Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday: I think I'm going to do an weekly update on this sports thing.

But I probably should have believed in the heart of the cards numbers on those #12 ranked teams.

Also: this corned beef is not as good as pastrami.

  • Mobile ads are stupid.  I have never found a useful mobile ad, and I will actively not buy things from companies that use mobile ads.
  • I like unagi.
  • I wish people weren't so stupid.
  • But see, I'd rather go to a museum to see art.  Airports are places I try to get through as quickly as possible.  I wonder if this means my next trip, I'll need to schedule extra "art time" at SFO.
  • This is dumb.
  • I really like Lion.  Lion is the best.
  • I'm curious as to how they're going to try and investigate this without damaging things.
    • On a related topic, that story led to reading about Nefertiti, which led to this interesting article on Neferneferuaten, who might have been Nefertiti ruling as a king.  Or, you can read down into section 4.3 and discover that no matter how fucked up you thought ancient Egypt might have been, I guarantee it's worse.

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