Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday: Not as good Museum Time.

I've never been to Spalding House, which used to be a separate museum (The Contemporary Museum) until it merged with the Honolulu Academy of Arts (forming today's Honolulu Museum of Art).  I'm generally not a big fan of modern art, SFMoMA excepted, so I hadn't really cared to go.  However, they're having their "best items in the whole collection" exhibit there, so that was the plan for today.  Spoiler: I should have planned yesterday better and tacked this visit onto that one, as they have shared entrance fees.

They do have a tasty panini.
Although the tomatoes weren't great.  The peppers were, so they could stay.  The tarragon tomato soup was a good addition.

I did not bother with the gym, because I didn't want to spend forever tearing it down.
I do like things like this.
Full videos I'm less interested in, but project your video on a tiny scuplture? I'm there.

More pre-war Japanese art.

Me: "Hey, is that Jizo again?"
Yes. It was.

The Andes.

The Long Rain, which I noticed wasn't in its usual place yesterday.
 And that's kind of it.  The exhibit space isn't super large, so there isn't much to see.
There is a large lawn.

With nice views of the city.

A tiny gecko.

A carved stone

A fisheye of the trail through the gardens.

Some sculptures.
It's an ok place, but it feels like I could have done everything as part of yesterday's trip, because it's not really a full afternoon place.
Even with the butt doors at the entrance.

And the this guy in the parking lot.
Being outside in the garden made me hot and dry, as I wasn't expecting to be outside as part of my museum visit.  So I went to get something to fix this.
Shave ice.  Uncle Clay's uses real syrups, not the super fake ones.

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