Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday: I forgot to take pictures at Korean BBQ.

But I vacuumed, and I got to the airport with plenty of time to pick up Team Julie, and we were able to get the cake, and get them checked in at the hotel, and see the beach, and wash Ramona off after the beach, and get slightly lost going to the KBBQ place, which isn't as good as Gogi Time, but it still AYCE, and still tasty and good, and everything worked out without any major issues.

Except forgetting to take food pictures.  In my defense, I was hungry as I hadn't eaten all day.

Also it's super rainy, and forecast to stay super rainy for awhile.  Fuckadoodle doo, not much you can do.

But the cake came out nice, and I thought it was tasty, although we're going to be eating cake forever.

And we were fine, but there was some sort of major accident when I was coming home, and they had only one of the five lanes of traffic open.  I didn't see any smashed up cars, and they were on the wrong side of the street for it to be a pedestrian car accident.  
I got home to an email from Amazon telling me that UPS was saying they couldn't deliver my package today.
Maybe part of the problem is that you're spending like 13 hours making deliveries.
And I know if they were delivering at nearly 10pm that a security guard was downstairs at the front desk.  

No links, because I haven't read the internet today, and I need to get up early tomorrow because some people do vacations hardcore.  I appreciate island time vacations, because I am lazy and like to sleep in.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday: I still still need to vacuum.

I did get most everything picked up and cleaned, so yay for that.  I did have the problem that I went to work and completely forgot my office keys.  So, I had the fun time trip back home to get my keys before driving back to the office.  Ugh.

And I didn't catch any Pokemon today, although it's good to see the party hat Pikachu is around.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday: I still need to vacuum.

But I think that's all the cleaning left to do.  It's still going to take a while, because I want to try and get a lot of the dust picked up with the vacuum.  I guess that's tomorrow evening's goal.

Today's goal involved figuring out something to eat, and deciding to go build my own pizza, because I know it's near two Pokestops.
 And my bag is again totally full.  I should probably just start dumping revives when I get above fifty.

I thought it was odd that my phone thought it was helpful to point out that I was "Driving at Home."  I mean, thanks?  I guess?

And I discovered that watching the Off Topic podcast that was the source of this tweet was a better option than watching the stuff on TV.

Final thought: Fuck La La Land.  Zootopia, too, while we're at it.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday: Driving around, doing stuff.

I've needed to get my car washed for awhile.  Today it was conveniently not super busy.
 Then I drove to Kailua because I kind of wanted a burrito yesterday, but left work too late to go then.
I don't remember why I used these stickers.  I do like "jazzy little chick".
 Oh wait, my phone hadn't charged very much during the drive.  That was the problem.  In any case, another part of the plan was to see if they had Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology book at the bookstore there.  They did not.
Then the standard Pokewalk at the park.  I was annoyed when I saw a Blissey in the gym, but conveniently other Team Mystic people had already taken it over by the time I got there.  I was able to just pop Rhydon in.

I like seeing other people's styles now, too.

Although some people are still boring.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday: I guess I accomplished all the things I needed to get done this week.

Now to spend the weekend cleaning stuff.  Fun times.

Spiral eye emoji seemed fitting to finish this page of my notebook.  I knew I had to blur stuff, so I couldn't use Twitter stickers on it.  I assume you can't blur stuff in the Twitter photo

Plus, it turns out Twitter has the wrong picture for this emoji.
So I did it by hand with the Google version of the emoji, which is properly spiral-eyed.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wednesday: I leveled up.

Hey, cool, another Lucky Egg!
That'll be useful when I evolve things.  Which I really need to do.  Like a lot.  While eating lunch today, I did a quick scan, and it looks like I have 19 evolutions to do, 10 of which will result in a new Pokemon.  So something like 29,000 XP?
And I ended up dumping a lot of stuff after this level up, as I'm not sure being 80 items over the bag limit is a good thing.
Mostly those regular potions and berries.  I think I tossed a few Great balls, as regular Pokeballs can be used by the Go Plus, so they have a higher utility.  In fact, over the weekend, every manual catch was done with a Great or Master ball.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday: Back to work.


I guess this is rare?  I didn't even notice, because I picked up two at Magic Island over the weekend.

And I know I can bump this up to 28 right now.  I already have enough candy to evolve two of the new Pokemon.  I need to sit down and do a bunch of evolutions.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday: Hamilton is too long.

I came up with a great plan this morning.  I was going to drive to Mililani, get Five Guys for lunch, drive back to town, take H-3 to the other side of the island, and then drive back around the long way to Hawaii Kai, where I'd pick up a sandwich at Jersey Mike's for dinner, and then drive home.  "This will surely be a long enough drive that I will finally be able to hear all of the Hamilton soundtrack, even if it will be broken up into a few segments due to the stops.  I am sure I will get through it all.  I mean, it's only 142 minutes and 13 seconds.  Google is telling me this trip will take nearly two and a half hours, and I can always add on a quick trip out to the airport if I get close to home and it's not done yet.  That will add like another 15-20 minutes to the trip.

I should have known I was in trouble when I got here, and I was only at "Right Hand Man." 

I assume part of the problem is that Google assumed there'd be traffic, and with the holiday today, there wasn't really any traffic.

Similarly, not being done with the first disk by the time I got here wasn't a good sign.
 I haven't heard the whole thing before, but I have enough passing knowledge to know that there was a lot of his life to get through, and I just wasn't going at an acceptable rate.

"Schuyler Defeated".  I should have realized I was defeated at this point, too.
I added the extension to the airport, but I had to admit it wasn't going to work by that point.  I sat in the car to let "The Election of 1800" finish, but stopped there.  Alex is still alive, his son isn't, and Jefferson is president.

ETA: I just checked my google maps search, and it claimed 2:38 for that trip, but I just noticed that in click-dragging to make the long way trip to Jersey Mike's, I clicked the wrong segment, so it had me doing the H-1 through town segment four times.  That's why I wasn't able to finish the soundtrack.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday: It's always weird to wake up cold.

I mean, it's the tropics.  And sure, 74 isn't technically "cold."  But I also always have a fan going, and I never use my blanket, and the trades were blowing in from the mountains, so the combination of all that made my apartment less comfortable than I would have preferred when I woke up.  It also was a sign that going for a walk yesterday was a mistake, since it would be much more pleasant to do it today.

In any case, I woke up and decided I wanted a burger, but a really good burger, and also I should have bought those freezy things you freeze in the freezer, and then use to keep things cold when I was at Target yesterday.  So: Kapolei!

Kua Aina really does make one of the best burgers.  I had to dump some of the lettuce and tomato when it got difficult to eat, but that's one of the reddest tomatoes I've had at a restaurant.  Plus, they way they cook the burgers means they have a real grill char, and that's what I wanted today.
 And they're next to Target.
This picture here just so I could see if the regular phone camera picture came out better.  It looked like it did on the phone, but the Twitter camera colors look fine.  I still don't understand why Twitter frames things weird.
And that Target didn't have any of those freezy things.  They basically had nothing I was looking for, except for soap and discount valentine's candy.

Then I drove back to town.

And it was such a nice day that I went out to the park to walk again.
 It was so much better today.  Constant breeze, the sun was hiding behind some clouds, there were only three bounce-castle parties instead of six.
I don't know why the mosaic darkened the sky there.  The preview was clean.
I didn't even have to battle the gym.  It was already Team Mystic, so I could just pop my Rhydon in without any trouble.

When I came around on the second lap, I was already kicked out, and the gym was being fought.  I'm pretty sure I saw the guy who was doing it, as he was sitting on one of the benches (not the gym bench, though).  I'd already collected, so it's not like I was losing out on anything.  I healed up Rhydon and kept going.  Although when I was leaving, I checked and the gym was again Team Mystic, so someone was watching.

Also Totodile.  I need to clear out some duplicate Gen 2 Pokemon, because the Go Plus makes it too easy to come dangerously close to the limit.  I had it on "Pokestop only" mode most of the day, only flipping on "Both" mode when I got to the park.
 Walking around made me hungry, and I still wanted freezy things, so I went to the mall.
Because kaiten sushi can be eaten in whatever quantities you want.
Then I found freezy things at the Container Store.  I wanted the flatter ones, but I can deal with these.

Hey, why not.  It's just regular Pepsi.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday: It was supposed to rain today.

In any case, I woke up a bit early, because my strategy last night of "bomb this cold with every drug I have that might help," caused me to fall asleep super hard at like midnight.  It was an effective strategy, as I woke up with my sinuses generally ok, and my lungs not completely full of crap.  Good job, chemically assisted immune system.  I'm not totally back to normal, but I don't feel awful anymore.

I assumed when I woke up that I wanted to go get ramen, as that's what I wanted for a large chunk of yesterday.  It turns out that was wrong:

I wanted Korean fried chicken and waffle.
It's been awhile since I was last at Koa Cafe, and it's still pretty hard to get parking.  Still tasty food, though.

After lunch, I wanted to go walk around the park and see if I could pick up some more new Pokemon.  
I joined a gym battle already in progress, which was against a damn Blissey.  I really hope they nerf that soon, because I don't think the Gyarados who started the battle would have won if I hadn't joined in.  The Dragonite wasn't even a problem after that grind.
The odd thing is that no one added to the gym for like ten minutes.  I was the only one there until I was nearly back on my second lap.  Maybe the Gyarados was Team Red?  No clue what was going on.

I also didn't care, because I immediately collected my coins so I could buy another bag upgrade.
 Something that is nearly essential now that I have the Go Plus.  I left my apartment this morning with something like 45 regular Pokeballs.  I ran out.  It's so easy to push a button/toss a ball that I burned through those and the ones I picked up at Pokestops along the way.  I did have something like 62 Pokemon caught today, so it is super efficient, even if it means I don't see all the new Pokemon animations.



 Snubbull and Corsola I caught with the Plus first.

And then since it didn't actually rain, and was super hot and muggy at the park, I decided to go get shave ice.
 It's overly sweet, and I should have gotten the small size.  It's tasty, but when the ice cream is a refreshing break from the sugar, that's kind of silly.  Then, because I wanted to listen to music and drive, I went to Target.  This means driving to Kapolei to get a burger and go to Target isn't really a good plan for tomorrow.  Museum maybe?  Drive out anyway, and see if the far Target has stuff I didn't just buy at my near Target?

 I think it was all the sugar, and being in the sun, but I really wanted something super salty around dinner time.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday: Ugh I hate being sick.

It's just awful.  I'm still in the "gross head" phase of things, and I'm not looking forward to the "coughing so hard I pull muscles" phase.  I had originally planned to get sudafed at Safeway, and get a sandwich for lunch, but I put this plan together while sick, and conflated at least two Safeways together.  The one by work doesn't do pharmacy stuff.  This annoyed me, and I became further annoyed when they had ONE FUCKING PERSON working the entire deli/hot bar/sandwich bar, and I wasn't even the first person in line at the sandwich bar, and the person working decided that the mob of people who wanted fried chicken had to be served first, even though they got there later than the people at the sandwich bar, and she would have known that if she had told that jackass with the bluetooth headset to go fucking pay at the front LIKE EVERYONE ELSE instead of letting him check out at the hot bar.

So, it only took about a minute before I pulled my grocery bag from my basket, winged the basket across the floor to stop next to the rotisserie chickens, and declared, "FUCK THIS SHIT" and left.

I then went to Longs, where the pharmacist was helpful in getting me some sudafed ("which one?" "the one that works? IDK."), and I was able to buy some more kleenex, and then go to the bakery and get a sandwich, which even though they fucked up and put mayo on it, was still pretty ok.

I'm not kidding about this Tim Tams thing.

And I caught a lot more new Pokemon.  The Misdreavus was an egg hatch.  I'm not totally sure, but I think using the Go Plus makes it so I get egg distance more reliably.  I know it was just a 2km egg, but I just put it in to incubate yesterday.
When I woke up this morning, I knew I was sick and that I wanted soup, so I decided I would go get soup for dinner.  Soup isn't really totally filling, so I figured adding a side of mac and cheese would make it a complete meal.  Then I realized that just ordering sides might be weird.
I was assured it was "0" weird, so that's what I did.
This also gave me a chance to finish the Party City quest, and now I have plates to go with the napkins and cups and bright green plastic ware.  I have the minimum requirements for a theme party established.  Probably should plan out drinks and things, but I honestly don't know what we're doing yet.  There's more than a week, so it should work out ok.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday: Fine, Twitter. I bought the damn Tim Tams. You can stop asking about them now.

Because the last "twitter survey" thing was all "hey, did you see an ad about Tim Tams?  We're worried about this Tim Tams campaign.  Can you answer some questions about Tim Tams?"  I had not seen any Tim Tams ads.  Then, suddenly, after answering the survey, Tim Tams were all Twitter cared to advertise.  I bought them, Twitter.  YOU CAN STOP NOW.

I've also picked up a cold from my parents.  I am not happy about this.

Also, Gen 2 released for Pokemon Go, so I'm going to talk about playing dress up with my imaginary trainer.

This is what my trainer has looked like since forever.
I liked it, the purple design on the shirt is great, and I liked the contrast between the dark pants and the bright jacket.  Ditto on the shoes.  Everything's great.

But that all changed today.

This is what I got when I updated.
That's all wrong.  I do not like that jacket, and why did my hair change color?  That's messed up.  I don't like the gloves, or the shoes, or the belt, either.
But I can put on purple pants now?  
 So that's something, at least.  However, with that much purple, the jacket kind of clashes, as it isn't purple.
That's barely an option.  And there's a new design on the chest, but it's black on black?  WHY?
Except I guess I had the app open since this morning, and when the Gen 2 update went out, that apparently opened up more style options, and I needed to reload to see them.  Note that there is no "glasses" option in the previous pictures.
I can keep the purple backpack.
I eventually decided that there aren't enough Team Mystic options, as there are like four yellow options, three red ones, and like one blue one for everything.
So I guess the dark red jacket?  That works better with the purple than the blue one did.
There's a dark green, but that doesn't look quite right, either.
So yeah.  I guess this is what I'm going with.  Fixed the gloves, chose a reasonable new belt (has to be white to get the contrast), and I guess I go with yellow striped shoes, since the white ones I want don't exist anymore.  And it turns out my Buddy Haunter has been female this whole time.
 But there are glasses options.
The domino mask is silly.  It'd take awhile to build up that many PKMN coins to buy that.  I shouldn't get it.
 I kind of want it, though.
Regular glasses look good, too.  That's cheaper, but still a bit silly.  I'm still saving up to get a bigger bag.  I probably need to upgrade Pokemon space, as well, but I tend to prune that pretty aggressively.
Oh, yeah, Gen 2 released, and this is what I caught during a trip to get stuff at Long's.



Houndoom.  I was surprised to see an evolved form, and it took like six ultra balls to catch.

Teddiursa.  This is one of my favorites from Gen 2.
And I guess the secret names for Espeon and Umbreon are Sakura and Tamao.  I think I have a couple decent Eevees still, so I'll have to do an evolution party this weekend.