Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday: Some people do not fully understand how vacations work.

Breakfast, up too early, but delicious breakfast.

Then out to brave the rain for a Pokewalk around the park.

Then back to the hotel for some beach time.  With all the clouds, I don't think I got enough sun to burn.
Then....I forgot what happened, but I think we decided to needed to fortify with some lunch if we were going to drive two hours to get shrimp on the North Shore.
So not-so-kaiten sushi.
But then it got too late to plausibly make it before the shrimp places closed.
So a trip to the Pali lookout.  Where it was still raining.
 Then a visit to my apartment, and dinner at Nico's (which I didn't get a photo of because my phone died).
Then back to the hotel to have a nightcap and play the Fluxx game we got at the mall after sushi.

I won this game.
And the second one, indicating that regular Fluxx is the game I am best at.

No links, because I am again super tired, which means I'm just getting further behind the news.  Saw today that the new Attorney General perjured himself.  So that's great.

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