Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday: Museum Time.

Today's plan was to go to the art Museum.  Because there are a number of exhibits that close tomorrow, and I wanted to catch them.  This is also a giant post, since I took a bunch of photos.

Including of the new rocks they installed outside.
First I got lunch.  They always ask if I have a reservation, and then act like it's a big deal that I didn't make one.
Since, you know, it's super busy all the time, and they're just making sure I'm not crowding out people with reservations.  Or alligators.
I had some backup choices, but I was really hoping that they'd have a good sounding pasta dish.  They did.
Blah blah mushrooms, blah blah thyme, blah blah a bit of goat cheese.
It was super tasty, but getting it means I couldn't get the soup of the day.  Because doubling up the mushrooms is probably excessive.  I did get the focaccia, because having a bit of bread to soak up sauce is good.

Then off to see the art.
Seeing the Charles Furneaux exhibition was a big part of this trip.
 Even though there weren't too many pieces.
It was nice to see this companion piece of Hilo bay.

That goes with this piece that's usually on display.

The "cool glass" display, in a side hallway.  I think a lot of these were in a previous glass exhibition.
 I have been to the museum how many times?
Why did I not notice that there's a dinosaur in this screen until now?


I'm pretty sure there's a dog meme that has this same face, but I couldn't find it.



A story about Ganesha.



Is also a Pokestop.

And one of my favorite pieces in the whole museum.

Hey, that's Jizo!
 How do I know?  Well, the information card, obviously.
But there's also this statue of Jizo in the same room.  He's pretty conspicuous.
 And the Japan room had a nice display of Showa era prints.

And a box.

And regular prints.

And some dishes.


Netsuke of a Fox Depicted as a Bride.

Netsuke bunnies.

More dishes.
 Oh, hey, guys!
 I made a discovery today.  I love Korean hanging scrolls of tigers.  In the same place that had the Greatest Tiger in the History of the World were these:
You are a wonderful Tiger.
You are TWO wonderful Tigers.

Also, the Korea room still has a spider problem.
 That completed the Asian art wing.
Take a moment to watch the koi.

And I saw two geckos.
Which means it was time to have a snack.
The cookie was good, but the lavender soda wasn't so much.
 To be fair, my options were lavender, vanilla, and hibiscus.  I was hoping for something fruity.
Also what is up with this gym?

I did not sit in the "crazy dog bench".

They've renovated the Islamic art room.  It's much better than it was.

Egyptian ibis.


I like how a lot of renaissance art has people (like Joachim here) in the "WTF is this shit?" pose.
 "Jesus, don't eat that pomegranate!"
"How bout I do anyway?"

These are new.

Have I posted this dancer before?  I like it.

The O'Keeffe paintings.

"Death of Truth".
 No reason.
Fox shaped sculpture.

Also there are chickens outside now?  These are new.
Then it was time to go walk around Magic Island.
The waves were much larger than normal.  I don't think I've seen them splash up onto the walkway before.
I had to train up the gym to open up a space to put somebody in.

I'm totally helping with my "less than half the top CP Pokemon".
I should probably power some of my favorites up.  And I just checked, and I Skarmory is still in the gym.  I probably should have tried to get a second gym while at dinner instead of collecting.

And I've visited a bunch of Pokestops now.
I wasn't sure what I wanted for dinner, so I went to the mall.  I had thought about getting curry or sushi, but then when I got there, I decided I wanted something western.
But then decided I didn't want a burger at the burger place, so I got the fried chicken.
Surprise, the chicken is far better than their burgers.  It falls apart, but it's juicier and better tasting.

I also discovered that WF has the Maui pineapple wine.

And when you search for "what the fuck is going on" on Giphy, you get this.

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