Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday: I should have just taken the four day weekend. I would have been about as productive.

However, last night, I was able to plot up and fit how the height a  Magikarp jumps scales with JP:
JP/1000, obviously.  But my "this feels like it's a square root" idea seems to be supported.  This is just one pass through the league I'm currently battling.
And today I finally decided that I wasn't going to find an easy way to reshape this table of PhD recipients, so I just wrote a perl script to do it.  Once it was in nice "field/year/numbers" format, I was able to get R to make a pretty plot:
So I guess the 24% value probably isn't too far off.
f = data.frame(read.table("./matched.dat",sep='\t',header=TRUE))
ggplot(data=f,aes(x=year,y=(female / (female + male)), color=field)) + geom_line(aes(group=field)) + geom_point()

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