home, and discovered it was kicked out probably before I got to the car.  Great.

  • Political crap.
    • This is similar to something I've started to consider: Republicans say crazy shit about liberals, because they are using the concept of "what they would do" to guess at motives.  Therefore, "feeding kids" is actually "trying to make people dependent so they'll vote for you giving them free stuff" instead of "kids shouldn't be fucking hungry, you goddamn monster."
    • I'd seen the response video in my list, since I subscribe to that youtube channel, but I didn't watch it.  I think it's still in there, back before all the stuff I watched today (which I think largely catches me up to what I didn't watch while I was in California).
    • Rich people need to calm the fuck down.
  • Other stuff.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday: Double ugh.

At least if everything is linear, I can re-complete this project by Tuesday.  Still a pain in the ass that things had typos and need to be remade.

Since I didn't have anything else, here's more Secret Wars.
This mutant vs human thing was a big deal, but modern comics tend to be done with that storyline.

Does...does Steve not own socks?

Does...does Victor not know how people sleep on a bed?

Colossus continues to be creepy.
Fact I didn't know until looking it up just now:  this weird relationship was Jim Shooter's (the writer) way to break up the Piotr/Kitty relationship that was just wrong.  I mean.  I guess?  Couldn't he just, you know, not be a creepy fuck?  He needs an alien girlfriend who he has little in common with other than she healed him after he got his ass kicked?

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thursday: Ugh.

So instead, here's more of Secret Wars.

There's a line earlier where somebody mentions that when they were beamed to Fight-World, they'd gone from regular clothes to their costume.  That means the Beyonder had to look through time, and decide that Jen's outfit of choice is "swimsuit/socks/comfortable sneakers."  That sounds about right.

"Beep beep!  Here to kill the people who let you crash on their couch!"

This Colossus/Johnny Storm/Zsaji the villager love triangle makes no sense, and just makes Piotr creepier.  In the next panel, Johnny is like, "I don't fucking care, my super smart brother in law is hurt too!"  It's like Colossus is writing creepy erotic friend fiction.

Reed Richards.  Smartest person alive.  Totally willing to just give up and let Galactus eat everybody.  Thanks, Mr. Fantastic.  Great plan. 

This is where Spider-Man gets the black suit that's actually an evil symbiote, which eventually turns into Venom to make 90s comics awful edgy.

They brought Janet back to life, because who else will they make say stupid shit like this?

You know, just in general.  Stop picking on Jen.

Clint decides that only one person is allowed to have giant floppy boots.  Ignore previous panels with Monica's giant floppy boots, Steve's giant floppy boots, and Tony's fake iron giant floppy boots.  
The point is, this isn't a great comic, and 1980s comic designs were pretty awful.