Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday: One last time.

The end of vacations always sucks.  Especially with travel involved, because that constrains things a lot more.  Today was mostly packing, and then doing a quick pass around Magic Island for Pokemon.  I don't think I caught anything good, as I did it all via Plus.  Then lunch.

It turns out that Kono's on Kapahulu isn't hard to park at.  They have parking around back.

And they make a good burrito.
 I think I would have liked to have more sauce, but it's good sauce, and of course I want more.  This is probably going to be my default burrito spot now, partially because it doesn't involve driving to Kailua.

Then to the airport.

Then to run errands, picking up kleenex, getting gas in my car, picking up the prescriptions I ordered last week.

That was when I discovered that a critically important thing had been left behind in the sweep of the car.

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