Saturday, July 1, 2017

Saturday: So I've decided that this weekend is "try all new restaurants" weekend.

Partially because I started yesterday with the kalbi, and partially because the place I was going to go for lunch doesn't do the Korean fried chicken and waffle anymore, and what use is that place, really, if they're going to stop making the best thing ever?

In any case, back in Alameda, I had another delicious Monte Cristo, so I spent a chunk of the morning browsing yelp.  Eventually, I found what looked like a decent version.

It's more "just a bar" than my picture of "gastropub." 
"Shouldn't the name have given it away?"  Yes, fine, but when I google "gastropub," I get something closer to what I have in my head: lots of tables, decent lighting, wacky decorations.  This is a lot more bar.  But whatever, the important thing is the foo:
P+J fries.  They're basically BBQ chips, but in fry form.
It's a bit much.  They're extra salty, and when I got outside (where there was light to see) I discovered that I had piles of BBQ dust under my fingernails.  Ick.  I still ate them all, but it's a bit much.
The main attraction.
 It's a bit greasy, but works pretty well.  Cafe Jolie is better, but this is probably my option when I want one here.

Then to the park to learn how much I hate the new Pokemon update.
Because it takes forever to take out gyms now.  There's always six opponents, and you have to punch them all like three or four times to make them go away.
Sure, I didn't have to use all of my team, but who cares.  Also raids just get in the way.  I don't want to fight a level 90382 Quilava.  I have a garbage fire otter, I don't need another one.  Why is this mid-tier jerk doing raids anyway?

And the gym didn't even change color when I took it over.  Great.
Not that it mattered, because while I was wasting time punching the other gym that's now there, I was kicked out, because unless you plan on playing with a team, apparently Niantic doesn't care about you.  Wonderful.  I earned one coin for the time I was in the gym, after spending like ten minutes fighting it.

Then it started to rain and my phone died before I could finish the second gym.  So I gave up, plugged in my phone, drove to Target, and had my phone die again when I got there, because I guess the car charger is enough to keep it going, but not enough to actually charge it.  Plus, Target no longer sells the stupid long fluorescent tube bulbs that go above my kitchen sink, so that trip wasn't even productive.

I bought popsicles, because I was angry, and Target had popsicles, and I didn't have popsicles, and I wasn't about to sit there and let stupid Target lord that shit over me when they can't even be bothered to sell the stupid light bulb I need.

Then I went home and watched internet crap until I was hungry again.  I had a different place selected, and google suggested walking.  Since I only did one lap at the park before my phone died, I went with it, but then they were stupid busy, so I ended up going to a different place, so that's what I'm going to talk about.
Bar Koko, the place that I think I've mentioned before, with some kind of note like, "I can see it from my couch."  It's a pretty good candidate for places to walk to for dinner.
And it has a bar, but less of one than P+J.
They're also not super speedy, but whatever.  There were three other groups in there for the entire time I was there, so it doesn't seem like they're too busy.
The hummus was pretty good.
I went with the "all the food" option.
It was a lot of food.
Another good option.  This is definitely going into the rotation.

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