Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday: I spent all day trying to figure out why this program isn't doing the right thing.

Part of the problem is that I'm using some initial guess parameters, with the hope that those would be sufficiently close that I could just tune them afterwards.  It isn't working so far, and after fixing a bunch of bugs and typos, the angle it's putting things at is still wrong (after flipping to correct after the first batch of bugs were fixed).  So it's a next week problem.

"Urus" Maritimus, Microsoft?

  • Wow.  Fuck you, Marvel.  Of course I'm not going to buy single issues, when they're like $4 each, and the trade that collects five or six issues is going to be like $15.  It also sucks when things get cancelled and rebooted all the time.  I mean, look at A-Force.  Plus, that ended when you let some other writer kill off one of their lead characters in a stupid crossover that made everyone involved look dumb.
  • Cities are good.
  • Nazis are dumb, and are apparently shitty at doing their homework.
  • Racists are dumb, too.
  • No, because they're friends.
  • Mimikyu.
  • Don't make those angry ears, cat.  You stuck your own damn paw in his mouth, trying to steal a treat.  You got chomped on a bit, but it's your own fault.
  • Tiaras.
  • Ugh.  Tomorrow.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday: Mammals. On Dinosaur Train.

It was crazy.  Also, there's like nothing on at 9pm now, so I've been watching PBS Kids.

I did not buy this drink just because it has a sleepy Pikachu on it.

There's also an awake Pikachu, too.
And I had to draw out a bunch of stuff to solve this problem at work.
It still doesn't work right, but I suspect that's because something isn't getting scaled by the arbitrary factor of 13.5 correctly.  I also discovered that the answer to "how long is it going to take me to get through this eleven hour album" is four days.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday: Ting.

The sword they're making on Nova didn't, so that means it didn't crack.  You know, for future reference when sword making.

Hey! Evolution item!  I think this means I can get Politoed.

But I'm not totally sure.  The distribution of numbers used here is:

0 13
1 11
2 3
3 4
4 2
5 1
6 2
7 2
8 2
9 9
Rounding the times to half hours gives something like:
0 25
1 7
3 4
5 1
9 5
So maybe?  But the sticker set has lots of "9"s?  Maybe there are 14 of each number?  Or maybe they just like having odd hours.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday: How does that even happen?

Another third of the cluster at work was supposed to be unpacked and brought back online today.  Instead, the shipping container was shipped back to Maui.  How can you screw up what is literally the one task of shipping?

Also this guy is a jerk.

A giant jerk.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday: Prince Kuhio Day.

Which makes this day three of the three day weekend.  These holidays are a bit odd feeling, because the rest of the world keeps going like it's a regular day.

I got curry.

And I added my Cloyster to one of the gyms at the mall.  I guess it's a church or something?  At the mall?  Whatever.  I got my 10 Pokedollars.

I also need to figure out what I'm going to do with the backlog of RSS things.  I think you can only have 300 things in your tumblr queue, and even after pruning things and queuing others, I still have like 900 things in the RSS saved items.  Not all are tumblr, but a lot are.  I guess I just need to spend time on the weekends to keep pushing that number down.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday: The long drive.

Since it's a long weekend, I figured it was a good day to drive forever to get lunch.  So back to HI-BBQ.
It was good.
Not perfect, and it was better last time.  First up, I had to wait like twenty minutes to get my food.  This gave me time to look at my Pokemon Go journal, because my Plus had been buzzing constantly while driving.

When my number was called, I picked up my food, and got my pop (and a free extra water for the wait).  I had to take it back, because they didn't have my sausage the first time (so free extra sausage for that hassle).  I suspect they got hit with a big rush today, because they were out of brisket and one type of the sausage.  They also didn't have any rice cooked when I ordered, which was the source of the delay.  I would have preferred them to have delayed it a bit more, because the rice wasn't fully cooked.  The pulled pork was also a bit overdone in places.  So, not perfect, but still tasty.

Then a bunch of traffic.

But I stopped to get a Dole Whip.
It was a good addition to the trip, but it was super busy there too.  They really need to just have a Dole Whip express lane, because that's what 99% of people get, and most people get confused with too many options.

The chicken was out of frame.  The train was there when I sat down.

Then I spent like twenty minutes taking down this gym.  It's far easier with more people.

I like how Kingler shows up in this shot, too.
 Then to Target, because I needed shampoo.  Which they didn't have in the size I wanted.
And I don't know what the deal was, but I don't know that I've ever seen this many spawn at once.
 When I got home, I remembered that I was doing sports crap again this year.

Not as bad here.
I did better last year, I think.  If I did the math right, I have 66 points, HotC has 60, and at the same time last year, I had 78, but had maxed out.

Then I used a lucky egg, and evolved twenty six Pokemon.  A lot were new.  A cut because of all the pictures.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday: Three day weekend!

Means that the park is super crazy busy, unfortunately.  I couldn't find parking, so I decided that today was not going to be a day to go on a Pokewalk.

They changed the trainer screen.
 This basically meant that I just went to get late lunch earlier.
Delicious pancakes.

Delicious pork chop.

I caught this jerk while eating.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday: You don't have the votes.

Unfortunately I have to wait until I actually publish to make sure I have the cut points right.  In any case, it was nice to see that Republicans have no clue how to govern.  That minimizes the damage they can do.  I suspect this also means that the ACA is going to be around basically forever now.  I also strongly suspect that a lot of states run by Republicans are going to start scrambling for the Medicare expansion.  It's fine to rant about how you don't want it when you think there's a chance it'll go away, but now it's just being petty and wanting to hurt their own citizens.

Not that it hasn't always been petty and hurting citizens.

Bitsy Burrito.

And how bad do you think it feels to be Paul Ryan, and have Papa Roach make fun of you?  And to have them turn out to be surprisingly cool?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday: I think something's broken with an outlet at work.

Because I had to turn my computer back on this morning.  I also had to unplug the UPS and plug it into a different outlet, because it wasn't registering as being powered.
And then I earned a medal when I turned on my phone to see if I had any pictures from today.

Also I might have a new hat now.
Also I'm pissed at Amazon.  I placed this order on the 10th, they didn't do anything to ship it until the 19th, and then they don't seem to have actually shipped the stupid thing.
It's great that they spent three days pretending it was going to be delivered on Wednesday, and then when Wednesday hit, changed the order page to be "wow, we don't know what's going on!  Come back on Sunday, and we'll have options then.  Until then, guess you're out of luck!"  Of my past four orders, one had to be returned because UPS can't be bothered doing their job, and now this one looks like it's lost because Amazon never gave it to the post office.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday: "I did it 35 minutes ago."

Technically I did it 23 hours and 20 minutes ago.

I bought the glasses.
Because why not make my trainer look like I want.  It'll take slightly longer to get a slightly bigger team of Pokemon or bag of items.  I already have a bunch of items I don't use very fast and a bunch of Pokemon that I have mostly to scroll past.
And I got a medal today, but clicked past the award screen.
Partially because I was on my way back from Safeway with lunch and aleve.  I have three options on why, but today was just a mess of aches and pain.

And I caught nine of these driving home today.  The Exeggcute hatched from an egg.

Also today I learned that they're making a US movie of Death Note, which is horrible in itself, because DN is garbage about awful trash people.  But they're also making it with white people and setting it in Seattle, since this is how they make awful adaptations now.  That made me think about Ghost in the Shell again.

Ghost in the Shell is not shit, despite what they're trying to do with it.  I've been avoiding stuff about it, since I don't care about this remake, but something struck me that caused me to pull out my copy of the book and start rereading it.  The two scenes from this new crap movie they've been pushing everywhere are remakes of this scene from the 1995 movie, and this scene from the 1995 movie.

"Wait.  Isn't that water fight scene only in the movie?" was my brain trying to remember the details.

Blah blah, stuff happens, Kusanagi shoots the fire hydrant to disable the bad guy's camouflage.
 Some pages left out where she chases the bad guy through a market.
Then this scene where she brain-hacks Togusa to make sure he doesn't kill the bad guy, because they need to bring him in for information.
So yes, the water fight scene is original to the 1995 movie.  Oh, and the opening scene where she shoots the guy while falling?

And then there's this.
So a lot of the 1995 scene is original too.  This new movie isn't just "a reimagining" or whatever bullshit they're claiming.  They're just stealing all the cool stuff from the Mamoru Oshii movie and putting Scarlet Johansson on the posters.  I was going to say "what's the point of just remaking something in live action?" but since I was already planning to link to this thread I saw retweeted this evening, I know the answer.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday: "Who are you, and why is my flying punchy friend not flying or punching?"

Today started with going to campus to futz with our computers at the data center.
It was less fun than it sounds.
Mostly because it's uncomfortably loud and hot and dehydrating.

I also stopped to get a crepe for lunch when we were done.
 I should have chosen better, because this was a sloppy mess.  You can't just throw tomatoes and fresh spinach into hot things.  They just leak all over everything, and it turns into a mess.

I probably should have moved on when I saw that they didn't have what I really wanted: a simple ham and cheese crepe, maybe with some veggie, but certainly not a full salad crammed inside.

And today was the big Supergirl/Flash musical crossover.  It starts like this:
I really hate "let's nerf Supergirl, because otherwise she kicks all the ass" episodes.  I tune in specifically to see Supergirl kick all the ass.
 Barry asks the important question, which I paraphrased above.
"I mean, I know he's like her punching boss or something, but what's your deal?"
He's Mon-El, he's a jerk, and although I don't ship Supergirl with everybody like the rest of the internet, this page where I stole the gif isn't too far off on him.  He's not a great character, and he distracts from pretty much everything.

The musical was ok.  I'm surprised they have so many people on the various shows who can sing so well.  Once it was all done, they totally should have asked Supergirl to go fly over to their current season-long bad guy and see if should could punch him into non-existence.  They're friends, I'm pretty sure she'd say yes.

Then I watched Legends of Tomorrow, which continues to be a glorious train wreck that shouldn't be as good as it is.  Today they had to use the Spear of Destiny to find a bottle of Christ's blood, but even though they travel through time ALL THE TIME, they had to do it during World War I, and took JRR Tolkein along to help them, and use their team people on both sides of the front to make a cease fire so they could do their search, but then at the last moment, they discover that Grumbly Voice Fire Dude (who used to be a bad guy) wasn't hallucinating his best friend Whiny Ice Guy (who I think is Captain Cold) all season, Whiny Ice Guy joined Team Bad Guy and has been time travelling around with them, because fucking duh, obviously, and then Grumbly Voice Fire Dude steals the Spear and goes off with the bad guys to be with his BFF.  Team Good Guy has like a billion geniuses, they can travel through time without any problems, and they still fuck it all up ALL THE TIME.  Also, maybe Grumbly Voice Fire Dude wouldn't switch sides if Team Good Guy wasn't full of jerks who keep pointing out how he used to be a bad guy.  Just saying.  They're not very super-friendy.

Kara and Barry sang a whole song about being superfriends.  They're trying.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday: The talk went fine.

No one cared.
I did care that my grilled cheese sprung a leak.  Poor leaky grilled cheese.

Also that's a great username.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday: I should read things closer.

I discovered this place last night, after reading some article that was about people in Dearborn making fun of stupid people by talking about "Shawarma Law."  I had thought about going there for lunch, since I can walk there.  I can literally see the place from my apartment.
It's right here, in this picture I stole from this post.
But they don't open until 4pm, and I was hungry and it was 2:30, so I went with the next best thing.
Driving out to the Greek place.
 They were still on their lunch menu, which meant I couldn't get saganaki.

I also spent three tries trying to fight this gym, but kept erroring out, and then I discovered that this guy had already beaten the gym.

So, easy gym placement without any work.
I'm tempted to spend some of my fake Pokemon money to buy glasses for my trainer.

Also I got ice cream as a substitute for the saganaki.
And they did more sport stuff today, and...

I've also decided this weekend that having a thousand things in my saved RSS folder is excessive, so I'm just going to reblog a bunch of tumblr posts there, because that's easier.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday: I was invited to a wedding today.

I felt like pork today, so I went to Kono's.
I don't remember getting chips last time.  Whatever, they were good.  I didn't get cookies at Leonard's, because they didn't have the sprinkle sugar cookies.  Also I didn't want to wait in the giant line.  Plus I have cookies at home already.  And a brownie.  I have a lot of snacky stuff, and didn't really need more cookies, is I guess the point.

Then to the park to do the standard Pokewalk.  This was where I was invited to a wedding, because I was wearing a shirt that was the same colors as the wedding theme.  I did not take them up on it, because going to a wedding where I didn't know anyone would be weird.

And then this asshole sniped my spot in the gym.  Or one of the other like four Snorlax people did.  Jerks.

So I had to train the gym up even more.

And I caught a Miltank.

Gratuitous panorama.