Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday: Spidered Men

As said by Kraven the Hunter.
Who is not in the new Spider-Man movie.  However, I kept thinking about him, because Vulture (who is in the new Spider-Man movie) has a jacket that reminded me of him, because Kraven has that fur ruff on his vest.

Obligatory ticket picture.  With ok soup.
It's a pretty good movie.  Spider-Man gets a new start that makes sense given the rest of the Marvel movie stuff, Tony Stark keeps being a jerk, and everything mostly works out fine in the end.  I hope they have Ned in every Marvel movie forever, because he is probably the best character.  Donald Glover's "I've got ice cream in here" quote is good, and I'm glad that Aunt May isn't completely clueless.  I'm also wondering how much money was in the truck they backed up to Gwyneth Paltrow's house for her five minutes of screen time.

And it opened with the Squirrel Girl song:

And here's Doreen fighting Kraven:

"Why are you talking so much about Squirrel Girl instead of Spider-man?" Because she's awesome, duh.

Also Spider-Man didn't have his Spidey Sense, which is kind of a big thing to be missing.

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