Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday: Pretty much did nothing today. Did nothing like a pro.

I did get a burger and cheesy tots.  It was ok, but Teddy's isn't as good as it was in the past.  The big thing is that it looked like they hadn't cleaned the floor in a long time.  Ick.  I also don't know if this panorama icon in the middle is going to stay after I post.  I didn't put it there, so I guess blogger fucks with your images now?  Thanks, blogger, that's just what I was looking for.  "Can you fuck with my image randomly?  That'd be cool."

Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday: It's always a bit odd when something actually works correctly.

I guess this was today, but seven years ago.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday: "Why am I hungry?"

"Oh, because I haven't eaten dinner yet."  Good job, me.  Good job wasting time on stupid shit.

Stupid shit A.

Julie sent this video to me, and I was confused, because I didn't think it should saturate into noise on the third iteration.  Human voices are in the 1000 Hz range, so if the Carl doubles the frequency, three iterations only gets it to 8000 Hz, which is still well sampled by a 44 kHz sound file (the standard).  So, I did the sane thing when I got home, which is to download the video and do spectral analysis of the audio.
The human (s00), Carl A (s01), and Carl B (s02).
The human speech is mostly that tiny red peak on the left side, at about 1-2 kHz.  It's confused beyond that, but I think that second red peak (2k ish) can be plausibly shifted in the others.

Plotting everything.
The interesting thing in this one is that you can see that there are two patterns.  The dips around 11k and 13k are probably the easiest way to see that.  They're caused by the response function of the devices:
Carl A has the benefit on the first iteration to have the true voice.

Carl B.
 So I don't think it's really related to the speech frequency vs sampling rate.  I think it's just the addition of the noise in the microphone/speaker feedback.

Stupid Shit B.

I read Dumbing of Age, but I don't really pay super close attention to things.  There are 1773 comics as of today, and it's hard to keep track of stories that long over a long period of time.  There are also a lot of characters that I have trouble keeping track of.  "Wait, how do you know how many comics it has?"

Today's story is all "Amber pushes Danny away because she's angry and making bad decisions."  My thought was, "Who else is Amber's friend?  Joyce, right?"

amber danny 91 0.408072 0.325
amazi-girl danny 40 0.3125 0.142857
amber ethan 60 0.269058 0.285714
amber dina 53 0.237668 0.24424
amazi-girl dorothy 24 0.1875 0.0526316
amazi-girl joyce 19 0.148438 0.0255376
amazi-girl walky 18 0.140625 0.0392157
amber joyce 30 0.134529 0.0403226
amazi-girl sal 16 0.125 0.0695652
amazi-girl amber 15 0.117188 0.0672646

Ethan, Dina, and then Dorothy maybe.  Yeah, I was wondering this enough that I wrote a bot to scrape all the comics to pull out the tags that are applied to each comic, since conveniently list all the characters appearing in that comic.  Then, I looked at the pairwise matches in that set and dumped them out in "character A", "character B", "number of appearances together", and number of appearances for each of A and B, converted here into fractions of all appearances that are together.

So that was waste of time.  I also have dates, and you can extract chapters from the urls (which I saved), so more analysis could be done (my thought was to try to do some sort of connection map), but I still haven't eaten dinner.  Also, I discovered that this comic is the only one to have no characters appearing, so had to handle that case (SOLO_APPEAR is in that with SOLO_APPEAR).


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday: My apartment is bigger when clean.

Nine years ago.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


No, I didn't just hit the button over and over again.

And I think it's actually funnier like this.

Sunday: Why would you sell the refills, but the not the thing that gets refilled?

I hate cleaning.
I always get this soup, and I always burn my tongue.
 I decided to be different and get one of the specials.  Potato, bacon, red onion, garlic cream, truffle oil, and mozzarella flatbread.  Cilantro was on the menu, but obviously not on mine.
Apparently it's "pretentious."
It's not bad, but these often have the problem of being far too hot to eat until they become suddenly cold.  I ended up bringing two thirds of it home, which I'll be having some of in a bit.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday: I probably should have been more productive today. Whoops.

Part of that is because I wanted to go to target, and decided to go to the one in Kailua because I could get a burrito for lunch.  Dinner.  Whatever.
Sleeping in until I convinced myself to clean the tub tomorrow instead of today didn't help either.

  • Wow.  That is pretty good.  Things like this and Nate Silver's 2012 election coverage continue to convince me that politics is not as random as people think.
  • Julie has a blog post with what looks like very tasty pork.  I'm not convinced on the slaw, but I'm not a big slaw fan.
  • Cats and dogs.
  • This cherry had an adventure.
  • Red panda.
  • Corner witch.
  • I think I have this from when I was a kid.  I'm just now thinking, "Gee, Namor, maybe this is why everyone thinks you're a jerk.  'Come over and we'll read comics!'  Underwater, Namor?  You're the only one who can breathe underwater, and paper isn't super happy being soggy.  Jerk."
  • Dagger.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday: This is all Julie's fault.

I was driving home with my "fuck it, just get a thing of sushi at the grocery store" dinner, and I suddenly realized exactly what I wanted to eat: Korean BBQ and gyoza.  So then, I came home, hate-ate my sushi, and looked at Korean restaurants on yelp.  This is a listing of good pictures from eight of them.

They trimmed the trees outside my office too.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday: Fuck you, google.

I'm looking at something in google maps, and I accidentally zoomed out, and what did I see?

Google maps does space now?
 Oh, and what happened when I zoomed back in?
"There's no fucking way those are the actual right-now clouds."
How long have you been doing this, google?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday: It was.

(19:24:17) Julie: what was odd
(19:24:18) Julie: ?
(19:27:25) me: so I'm sitting on my couch eating dinner tonight, and there's a knock on my door
(19:28:09) me: it's the guy in 4, who I've suspected of being dead
(19:28:30) me: because he parks next to my car in the spot that's not the one the dead lady had
(19:28:47) Julie: lol
(19:28:49) Julie: okay
(19:28:50) me: but his truck there is on jacks, so the tires don't touch the floor
(19:29:09) me: which seems odd, like something you do if someone dies, but you can't sell the car
(19:29:18) me: but he's not dead
(19:29:26) me: he's "got a lot of stress"
(19:29:38) me: and "doesn't that dog drive you crazy?!"
(19:29:55) me: because the guy in 5 recently got a puppy
(19:30:16) me: but there's all the plumbing stuff between my apartment and his, so I can't hear the dog bark ever
(19:30:40) Julie: lol
(19:31:01) Julie: okay
(19:31:03) me: my suggestion: "have you tried to sort it out with the management?"
(19:31:05) Julie: was there a point?
(19:31:11) Julie: or did he just come to hang out?
(19:31:11) Julie: haha
(19:31:19) me: "nobody's going to do anything! he's a drug dealer, you know."
(19:31:42) Julie: lol
(19:31:43) Julie: whattt?
(19:32:01) me: which is funny, because he drives a bmw suv, and has really odd hours, so when he first moved in, my thought was "I bet he's a drug dealer, because that makes sense. or he works at a bmw dealership."
(19:32:47) me: so 4 then "shows" me his flier that he wrote, but I have no clue what it says, because he was flapping it all over the place
(19:33:20) me: "I put this on my door, and when I look again, it's gone! He's taking down the sign on MY door, which is on MY property! I'm an owner now, and that's not right!"
(19:33:46) me: him: "he's just a renter!" me: "did you contact the owner!" him: "no one's going to do anything!"
(19:34:20) me: the conclusion seems to be that he's going to put up his sign in the hallway, and that if I see it taken down, he didn't do it.
(19:34:44) me: which, I guess narrows it down to everyone else in the building, since I'm guessing you're not supposed to just tape signs up everywhere
(19:35:09) Julie: lolol
(19:35:11) Julie: that's awesome
(19:35:53) me: I may just copy paste this for today's blog post
(19:36:03) Julie: lololol

To be fair, that dog does kind of freak out every time I walk by, and ran up to me once in the parking garage to bark loudly at my shoes.  Because it's like the tiniest puppy ever.  I also have no evidence that the guy in 5 is a drug dealer.  I don't know anything about him other than where he parks, that he owns a dog, and that he has odd hours.  That's pretty much all I care to know.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday: Fuck.

I have to get my apartment ready for a surprise appraisal inspection next week.  I am not happy about that, since I thought we already did that.  "It's for estate planning."  So now I have to clean a bunch of things and tidy up, and I've already abandoned the idea of making my pile of unshelved books look like anything better than "pile of unshelved books."

Let's see if I have any historical images to make me feel better.

From 2006.

From 2008.
I was going to be a downer, and claim that both of those squirrels are probably dead by now, but it turns out the average lifespan is 12.5 years.  Good job, fuzzy squirrels.

  • This is today's most depressing link.  Man, fuck this week and depressing news stories, right?
  • This is the only other semi-serious link.  It's from some "we have to be the conservative voice for college campuses, because colleges are run by godless communists" site that cleverly neglects the most likely solution to the problem.  "We decided to show Deadpool instead of Zoolander 2 because Deadpool is objectively a better movie, and hey, doesn't decide to claw it's way into relevancy by making fun of a group of people.  Well, technically Deadpool insults people named Francis, but it's more a mockery of how someone is so untrusting of his associates that he hides that fact from them because he is worried about being mocked."  I mean, why would you choose to show Zoolander 2 if Deadpool is an option?
  • This is so wonderful I'm sad I didn't think of it first.
  • Pigeon.
  • Kiss cam pizza girl is the hero we deserve.
  • This cat sums up my day.
  • Partially because of this restaurant review that made me literally go "Oh!  Curry-pan!" followed by "with a fucking egg in the middle?  Damn it!"

Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday: Why do I have so many links today?

And grilled cheese.

Also, Supergirl finale.  The most important highlights from my notes:

  • Just do the thing.
  • Just do the thing!
  • She did the thing.
  • "We're all family.  Except your dad, Winn, since he's a supervillain.  Probably should have used a better word than family. Sorry about that."
  • Streaky the Supercat?
That's my guess for "who's in the new Kryptonian capsule that just landed right next to Supergirl's apartment, in an oddly convenient location."  It'd be reasonably cheap to add a cat to the show, and it's a ridiculously silly thing that would be great.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday: Today was a rainy day.

Rainy day all over.
 After considering my options, I decided a big warm bowl of ramen would be the way to go.  While driving, I was going back and forth between kotteri and spicy tan tan.
I eventually split the difference and tried the umakara again.
I liked it more than I did last time.  There was a bit more spice this time, which probably helped.
I forgot to take a picture of the gyoza.
 Afterwards, I tried to think of something else to do so I could listen to music in the car while driving in the rain.
So I went up to the Pali lookout, because it's the fun of being in the middle of a cloud.
 It was actually really hard to even stand up there today.  The wind was very gusty, and that's the reason I didn't take a sufficient number of images to complete the panorama.  This one took far longer than usual, because I had to run the solution four times to get this one.  I also removed six images that the program couldn't place, and that I couldn't sort out either.  There are also a few bad joins, where the adjacent images don't technically overlap, so I had to force them by making fake match points.

This animation was actually far easier to do.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bonus post.

These flowers are a decade old.

Saturday: Burrito disappointment.

There really should be a burrito emoji.
Earlier in the week, I discovered that there's another burrito place on the island.  Given that my current options are the place that doesn't make super great burritos, and driving half an hour each way to get a pretty good burrito, any new options are good.

The conversation above came about as I was reading their menu, and wanted to confirm that they were just using queso's full name.  I thought it would be great, getting a chicken queso burrito.
I also got chips and guac, because today is the one day a year that I apparently feel like getting guac.
 "So how was it?" you ask, ignoring the title of the post.

The inside.
 There were a lot of problems.  First, the queso was separated, making it greasy and gritty.  Second, there was too much queso in it, and they way it was wrapped meant that the ends were basically 100% queso, which isn't great when the queso isn't that good.  Plus, all the flavors blend into a bland blah.  I had the spicy salsa, but it didn't really come through at all.  The guacamole is good though, but it's unfortunate that the sole reason I was looking forward to is was so disappointing.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday: No theme.

The continuing saga of "they're doing stuff in my office for the new fire (?) alarms":
It's not in use yet.
The clouds looked cool when I left work, as well.
I should have taken a few more pictures to fill in the horizon a bit better.  I also need to remember when I do these that I should take a "straight up" shot.  Also, you can see the moon as a tiny dot on the right.

This would be a link, but I played with the bot using a variety of blog images I still have in /tmp/.  I think this is far more impressive than the "guess your age" thing Microsoft had a while back.  If they can get this working correctly, it'll be great.  Write a quick bot to push a bunch of images through it, and I can finally put together a database of reasonable guesses at what all the pictures I've saved over the years are without having to do it myself.  It clearly still has problems:

You did badly, CaptionBot.
 To be fair though, it did correctly identify this Kimchi picture as "a small dog", despite that being a super blurry photo.  The research paper is kind of an interesting read.  Hopefully they'll be able to get the accuracy higher than 50%.

  • It seems a bit odd that the Obamas paid an 18.7% tax rate, when I calculate I paid 14.8%.  We should have a more progressive tax system.
  • Yes.  I'm sure Rick Fucking Snyder is now a beacon of environmentalism.  "Snyder said work at the federal level on changing the rule is proceeding too slowly and could take years. "How much harm will happen in that time frame?" he asked. "That's unacceptable.""  Fuck you, asshole.  Which party do you think is the one who would be holding that up?
  • TL;DR: this means that if Garland gets on the court, he's likely to be less happy with mergers that create monopolies.
  • Basically, eat things that seem good, and don't get too concerned with labels, because you're probably being lied to.
  • Ok.  Sure, China.  Sure.
  • What are you doing, Dog?  You can't cook!  You didn't even wash your paws!
  • Wonder Woman.
  • Never install auto-text edit extensions on a browser you do work on.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday: Two is enough, and don't get the Peking duck one, because it has celery.

It turns out that this is a lesson I reteach myself thirty months.  Then again, I don't get manapua for lunch very often.  Today I did because I know that they make a lap cheong one:
It's pretty good.

I don't remember if this is the duck one or the ham one.  They're less good.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday: Sausages.

This all started because of Julie.  I mean, look at this.  I had a salad for lunch, and seeing delicious sausages in the middle of the afternoon was not expected.  That led me to looking on yelp to see what sausage options exist here.  The answer?  Not many.  This is literally the only place that shows up for "German."  The worst part of it is the detail that "The lunch wagon is only in Chinatown on Thursday's, otherwise he is usually parked at Hickam."  So it's usually inaccessible on a military base, or, it's in Chinatown, so it's not really convenient for lunch.  Let's try "Polish."  This place isn't even Polish, it's Russian, and it's also downtown, so again, not really convenient for lunch.

I also looked up various sausages this evening, while still wondering what to do.  I remembered these sausages from the German butcher we went to every year in high school.  This led to me discovering that amazon actually sells those.  Because of course amazon sells twelve packs of delicious sausages that you can order at any time.

They're in my cart, because I'm not entirely sure I want to buy sausage online.

Also, I turned around today to discover that it was raining.

Also my twitter did a thing and I should have taken the screenshot then, because a lot of twitter happens in ten hours.
Today's links do not include that damn owl on the stupid toy horse because I saw that like seventeen times today.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday: I guess it's grilled cheese day.

So I guess I have to add that to the calendar now.

  • I was going to do taxes this evening.  The main point of this link is that Hawaii is also #8 in median income, so this isn't really an independent statistic.
  • They advertised this show on TV this evening, and I had to stop and think about it.  No, "Homicide Team 9" is not just four more than "Murder Team 5."  HT9 are cops, working to stop murderers, and MT5 are murderers (some of whom are also cops) working to stop jerks (with murder).
  • I kind of like the Slowbro one.
  • Those three dogs.
  • Velma is great.
  • Everyone is dumb on this show.  "Oh, I'm suddenly concerned that the super powerful alien monster I brought to Earth is going to kill me!"  "Hey, let's bring the entire team on this trip!  It's not like we could all get captured!"  "It's a waste of time for us to keep an eye on the guy who we have trapped in our special cage!"  "I don't really have a clear plan, but I'm going to kill the daughter of my top guy because I can't just not murder people!"  "I'd have a line here, but I got murdered because my dad is dumb, I'm dumb, and this guy who just killed me is dumb too."

Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday: Things.

This is what I was talking about yesterday.  I went to get office groceries today, which mostly involved things to put in my office fridge.  I bought six items, and got five stupid Monopoly things, one of which makes me an instant winner of TWO MORE STUPID TICKETS.  What a waste of everything.

I've also gotten good at making these post-it pentagon coasters.

During today's Supergirl, I had two realizations.  First, I guess they have a Brainiac on the bad guy side?  I didn't see that episode, so it was a bit of a surprise.  "Why does that page call her Indigo?"  Don't care.  Three red dots on your head in a down pointing triangle?  Brainiac.  Second, they should have used Ted Kord instead of Max Lord.  They're both rich industrialists, but Ted is explicitly tech-related, and is also 100% a good guy.  Max Lord's name has been forever ruined.  Ted's also more normal than Max, as he doesn't have mind control powers.

Today's links are arranged in increasing order of coolness.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Also, on the subject of Korean BBQ:

We never get short ribs.  Those look like they'd be good.  Sure, they're marinated, but short ribs.

Now I'm going to go eat pineapple, I guess.  That's totally what I want after looking at pictures of Korean BBQ.

Sunday: And now I'm hungry again.

I did not intend to be woken up by Julie taunting me with her Korean BBQ adventures.  It started the day off with a bunch of "you should get out of bed and get something good for lunch" thoughts.  Which I ignored for a few hours until I got super hungry.  Then, I decided the best idea would be to drive over the Pali to that chicken place in Kailua.

It's still pretty good chicken.
I suspect they've switched to a weight based portioning method, as I ordered the quarter chicken and they added a wing to it.  I think it was better this time, as I didn't remember the chicken last time being as caramelized.  They did over salt the fries a bit, though.  Plus they have a "no free refill" policy.

This led me to going next door to the Safeway to get a drink.  I have now learned my lesson, and will never return the Enchanted Lake Safeway.  There were probably a dozen people in line, and they had two checkouts open.  Everyone in my line was paying for everything with cash, which takes longer.  The guy in front of me had to have a paper bag to put his plastic bag of cilantro into (and he was buying fucking cilantro).  The cashier nearly went into a panic when I walked away with my one damn bottle of pop without claiming my oh-so-valuable Safeway Monopoly pieces.

I did see this dog, though.
 There were cool clouds, so I stopped at the Pali lookout to see if there were cool clouds there.
There were not cool clouds there, and the tourists were extra dumb.  Yes.  Stand behind my car and point to your friends that my backup lights are on.  I wonder what that could possibly mean.  Maybe it means "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE DAMN WAY"?

Saturday, April 9, 2016

It's like I'm a detective, but a detective that takes on cases no one cares about.

My twitter account is set to private, so in order to subscribe, I have to approve it.  I almost never get a request, because my tweets aren't really that interesting.

And I reblog stuff, but I also make my own tweets.

Because fuck big bang theory for being such a shitty stupid show.

So it was odd to reload twitter and see I had a request pending.

Ok, I have no idea who this is.
The obvious thing is to click and see what she tweets about.

Ok, I can be onboard with a pro-panda baby tweeter.  I like pandas.
But pretty much everything is a retweet.  That seems a bit odd.  Scroll some more and I see this:

That's some shitty art, huh?
And here's where I go from "wtf cares" to "detective cap on."  See, the added information I didn't tell you is that "Jennifer" isn't the first person to request to follow me today.  I didn't accept them because they had a bunch of reblogs about stupid shit I didn't care about, including a lot of retweets of a particularly shitty artist.

Derp tiger to reaffirm how shitty this art is.
Two people try to follow me, both of which are posting lots of retweets from a super shitty artist?

I hate you, Leonid Afremov.  I hate your stupid art too.
It's possible that there just happen to be two people who really like this shitty artist.  A lot of people have crappy taste.  Just to be safe, let's google image search her picture:

Ok, only found on a dozen or so pages, most of which are in Cyrillic.  LOOKS LEGIT TO ME.

I'm going to let "two people with shitty taste tried to follow me today" be option 1, and say that's not super likely.  Option 2 is that Leonid Afremov bought a bunch of fake bot twitter followers to reblog his shitty art at random people on the internet.

I think this is the "objection" pose, though.

How about Detective Conan?  I always liked that show.
Wait, they made a Detective Conan/Lupin the Third crossover?  Why am I learning this from a google image search?
Here's Detective Pikachu, because that works too.