Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday: Well,

"Why not go to the Spalding House?"  So I do.  "Huh, why is the parking lot so empty?"  Go inside.  "Sorry, all the art stuff is closed for an exhibition switch.  The less cool outside stuff is still open."  So it's good that it's free when you have a membership.

Outside art stuff.

A tiny lizard friend.  Like super tiny.

Outside stuff.
So now what?
Pizza time.
And then I came home, and instead of going for a walk like I had originally planned, I watched youtube stuff.  Then remembered I could watch tomorrow's episode of the AH Game of Thrones play through, even though I don't really care about GoT.  The only problem of not watching on youtube is that I can't watch at double speed.  So.

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