Saturday, May 21, 2011


I bet someone feels dumb.

"I would like to opt out"

Just went through security at BOS. I loaded up the bin, and chatted a bit with the guy asking about belts and watches.

"Laptop?" He asked.

"Yeah, but it's a flippy bag," I replied as I unzipped the split to lay it flat.

"Oh, I see. Nice job sticking your belt in your coat pocket, keeps it all together."


"Ok, right through here."

"I'd like to opt out, please."

I could see him get confused. He looked at the older guy standing next to the magnetometer.

"Sure, right through here," old guy said after a few seconds.  I walk through, nothing happens, so I keep going, looking around for the designated TSA gropemaster.


I walk up to the output of the bag scanner, and start accumulating my belongings.  I keep expecting someone to object.

No one does.

Hooray for the most theatrical of security theaters.  There's a big expensive box that everyone has to go through, unless you don't want to, in which case you can pretty much just ignore it all.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

too long for twitter

I'm watching an episode of Rachael Ray's "Week in a Day," and she's making pot pies. That caused me to look up other recipes online, and I've come to the conclusion that no one makes them the way I do.

The fillings are basically the same, but I don't use a big dish with just a single crust. I always pie crust in the bottom of a big muffin pan (the muffins are big, not the pan), par-bake them until browning and crispy, then fill and top with another layer of crust. After baking, it's nice because you can (if you're lucky and greased it well) just pop out individual pies that are completely encased in tasty crust.

However, I can find no recipes online that do anything like this. It just seems like a far better idea than floating a crust on a sea of stew.