Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday: Wednesday and animal links

A package from Lenovo?  Is it my laptop?

Nope, just the second power cable I bought so I can have one in each room.  And then I discovered there's an adapter that converts the previous generation cables to work with the new rectangle plugs.

And this Mario is creepy as fuck.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday: I really need to research this whole "ignite the atmosphere and burn everything" plan.

Still have a massive backlog of RSS things, as I had to do a database restore this morning, which means I lost all the sorting I did yesterday.  So today is just a regular set of links.

  • Is it contempt of congress to call someone running the committee meeting a stupid bag of shit?
  • This is a good example of bird and flower paintings.
  • My last trip wasn't bad, but United is clearly worse than it was a few years ago.  They need to sort this out, as I'm increasingly considering switching to a different airline for all my trips.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday: Travel day.

Breakfast pastrami is the best breakfast.
 Then plane.

More flying.


Koko Head and Hanauma Bay.

Some Navy ships.
And then I was home, and had to wait in line at the taxi stand to get a ride home.
And then I took a limo.
Apparently when there isn't a call for limos, they just do the standard airport taxi thing.  So, even though the empirical rate of limos is somewhat less than 10%, it's not 0%.  Also: limos don't have enough legroom from the seat to the floor.  Kind of a minor gripe, but while we're on the topic of "things I learned while riding in a limo from the airport."
At least it was one of the black ones, and not the "I'm a tourist, here for a honeymoon" white ones.

And then I was hungry.  I had assumed I'd be hungry for ramen.
But I was hungry for a burger.

And some sweet potato fries.

I still have to catch up on links.  I was able to prune the saved RSS items from 320 to 194.  There's a group of about 50 items that are old "real saved" items, so this was a reasonably successful cull for things to link.  It's probably going to be a big post divided into different topics.  Here's one from today, though:

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday: last day in California.

Mostly food.

It may have included Korean BBQ again.

Some mistakes were made.

And Italian for dinner.

It wasn't the best Italian food.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday: mostly food


Butterscotch the giraffe has gone to the dark side.


Then sushi for dinner.


More sushi.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday: I am glad I'm on vacation this week instead of being at work.

Burma superstar.

With Mexican coke.

And then pizza for dinner.
I'm not sure if I'm hungry for leftover pizza right now.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday: museum failures

Fuck it, this is just going to be centered.

First museum today was the international museum of America. It has some average bits of art interspersed with a bunch of art from their founder. I'm not saying it's a front for a cult, but it's also not that good of a museum.

there was no photography, but they said that was for the second floor. This was on the first floor. Ha ha!
I'm guessing that the real reason for the photography ban is so no one sees how bad the founder's art is. It's not awful in most cases, but it's nowhere near what the title cards think it is. The worst examples were the imitations of the classic Chinese "bird and flower" paintings.  I've doodled a copy of the kind of bird shown in these imitations:


After escaping the gift shop, I made my way to the next museum.
This is the old mint, and once upon a time had a museum. It doesn't anymore.
 Then I started seeing signs for the contemporary Jewish museum.  They were very concerned that I may not have eaten.
So I took them up on their offer of a pastrami sandwich.
And then on to the next museum, the cartoon art museum.

Which permanently closed on the twelfth.
Across the street is the California historical society, which was not closed, and had a very nice exhibit on the pan-Pacific international exhibition of 1915.

With a diorama I'll need to mosaic my pictures of.

And casual racism of a century ago. Ffs, a century ago. Get your shit together.
Then I went to the San Francisco railroad museum, and took all the pictures necessary.

Then I was back at the boat terminal so I got a Mexican coke from the specialty market.

This bird was trying very hard to look like a statue. I'm on to you, bird.

Then it was hot so I got a juice I was disappointed in. At least it wasn't full of kale and beets.

Boat ride home. If you're going to be the douche standing at the back of the boat trying to look cool with your cell phone and fancy beer, you're going to be in this photo. Seriously, just go sit down inside.
 Then dinner at a restaurant run by aliens.
What's this?

A Patty melt. It was built mostly correct, but it ended up being a bit too greasy.  I think the problem is that the onions were not caramelized.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday: adventure day -or- Asian tigers

The original plan for the day was to see a number of museums in San Francisco.  This ended up scaled back to just a single museum after I ended up spending six hours walking through it.

Next time I'm editing on my laptop, I'll add the links necessary. I went to the Asian Art Museum, near the un/civic center station.

We took the boat to town.

This building is nearby.

These were animated. The ones on the left seems like a remake of one on the right.



Here's the explanation.


Bird person.

You'd think Krishna would have better things to do than steal butter.

These guys.

This guy.

Then I stopped for lunch as it was like one thirty. I was hoping for more traditional Japanese curry, but this was more like a donburi.

Link to the vase in Honolulu.






Not technically a tiger.

Neither is this one.

Amida and his gang.

Tiger netstuke.


This has water pumped to the surface, which stays due to surface tension.

Tiger pillow.

Not a tiger.

Going back to get on the boat.

Delicious garlic noodles with seafood.

The moon.