Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sunday: And then I went home and discovered that I got the wrong damn size of lightbulb.

But first, hot pot.  This is apparently way more popular here than KBBQ, so I wanted to try it out.  This place is nice, because they have personal pots.

I'm not in general super worried about raw beef, but having a boiling cauldron to sterilize everything is good too.
It was good, but it's not as good as KBBQ.  There are more veggies available at hot pot, so it's "healthier," and the meat is AYCE, but it's also single meat.  There were gyoza and shumai on skewers, but then they don't get crispy (obviously).  Also they smuggle scalding broth into your mouth to attack you.

Also it's kaiten style:

That makes it convenient to get a bunch of different veggies and sides.  I'll probably be back, but it didn't trigger as many good feelings as KBBQ.  Now I want kalbi again.

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