Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tuesday: My plan for today was to eat hot dogs, take a walk, eat more hot dogs, and watch some fireworks.

I did all those things, and did more editing for SciPy stuff.  I do not like how Snek handles Unicode, because that handling appears to consistently be "be as difficult about everything as possible."

I also drew a very bad picture of how different parts of a probability distribution are included in a calculation.
 And I battled more with my Magikarp, so I have more data to include in the plot from yesterday:
This is the "most useful" version.

This splits two data points into their true input JP and the 5% and 25% scaled values.  I had boosts on those two runs, so the scaled values are probably more correct.
I also need a better way to put code into blogs.  I've decided I'm going to copy my R code when I make things like this, so I can find them later.  It really is super easy:

j = data.frame(read.table("./jp",sep='\t',header=TRUE))
ggplot(j,aes(x=jp,y=height)) + geom_point() + stat_smooth(method='lm',formula=y ~ sqrt(x), col='red')

And I took a walk:
The moon was out.
 I saw four geckos and one dog that threw up.  I was happier for one of those.
This didn't quite capture all the pinks and purples.
And then I came home and had my code insulted.  If the input data wasn't so bad, the code would do a better job on it.  More webpages should be designed with a structured data concept.

Then there were fireworks:




Boom boom boom siziziziziz.

Boom ka boom!

Boo boom!

Boom boom boom boom!

Boom ka boom boom!

Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom!


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