Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday: I should read things closer.

I discovered this place last night, after reading some article that was about people in Dearborn making fun of stupid people by talking about "Shawarma Law."  I had thought about going there for lunch, since I can walk there.  I can literally see the place from my apartment.
It's right here, in this picture I stole from this post.
But they don't open until 4pm, and I was hungry and it was 2:30, so I went with the next best thing.
Driving out to the Greek place.
 They were still on their lunch menu, which meant I couldn't get saganaki.

I also spent three tries trying to fight this gym, but kept erroring out, and then I discovered that this guy had already beaten the gym.

So, easy gym placement without any work.
I'm tempted to spend some of my fake Pokemon money to buy glasses for my trainer.

Also I got ice cream as a substitute for the saganaki.
And they did more sport stuff today, and...

I've also decided this weekend that having a thousand things in my saved RSS folder is excessive, so I'm just going to reblog a bunch of tumblr posts there, because that's easier.

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