Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami-Thon 2010!

A tweet dump:

Who's ready for Tsunami-thon 2010? 11:19AM HST! WOO!
about 18 hours ago via API

Tsunami sirens! Tsunami-thon 2010!
about 13 hours ago via API

Ohs noes! The tsunami could get the soccer fields! THAT BASTARD! #tsunami-thon2010
about 12 hours ago via API

Everyone's going out to get gas? The island isn't really that big. It's a bit silly,.
about 12 hours ago via API

This has been the 9AM Tsunami Thon 2010 sirens. :-/
about 10 hours ago via API

If you drove to tantalus to escape this tsunami, you're stupid. #tantalusIsAMountainIfYouDon'tKnowHawaii #tsunamiThon2010
about 8 hours ago via UberTwitter

That's Piikoi St., and it's usually full this time of day.
about 8 hours ago via UberTwitter

There are way more boats out than usual, too: (sorry BBcam sucks)
about 8 hours ago via UberTwitter

I can count 68 ships/boats off shore from my lanai. I usually see maybe three.
about 8 hours ago via UberTwitter

Tantalus is 600' above sea level. #tsunamiThon2010 #aBitOfAnOverreaction
about 8 hours ago via UberTwitter

KITV seems to have turned #tsunamithon2010 into an advertisement for hawaii tourism #it's80degreesAndSunnyHereToday
about 8 hours ago via UberTwitter You can see how empty the streets are here due to #tsunamiThon2010.
about 8 hours ago via web

The H1 illegal motorcycle racers are enjoying the lack of traffic today.
about 7 hours ago via API

"Even if it's safe, it's...that's...that's not even good surf!" Hawaii newscasters. Always on topic. As long as that topic is having fun. :)
about 7 hours ago via web

Quick nap, still haven't be destroyed by the ocean. All the people on Tantalus are now clogging the streets around my apartment.
about 6 hours ago via API

All over I guess. At least it made my saturday a bit more exciting than usual.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What are you doing, bunny?

You're not Elton John! You don't even play piano!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I am sad for RoboSquirrel

His world is now only vengeance and pain. :(

That is not heart shaped.

This was the other thing I picked up at whole foods. It was claimed to be a heart shaped crab cake. Even with the bite taken out (I forgot to take a picture before starting), you can see that it is not heart shaped.  I paired it with a baked potato (half eaten in the kitchen because my oil was too hot, so I tucked the crab cake into the oven for a few minutes to be sure it was fully cooked), and some roasted asparagus (salt/pepper/bit of oil/splash of lemon juice, shaved parmesan once it was done).

The whole foods crab cake wasn't as good as the ones I make. It had some odd flavor choices (big fat scallion greens and celery stood out), and the crab was mostly shredded and not the good lump stuff. Still, it was quite tasty, and something I may have to look at in the future.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Meh, Valentine's day

It'd be nice if my BBcam would eventually take an in focus picture.

Anyway, since Valentine's Day was invented so people in relationships can make people not in relationships feel bad (among other theories), I decided to give a nice present to my tummy. It doesn't hurt that Whole Foods had lots of tasty things on sale (so watch for part two tomorrow).

Beef ribeye on a bed of panfried Pommes Pont-Neuf with mushrooms in brandy sauce, served with Asparagus and goat brie. I also had a very dry apple cider, which wasn't bad, but I tend to prefer ciders that are a bit sweeter.  The steak was wonderful, as were the fries.  I probably could have added more brandy to the sauce, and let it reduce more, but the shrooms were very good.  I'll have to cook the asparagus more tomorrow, as they came out a bit underdone.  The goat brie...well, that wasn't what I was expecting. It didn't pair well with the steak, as the flavors fought.  I don't know what I'll do with the rest of it, as I can't come up with much of anything it'd match.  Maybe some sort of a pasta dish with some other cheese to mellow it out.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I did totally intend to pay for it

Since someone's making me sound like some sort of stationery burgler, I wanted to tell my side of the story.  Way back in 2008, I had gone to the Barnes and Noble on Grand River for various birthday related book purchases, with the intention to stop off at Noodles afterwards for dinner.  I found a nice looking card, and then on the way downstairs to look at books, noticed a display of Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys, which was on the list.  While going down the escalator, I tucked the card into the book, as it's easier to carry one thing than two.  After picking up my remaining books, I went to the checkout, having completely forgotten about the card.  I did not remember the card until I was sitting down at Noodles, eating dinner. 

It wasn't really theft, it was just a case of me not paying attention while checking out. Part of this stemmed from the fact that I believe I was also purchasing an issue of 2600.  B&N have a nasty habit of forgetting to enter 2600 into the computer system, so when you check out, they enter it as "miscellaneous periodical." The problem with this is that when they do inventory, that purchase translates to a copy of 2600 that was stolen.  Due to the archaic way periodicals work, at the end of the quarter B&N reimburses 2600 for the sold copies. The inventory issue means that these "stolen" issues don't get paid for, despite being a valid purchase.

TL;DR: I was paying attention to something else at the time, and didn't count my purchases.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


There’s a blurry girl at the end of my nose.
Her name is Closeface.
And when she backs away I don’t know where she goes.
That crazy Closeface.

She’s really different, but she’s kind of like you,
But her eyes are bigger and there’s not always two,
When I lay in bed she appears out of nowhere,
If ever was not Closeface, I would be so scared.

But if she got a little smaller,
And a little more in focus,
She’d have to legally change her name,
And there would be no kiss.

We kind of need Closeface,
Closeface, we kind of need Closeface.

There’s a dirty girl and she whispers to me,
"Closeface, we kind of need Closeface,"
I don’t know how much she weighs but she's as big as I can see,
Closeface, we kind of need Closeface.

I think she thinks that I’m her perfect match,
‘Cause I’m just her type when we are attached.
And when she goes away, you are always right there.

When she and I get together, I tell her all my secrets,
And yes I do talk about you and I have no regrets.

There’s a blurry girl at the end of my nose,
Her name is Closeface.

(Mp3s here. These are the lyrics to the acoustic version. You can sort it out from there.)