Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Holy crap! Free books!?

That's right! I've been unpacking books for the past two hours, I've filled up all the space I have right now, and I'm not sure how many more book shelves I need to buy. Therefore, I've decided that I need to get rid of some books.

So, for the next week or two, anyone who direct messages me their address via twitter (@astrochris) will get a book mailed to them. I'll choose a book from my library, and send it out as soon as is reasonable via US mail. I won't guarantee that the book will be good, or interesting, or even in a language you speak.

Still, it's a book, and it's free to you. What more can you ask for?


  1. If you send me a quick description of the type of book you'd like, or some random fact about yourself, I'll try to find the book that I think is most appropriate for you.
  2. I found some DVDs I have multiple copies of. Sounds to me like someone's getting a surprise DVD to go with their free book!

What I still need to work on

Is my thousand books, and my bed, and all my clothes. Oh, and my dishes and kitchen stuff. :-/
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What I did this afternoon

Was organize my computers and my television
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Just in case you need a visual

It's remarkably hard to find a picture of this online, so I guess I just have to be happy with the black and white version.

My neighbor is a moron

Last night, the night security guard knocked to let me know that there was a drain clog next door, and I shouldn't use the kitchen sink, the washing machine, or the dishwasher (all of which I had been using less than an hour before). This was due to the fact that the drains connect in the wall. Ok, no problem.

I then woke up this morning to the sound of something knocking in my kitchen cabinet under the sink. I opened the door, concerned it was a mouse or something, only to find the end of a pipe auger flopping around on the floor. As it was coming out of the trap under my sink, and noting that I did not have a bad case of Ghost Plumbers, I assumed that my neighbor had hired a plumber, who wasn't very good at what he was doing.

I went next door, to ask what they were doing, and found my neighbor and her "friend" operating the auger. I told them that they'd broken through my pipe, to which the friend replied, "oh, I was afraid of that."

Afraid you'd bore through someone else's pipes? What kind of plumber are you? "No, I'm just her friend." Oh, the type of plumber that isn't actually trained or a plumber at all. Great.

He then proceded to ease the auger out of my cabinet, leaving a nice hole in the trap. He offered to fix it, which I declined in favor of getting someone who knew what the fuck he was doing.

I piled a bunch of paper towels to blot up the mess in my cabinet, and then left for work. A day full of trading phone calls back and forth with the maintenance guy and the rental office and the plumber they called, and I have an appointment with a plumber tomorrow at 8:30. I returned home fearing that I'd find my apartment flooded, to be relieved that my paper towels had contained most of the mess.

I went next door again to make sure that my neighbor wasn't going to use that sink, and that she hadn't during the day, which she agreed to and claimed she hadn't. However, "he fixed the clog!" Great. Wonderful. That's as good as having a coat full of puppies.

Back in my kitchen, I start to clean up the mess, and find that my paper towels are kind of a messy soup. Thanks to Target's crazy sale strategy, I am in possession of a 12 pack of paper towels, so I use a half roll (and a pile of bleach wipes) to clean up the mess, and then wedge my kitchen garbage can under the trap to catch anything else that might drip out.

Upon washing up, I realized why the clog was gone. The burning sensation in the hand that wiped up the mess suggested that the majority of the liquid I cleaned up was drain opener. Yay sodium hydroxide!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Force of July! Part VI!

I already talked about Return of the Jedi, way back in March. I don't think there's much more that needs to be said.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Force of July! Part V!

I can't come up with much for Empire. Yoda's obviously insane at this point, but a quick chat with Luke helps him shake off 20ish years of living alone. That pretty much makes sense, given that when we get to the prequels, it's clear that Yoda doesn't notice the Emperor is the Sith lord until it's way too late.

My only other thought is that Lobot (picture on the left if you didn't already know him) is totally rocking out to sweet techno mixes while running all of Cloud City.

Force of July! Part IV!

I had originally planned on buying the Star Wars DVDs, blocking off a good chunk of this three day weekend, and watching them all, in series chronological order, in one go.

Unfortunately, this was before my furniture (and DVD player) decided to take a quick 3 week nap before getting on a damn boat. Oh well. Spike decided that I wasn't going to watch their channel if they didn't show Star Wars all weekend, so that's what they're doing. It's not a single run, and they're playing them in release chronological order, but sometimes you have to take what you can.

Watching Episode 4 made me realize something. Everyone in the movie, with the exception of Tarkin and Jabba are stupidly naive.

Rebel: "Hey, thanks Luke Skywalker for rescuing Princess Leia."

Luke: "No problem, it was fun, even though the guy who was like a father/mentor to me for at least two days got killed."

Rebel: "Yeah, that can be rough. Any plans?"

Luke: "Um...can I fly one of your fighters?"

Rebel: "Sure, got any space-fighter skills?"

Leia: "I'm sure he does. He shot down at least one TIE fighter when we were escaping. You've been flying for what, four, five years?"

Luke: "Um...yeah. Sure. Five years next Tuesday."

Leia: "Then it's settled, we'll give you your own fighter, and hell, you can even take my R2 unit with you. I'm sure both of these Very Expensive Machines will be perfectly safe with someone with your training. It's not like you grew up on a farm on a tiny podunk world where you were completely grounded."

Luke: ".... I hate sand."

I mean, they still pull it off, and it turns out Luke is great at flying something he'd never in his life seen before, but I'm willing to bet that's because none of those controls do anything. R2-D2 probably does everything, while Luke's inside flipping switches and jerking the wheel back and forth like a little kid.

I guess it's good that the Force was with that little blue droid.