Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday: I am still tired.

Today's main plan was to go see Iolani Palace.
We had an actual docent led tour, and it was far superior to the headphone self-guided tours.  There is more information and production in the headphone tour, but the guided story from the docent was a much better experience.  I don't know what the rules and times are for the two, as as we were finishing up, headphone tour people were already in the palace as well.

Then we got ramen for lunch, and I didn't take a picture, but Julie did.

The next goal for the day was to have an afternoon at the beach, to let Ramona have something fun to do after being quiet and listening at the palace.

This is a cake monster that is sand flavored cake.  It is very large, and can eat people whole.

I didn't know that people actually used metal detectors to find things on the beach.
I've seen four so far on beach visits.

Then dinner.  The original plan was Nico's again.

I was able to stick Fire Dog in the gym there.
But ultimately, we switched over to Uncle's to see what they have.

They have Parmesan crusted Mahimahi is what they have.
It's good.  I think they're slightly more upscale than Nico's, as they don't use styrofoam boxes at lunch, and do not have plastic chairs.  Julie disagrees, due to the presence of art and caricatures on the walls.

I powered up Rhydon specifically to take the top position in the gym.

And then after grinding forever, we opened up enough space at the Magic Island gym to stick in our people.

And I found Houndour, nearly a month after finding the evolved form.

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